Any update on I 192 process

Jordanposted 1 week ago

I applied for my I 192 renewal four months ago using e safe - online. Any idea what will happen to my application since I couldn't for fingerprinting within 45 days after filing my application online.


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#4 Well for us you are right it can be hard to embrace change. The only way we will embrace it is if we see a benefit since there is no 100% guarantee that it will be faster. We have client submit paper applications that were approved in 30-60 days. The key is not so much the esafe but the type of case that CBP is processing. There is no way/100 guarantee that a person that has 2 convictions for child molestation will get approved in 60 days by using esafe. I did a talk radio show episode with a gentleman that got his waiver approved in 45 days in 2014. It was a miracle in itself since his U.S. lawyer and I believe judge told him that he would never get a waiver.

Anyway, the policy is that your application is deemed abandoned if you have not gone to the border within 45 days of filing. Here are the links that we sent to a client yesterday regarding esafe. It does mention what happens if you do not go to the border within the 45-day window (Page 2).

J.R. had correctly predicted this 45-day issue when he had previously and correctly said that this might be a way to lock in the old waiver govt fee. The only other thing less shocking was watching pigs flying over his lower Manhattan 1978 Volkswagen Beetle Bug Van. Since he has a thing for older classic cars.

Jordan, I think you may have to reapply closer to the date that the border may reopen.

Ken Scott
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replied 1 day ago   #5

e-SAFe is faster. Although I still do the majority of my waivers the regular way, there is no doubt e-SAFE is better.

-No paper going back and forth in itself makes the process faster
-Homeland Security doesn't have to "data enter" the information
-The waiver is sent by email, not regular mail.

At its fastest, 30-60 days is the best case scenario for paper. I have seen e-safe in 2 weeks.

Here is the perfect example of where Homeland Security is going with this.

At Pearson Airport they started taking all the eSAFE people first and lecturing the other people. At certain borders, they would "pretend" that they were too busy and send people away with packets, telling them they "only do electronic" filing.

There is no DOUBT e-safe is better, but I understand why it is hard to embrace change.

J Rogers replied 1 day ago   #4

@ Jordan we will research this issue next week and post our results here for you. This is another reason why we do not partake in esafe since the tried and true paper method has worked for us. Some lawyers push this saying your approval will be faster but this is no guarantee. An example is that we have a client that used esafe through a lawyer in Nov 2019 and his waiver case is stil pending.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

KSCOTT replied 2 days ago   #3

@Jordan, I really can't help you, I am not familiar with any of the e-safe process, as it is not here in Saskatchewan, and to be honest, I am surprised that you were even able to apply. My advise is to phone the nearest Custom Office and ask them.

Michelle replied 4 days ago   #2


DId you pay as well? What does the application (online) say now?

Why did you start an application online in (July? August?) if the border wasn't open? Did someone advise you to do this?

J Rogers replied 4 days ago   #1

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