Handing in Waivers -Quarantine and timelines - Post here

J Rogersposted 2 years ago

Post real application stories here. Not "A guy told me" or "a few of my clients" but specific client experiences so others can see accurately what is happening.

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There are rare exceptions, but whether you file a waiver, or a waiver AND an I-212 you simply get a waiver in return. That's why I tell clients to wait. Its an extra $930USD for the exact same waiver.

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Sorry, that was meant for the response below

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Client #2 entered the United States illegally in 2010.

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Sorry June 14th, not 16th.

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@Hot Shot this is bananas

Beex replied 5 hours ago   #1519

@Mc , thanks so now 7 months and 3 weeks. Sweet

Hot Shot replied 5 hours ago   #1518

It was submitted by e-safe. June 29th was the day mine was submitted to ARO

Good luck to all waiting.

Mc replied 5 hours ago   #1517

@Mc was it through esafe or mail

Beex replied 6 hours ago   #1516

@Okjim . I think it wasn't e-safe

Hot Shot replied 16 hours ago   #1515

@Mc was June 29th when it was submitted to the ARO?


Okjim replied 20 hours ago   #1514


Thought I should post my application was accepted first time submission approved for 5years :) I got my response at 4:30pm

I did the paperwork myself and submit it on June 29 2023

[ Mc appended this reply on February 21, 2024 @ 7:02 pm ]

Thank you to this forum it’s been spot on with everything.

Mc replied 20 hours ago   #1513

@KrazyK , I know! I'm July 7

Just me replied 1 day ago   #1512

@KrazyK, i know. I thought it will get faster but looks like those summer months going to kill us. John can tell us more if he has any clients waiting from july 1st week.

Hot Shot replied 1 day ago   #1511

No July responses as of yet??? What is going on

KrazyK replied 1 day ago   #1510

@Beex , I hope so too
My last one 5 years ago took only 3 months :-)

Just me replied 2 days ago   #1509

@Just me
You should get it this week. Please post once you have it. Thanks.

Hot Shot replied 2 days ago   #1508

@Just me I hope it goes back to 6 months !! Ugh

Beex replied 2 days ago   #1507

@J Rogers
I think even with Lawyers both will get the notifications, The applicant and the Attorney if e-safe sends anything. Thanks.

hot shot replied 2 days ago   #1506

@Just me That is the standard cut and paste they send.

J Rogers replied 2 days ago   #1505

@Beex , Thanks for confirming. I hope stays at 7 months and two weeks! Mine was submitted to ARO on July 7. Hoping to get it next week... fingers crossed

Just me replied 2 days ago   #1504

@Just me yup. Exact same as I got. Based on recent posts they are at about 7months and 2 weeks currently

Beex replied 2 days ago   #1503

@J Rogers , is this standard response to asking about status update:

This application is on file with the CBP Admissibility Review Office (ARO). It is currently pending further review. Due to the individual circumstances of each waiver application, there is not a set timeframe to give as to when an application decision will be completed.
Forms I-192/I-212 waiver applications are processed in the order in which they are received. Additional information regarding processing times (currently at least 6 months) can be found at www.cbp.gov and accessed by entering “I-192” or “I-212” in the “SEARCH” box.

Any PII has been removed from this message.

Thank you,
Admissibility Review Office

Just me replied 2 days ago   #1502

@SteelMan Technically there should be no difference. My clients application are filed with me as "preparer" but they get all the emails which I prefer. With a Lawyer you are I assume depending on THEM to monitor the emails, which I don't like.

I have said it before, Waiver are a "sideline" for most lawyers. For a business like mine, its ALL I do, all day every day. (I have other staff that handle pardons and assist me.)

J Rogers replied 2 days ago   #1501

As far as i know same timing. Even Roger mentioned it a few times. If anyone has any experience with this please share. Thanks.

Hot Shot replied 4 days ago   #1500

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