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TravisTposted 3 years ago

Anyone know how long processing times for I-192 using the E-Safe process?

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Greetings, I just paid and sent my application. It says I have 45 days to get to a port of entry to finsih my application. How do I do that? Is it right at the boarder?

Minah replied 21 hours ago   #289

@seanontheotherside you need a I-192 and Esafe is an electronic filing system- they don’t have an office.

Keep in mind that CBP officers aren’t there to help you and usually gives incorrect information since they knows nothing about the waiver process.

SarahB replied 2 days ago   #288

inadmissible due to a cannabis charge however the officer at the border did all my biometrics and spent a lot of time with me letting me know how the process works. he explained to me he has seen many people with my charges get through. so I tried to cross.... first time crossing since conviction and he just said although the charge is now minor, I'm still deemed inadmissible.

seanontheotherside replied 2 days ago   #287

@seanontheotherside why were you denied? This would help you find the answer to your question.

SarahB replied 2 days ago   #286

can someone please assist me with some information.

I tried to cross in October 2022.

was denied.

which form do I need the I-192 or the I-212 ?

as well does anyone have a phone number to contact the E-safe office.

doing this on my own. I pretty much have all the documents I require

seanontheotherside replied 2 days ago   #285


Thank you for bringing it to people's attention. The "good companies" usually work by referrals. The "bad" ones have to pay social media to get eyeballs.

Please go on their google and review them. If they did a terrible job (and it sounds like they did what many of the bad actors do, over-promise, under-deliver) they deserve to be reviewed for that.

It is FAR too typical. I am sorry for your bad experience.

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #284

Please do not trust Record removal services they promised me my waiver within 40days tops they even told me I can make plans on crossing the boarder getting my flight etc ready for 40 days

they charged me 2k!!!! and they didn't do a thing it was a fight every week with them... very rude unprofessional they didn't tell me anything about esafe and I had to pay the fee onto of the money I sent them already

I paid them Feb2022 and they didn't have my package ready until Nov2022 so much for 40 days

to top it off the package is incomplete I had to do some digging with the court house for other documents

it was a really bad experience with them I hope you guys do not fall for it as I did

thatgirl replied 3 weeks ago   #283

sooooo guys I've been watching this forum for awhile now....

I have a lot of charges as youth and tried as an adult that being said I've been a good citizen for at least 17yrs

I was crossing the boarder a lot until they got fed up and denied me

I submitted my waiver fully and bio metrics Nov 2022

let me tell you how I've been checking my email, mail box, and online account with esafe and still no updates

I hope I will get it within a month it seems to be 4 months wait time to be an average

thatgirl replied 3 weeks ago   #282

@Habs4ever oh! I recently received my waiver and based on timeline, it’s a full 4 months even for people who have had waivers previously. I’m very sorry to hear your predicament.

SarahB replied 3 weeks ago   #281

@J Rogers , thanks for your insight.

@SarahB. I'm definitely hoping for it this week, I completed the biometrics portion on Jan. 3, 2023 , based on current timelines people are receiving theirs back im thinking its not likely. I hoped bc it was a renewal it might be a little quicker.

Habs4ever replied 3 weeks ago   #280

@Habs4ever no hopes of getting it this week? When did you submit the renewal?

SarahB replied 3 weeks ago   #279


Technically, no. The I-94 just means you did a secondary. When the waiver ends, so does your ability to travel.

Are exceptions made? I assume so, but on the last day of your waiver, you are not allowed to travel after that.

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #278

@J Rogers

My current waiver expires tomorrow (Feb 28) . Last time I crossed (Feb 17) i renewed my I-94 (until August 2023). I have a flight originating in the US next week and have not received my renewal yet. Will i be able to cross over using the I-94 and expired waiver, showing that my renewal is in the e-Safe system?

Habs4ever replied 3 weeks ago   #277

@J Rogers

Thank you

Habs4ever replied 3 weeks ago   #276


There is a whole thread just under this one. There you can see REAL dates and times of granted waivers.

Right now, 4 months form the time you are at the border approx. Like literally October 24rth is February 24rth. Very close to 4 months exactly. Scheck out the posts.

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #275

Just wondering if anyone has recently got an i192 RENEWAL through e-safe and if so, how long did it take from the time you had your biometrics done by US Customs?


Habs4ever replied 3 weeks ago   #274


Well John made sure I gave them the court documents . So they didn’t really ask for it because they already got it .

Patientlywaiting416 replied 1 month ago   #273

@Marsha nah they didn’t want anything , I think it was because of my charges.

Here’s the timeline .

2/16/2023, 09:30 AM EST : Status changed to Completed
4/29/2022, 01:30 PM EDT : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
2/10/2022, 03:37 PM EST : Status changed to Paid
2/10/2022, 03:35 PM EST : Status changed to Signed
2/2/2022, 10:33 AM EST : Application Created

Patientlywaiting416 replied 1 month ago   #272

@Patientlywaiting416 you got your waiver finally. Congrats. Recent charges too so good. Did they want to see your court papers?

Tiffany replied 1 month ago   #271

@marsha thanks !!!

My record is

armed robbery 2012
Possession of instrument 2014

They gave me a 1 year waiver !

Just got off the phone with John and I will try my best to stay on the forums . I will need a renewal by the end for the year !

Patientlywaiting416 replied 1 month ago   #270

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