Welcome to the new i-194 Waiver Forum
We wanted to take a moment to welcome everyone to our new forum. New here? Take a moment and start with the About section at the top of this page. Already a forum member? We know that the switch...
5 replies
Waiver regarding TN visa
Hi Guys, I want to move to US after completing my engineering degree next year. I need a waiver as I had an assault charge about 12 years ago. What kind of waiver do i need to get a TN visa (for...
18 replies
Handing in Waivers -Quarantine and timelines - Post here
Post real application stories here. Not "A guy told me" or "a few of my clients" but specific client experiences so others can see accurately what is happening.
J Rogers
58 replies
Can i go to California to a baby shower eith my waiver?
Hi all! My cousin is having a baby , im really close with her and miss her a ton, im fully vaccinated, but i want To know if i would be able to Go or is that non-essential? Do i book and try? Or...
2 replies
Quarantine at the Border - Incidents? Experiences?
Be careful!! My clients have been pretty successful just saying "I didn't get out of my car, just handed the documents through the window", but some have been given self quarantine anyways....
J Rogers
6 replies
Peace Arch is taking Waivers - Non Essential eSAFE only
I have a client going to hand in their waiver there. They insist no appointment is needed and that they are taking them. 360-332-8511 is the number. For those not aware, this is in British...
Land Border to remain closed until September 21 2021
For people in Ontario, or willing to drive to Ontario, this does not matter. They are taking waivers at the border and have been doing so since May 2021. If you need a waiver, call me! John...
J Rogers
8 replies
Waivers in BC - NON-Essential
I am about to file 2 waivers in BC with another coming. Can anyone who has filed waivers there give me some experiences, who you call etc? Obviously these will be done with eSAFE, but how do...
J Rogers
7 replies
Port Parole Attempt - Some info.
A client asked to attempt a Port Parole. We were pretty sure it would fail, but he wanted to try anyways. Circumstances were not very strong, but here is at least some insight into the answer...
J Rogers
15 replies
US Entry Waiver For Cabotage & B1 Visa Repercussions
Here is a video on Canadian truck drivers needing a US Entry Waiver for Cabotage. We will also discuss B-1 visa repercussions. We also have a client telling us about his experience filing a...
7 replies
Possible to permanently move to USA with a waiver?
I was pardoned in Canada. I know a pardon means nothing in the US. I have a US waiver so I can travel to the US without issue. Is it possible to permanently move to the USA? Will they ever...
4 replies
I-192 canadian living in U.K
Hello Does any one have experience in applying for I-192 living outside of Canada ? I’ve previously applied for an I-192 when I was in Canada and was approved for a year… since then I know...
1 reply
Status did not change to "Status changed to Submitted to ARO" after biometric data given
I am just wondering.., I went for a I-192 e-safe fingerprint this afternoon, I did not get any email notification or update on my on online application "Status changed to Submitted to ARO", is this...
4 replies
US Entry Waiver For PPT
Just a quick video skit regarding clients that need a US Entry Waiver for PPT. Just one of the ways that we get our messages out to clients and the community. We celebrated the fact that 5 very...
Tips on using eSafe - Post here
Ill post the first "tip". Whatever "Port" you enter is now apparently the only port that "has" the application. For example, I had a client who lives in Niagara Falls. For some reason, she...
J Rogers
16 replies
US Entry Waiver Services Client Stories
This internet talk radio show episode is where the client describes her border treatment and her dealings with a McDonalds brand type discount waiver company in Ontario. The show is mostly to bring...
2 replies

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Welcome to the I‑194 Waiver Forum

A discussion forum for any Canadian who has been denied entry into the United States because of criminal record, having overstayed a previous visit to the U.S., an infectious disease, or other reason. Applying for and receiving a US entry waiver is a simple process that you can complete yourself. It requires documentation, fingerprints, completion of the I-192 waiver application form and an interview at a pre-clearance or US border facility. Current filing fees are $585 / $930 US. This US I-194 waiver is typically granted for temporary visits to the USA for between 1-5 years (5 years is the maximum).

Update: As of Mid-2019 you can file and pay Form I-192 application online using the Electronic Secured Adjudication Forms Environment (e-SAFE).

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