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J Rogersposted 1 year ago

Post real application stories here. Not "A guy told me" or "a few of my clients" but specific client experiences so others can see accurately what is happening.

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There are rare exceptions, but whether you file a waiver, or a waiver AND an I-212 you simply get a waiver in return. That's why I tell clients to wait. Its an extra $930USD for the exact same waiver.

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Sorry, that was meant for the response below

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Client #2 entered the United States illegally in 2010.

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Well, if someone has a 2008 conviction and they have the smallest possible sentence, something has to be "missing".

The personal letter can be a huge factor in drug convictions, because you are supposed to recognize that drugs "hurt our communities, tear apart families, fuel organized crime". If you have an assault conviction or sexual assault, you have to show empathy for the victim. Most people have spent a lot of time and money defending themselves, and that is hard to not let creep in to a personal letter.

The problem is people ALWAYS defend themselves, or mitigate what they have done without any acknowledgment of personal responsibility.
For example, "I plead guilty and was given a conditional discharge" is different from "I wasn't convicted, I was conditionally discharged", which is inaccurate, but I have seen plenty of letters that say that. Most people don't even understand what a conditional discharge is, oor if it has been removed, they fail to provide any proof of what the discharge looks like.

I have no personal ties to the events. So when I write a letter, all I am aiming for is sincerity, specifics and whatever I think Homeland Security wants to hear. I KNOW what they want to hear because when they reject a waiver, they give 4 pages of details with exactly what they did NOT like about a personal letter. I use THIER phraseology to give them exactly what they want.

J Rogers replied 9 hours ago   #268

@J Rogers Thank you for your feedback. Moving forward, I don't want to rock the boat but can the decision be revised or I have to take what they have given me? I too was surprised that they granted me 2 years but at same time relieved that I finally got approved. Thanks again!

Certified82 replied 9 hours ago   #267

How much weight does the personal letter carry? I’m sure everyone grovels for forgiveness in them, or just pay someone to write one from a template @J Rogers

W replied 9 hours ago   #266


My earlier answer has disappeared.

A conditional discharge should never get less than a 5 year waiver if its that old. And now you have a 2 year waiver? Makes no sense. It MUST be the personal letter.

J Rogers replied 9 hours ago   #265

@J Rogers I was charged but never convicted with the possession for the purpose of trafficking of illegal drugs in 2008. I was acquitted of these charges. I have another charge same year of possession but pleaded guilty and was conditionally discharged. My first waiver was granted for 1 year.

Certified82 replied 13 hours ago   #264

Was the first waiver just a 1 year?
If you give me the following (you can keep in general)
-span of convictions (how many years)
-approx how many convictions
-seriousness and longest sentence
-year of the last conviction

I can tell you pretty accurately if what you got was typical or atypical.

J Rogers replied 13 hours ago   #263

@J Rogers - 93 Days since submission. Approved for 2 years ... this is my second waiver as well. Should I received 5? I'm assuming they only gave me 2 due to the severity of my charges? Thanks for your feedback

Application Status


Status History (5)

8/11/2022, 07:00 AM PDT : Status changed to Completed

5/10/2022, 07:00 PM PDT : Status changed to Submitted to ARO

5/9/2022, 05:45 PM PDT : Status changed to Paid

5/9/2022, 05:05 PM PDT : Status changed to Signed

5/9/2022, 10:19 AM PDT : Application Created

Certified82 replied 14 hours ago   #262

This one is from Friday August 5. 85 days according to my math. 5 year renewal, he has had 5 waivers in total..

Documents Shared With You
ARO Decision
Please review the documents
Status History (5)
8/5/2022, 04:00 PM EDT : Status changed to Completed
5/10/2022, 07:00 PM EDT : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
4/11/2022, 12:36 PM EDT : Status changed to Paid
4/11/2022, 12:34 PM EDT : Status changed to Signed
4/6/2022, 10:08 AM EDT : Application Created

J Rogers replied 3 days ago   #261

Interesting article and “may” have something to do with the waiver backlog although one could surmise that adjudication of a waiver is exponentially less complicated than a green card or visa application.


Magnus replied 6 days ago   #260


Well said. Here is one I got today.

1 year waiver
Documents Shared With You
ARO Decision
Please review the documents
Status History (5)
8/4/2022, 06:30 PM EDT : Status changed to Completed
4/27/2022, 03:30 PM EDT : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
4/25/2022, 09:50 PM EDT : Status changed to Paid
4/25/2022, 09:49 PM EDT : Status changed to Signed
4/21/2022, 09:33 AM EDT : Application Created

J Rogers replied 6 days ago   #259


That’s good information, thank you. Yes hopefully timelines get better. It is unfortunate for those of us who’ve submitted and will miss events this month.

BM replied 1 week ago   #258


Kids in America go back to school earlier than they do in Canada. Some school districts actually have kids going back next week.

Due to this many Americans take their holidays in June and July (government employees as well). Hence fewer folks working on waivers, etc… I’m going to guess that by October we may see the timelines drop down to 60-65 days as the adjudicators of these things will be back in office working before August is over. More adjudicators = more waivers cleared.

Magnus replied 1 week ago   #257


Ok, that is just their standard reply. It just means, "hold on, it will come".

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #256

@ J Roger; That was the exact wording

June04waiver replied 1 week ago   #255

This application is on file with the CBP Admissibility Review Office. It is currently pending further review. Due to the individual circumstances of each waiver application, there is not a set timeframe to give as to when an application decision will be completed.

June04waiver replied 1 week ago   #254

@J Rogers, yes it was in response to the email I sent to them. What do you think this means?

June04waiver replied 1 week ago   #253

Is that in response to an email you sent them? Or just an email they sent you? Also, what is the EXACT wording?

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #252

I just got an update that says "my case is pending further review by the ARO"... can anyone shed light on what this means pls?

June04waiver replied 1 week ago   #251


I do not think this is the new normal. I think the 85-90 day window is probably more likely, but also I think as I speculated that this is only temporary.

1. Many Government employees take their vacation in July in the US.
2. Tons of applications all at one time because people thought they would get it in time for Summer
3. Take me for example. I am getting new waivers, waivers that expired 5 years ago, waivers that expired just before or during the pandemic. This is a perfect storm of people I would not normally have, and I am one company.

Don't get discouraged, the timeline will shrink again.

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #250

That is terribly discouraging. 100+ days for a renewal is wild. You’d think (especially with electronic submission) this kind of review would take all of 20 minutes. Oh well.

BM replied 1 week ago   #249

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