Welcome to the new i-194 Waiver Forum
We wanted to take a moment to welcome everyone to our new forum. New here? Take a moment and start with the About section at the top of this page. Already a forum member? We know that the switch...
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How to complete the travel information section of I-192 when using ESAFE to submit
Hello, When applying for a Waiver (hopefully 5 years) where you want to access the USA via several different ports and dates during the validity period of the granted Waiver, what City and Port of...
3 replies
Handing in Waivers -Quarantine and timelines - Post here
5 year waiver Weird application. We supplied court docs, 1 conviction only which was pardoned. They asked for MORE documents. She tried to get more, I resubmitted the same ones I sent the in...
J Rogers
1 reply
US Customs Inquiry
I received my waiver several months ago. Traveling to Orlando next week and leaving from Toronto. Question: I am traveling with my wife and step son. My step son does know not of my situation...
Bobby Hart
4 replies
No card in passport this time
I’ve had my waiver since 2021 and paid the $6 every 6 months, did the secondary stop and got a card stapled into my passport. Today I did all the above but did not get a card. The officer...
1 reply
Employer / retired
I used to list my old employer and indicating that i'm retired as the current one when I was filling the i-192 on paper. I didn't see any place that I could indicate that i'm now retired. How do...
4 replies
Travel Information
Hello, First time waiver for me and my question is about the travel information on the form. Do I need to know where and when I plan to travel to? Just looking of having waiver done in advance of...
20 replies
Obtaining Copy Of Previous Decision
I'm applying for an I-192 and it requires me to submit a copy of previous decisions. My previous waiver was waiver was under my UK passport and I don't remember receiving any documentation, just a...
Richard Brice
1 reply
Peace Arch is taking Waivers - Non Essential eSAFE only
I have a client going to hand in their waiver there. They insist no appointment is needed and that they are taking them. 360-332-8511 is the number. For those not aware, this is in British...
J Rogers
13 replies
https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov The app is called CPB One You do need your passport # as well, but for waiver clients, you can pay the $6, and get a print out. This can save you hassle at the border....
J Rogers
16 replies
Contact Information - John Rogers
I don't want to clog up topics ongoing, so I will post my information here. John Rogers Pardon and Waiver Experts 96 Kennedy Road South Suite 201 Brampton On 905-459-9669 cell...
Include copy of previous waiver ?
Do you need to I course a copy of your previous waiver with the application ? [ Clyde appended this reply on September 11, 2023 @ 3:09 pm ] Below ***
4 replies
I-94 Issuance and strategies?
My Canadian girlfriend has her 5-year waiver. She has been staying with me in the U.S. on an I-94 that gave her 6 months. She has to depart in October. October is also the month she first...
5 replies
Question about record suspensions
Anyone know how long a record suspension is taking? Anyone applied? How long was it?
34 replies
Options for a permanent resident
Hey, I'm helping out an older family member with trying to gain entry into the U.S. He's a landed immigrant/permanent resident who's lived in Canada since childhood and got arrested for a minor...
1 reply
US mailing time
Wondering if anyone know what is normal mailing time from CBP once approved? lets suppose Feb 1, 2023 is approval date, is the USPS picks up same day etc? How many normally it takes to get the...
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Welcome to the I‑194 Waiver Forum

A discussion forum for any Canadian who has been denied entry into the United States because of criminal record, having overstayed a previous visit to the U.S., an infectious disease, or other reason. Applying for and receiving a US entry waiver is a simple process that you can complete yourself. It requires documentation, fingerprints, completion of the I-192 waiver application form and an interview at a pre-clearance or US border facility. Current filing fees are $585 / $930 US. This US I-194 waiver is typically granted for temporary visits to the USA for between 1-5 years (5 years is the maximum).

Update: As of Mid-2019 you can file and pay Form I-192 application online using the Electronic Secured Adjudication Forms Environment (e-SAFE).

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