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MikeGposted 2 years ago

I was just curious about the fact that everyone here has or did have a criminal record at one time or another. What was there job profession now given that the 'criminal record' title could/would hinder employment?


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@Michelle the worst part is that its not even that they are cheap. They just solicit over the web, people don't research, they don't even compare prices. (Men especially) Dominion tends to charge $1600 for just the application fee.

JOHN ROGERS replied 1 year ago   #18

#17 John Rogers, sadly people continue to support these companies, as they do not research reviews or complaints. Most people want a discount price, and therefore sign on to the "lowest" price, therefore, Dominion and Federal Pardons will continue to exist.

Michelle replied 1 year ago   #17

I am going to get permission from the client in question to remove her name and cut and paste the emails Dominion Pardons is sending. Its incredible the lengths this guy will go to extort money from people.

In the meantime we are looking for more victims. If you were a client, or paid that collection agency in Manitoba, let me know. We might be able to get your money back.

JOHN ROGERS replied 1 year ago   #16

Other than the "Trusted Pardons" closedown and the place on 206 Spadina going under, I had never seen a company THIS bad.

Literally he trolls for simple info, and then immediately sends people to a collection agency, even when they decline to apply. I have emails to the clients where he is claiming he did hours of "work" even though they had not been fingerprinted, even though they had not signed a single form. He claims a "recorded phone conversation" is a legal contract.

His office is locked with cameras outside, so you can't even confront him. I can't imagine anything more suspicious than that. Your office should always be 'open door - walk in'. The exception would be maybe where a woman is working by herself.

JOHN ROGERS replied 1 year ago   #15

OUch! Guys like that actually make me want to get into the waiver business just to shove it to him.

jazzsax replied 1 year ago   #14

Dominion Pardons continues to defraud people. Richard and Dominion Pardons.

Dominion Pardons is at it again. A woman they have as a client has never been fingerprints, never signed a single form, and the collection agency in Manitoba is demanding money from her.

We need more people who have been ripped off this way to step forward.

He also send a woman who spoke no english to Pearson Airport on Tuesday, with a Port Parole. The poor womans mother is sick, and 1. She isn't a Canadian Citizen, so cannot hand the waiver in at the airport, (his instructions said she could) and 2. She hadn't even filed a waiver, meaning she had no chance. 3. Dominion Pardons is so incompetent that they didn't even realize you don't do Port Paroles that way any longer.

We need to find more people so we can put an end to this guy and his fraudulent business practices.

JOHN ROGERS replied 1 year ago   #13

It is a link to the DHS Trip Redress Program. This is a program to clear up incorrect information in the system. Depending on the info in the system, it may help you to avoid a waiver. It is to be used with caution though since people often forget what they say at the border. Plus sometimes they will remove the negative info and sometimes they will not. It is a good tool to use though if you know how and when to use it.

K SCOTT replied 1 year ago   #12

its a facebook page called "complaints against Federal Pardons" its a closed group but I assume you can join. I could not add it here for some reason.

JOHN ROGERS replied 1 year ago   #11

Link doesn't work for me. Is it on your business page?

jazzsax replied 1 year ago   #10

This is more a letter of interest by someone who tried to file a waiver on their own, for the purpose of trying to stop having problems at the border. Ultimately they were told they did not need a waiver, and as you can see, there is no other recourse.

Its a bit unique, so I thought the people here would find it of interest. I tried to post it here without success, so I posted it on Facebook and have provided the link.

JOHN ROGERS replied 1 year ago   #9

#7 CB122 and #8 John Rogers

Hi, yes, my phone number is 306.205.2532 or text at 306.531.8886 or Thanks John ...

michelle replied 1 year ago   #8

Phone: 306.205.2532

This is from her website. Ask for Michelle to make sure I posted the correct information.

JOHN ROGERS replied 1 year ago   #7

How does one get in touch with you

CB122 replied 1 year ago   #6

When I first started doing pardons and waivers, the GTA had a small number of main players.

Larry Bendavid (now deceased) ran Court Agents. They would charge an arm and a leg and specialized in Waivers. He was a gruff grumpy guy, located in Northern Toronto. His clients seemed to like him but usually they were pissed off by the cost.

I worked for Pardon Services Canada and ran their Toronto office. My friend Manni ran the Montreal office and there was a Vancouver office. They still exist and are called "Allclear". I went off on my own and my friend Manni runs his own in Montreal and both are Called Pardon and Waiver Experts. That was in 2001.

Pardons Canada emerged soon after on St Clair and Ian Levine was the start of the 'deceptive' Pardon practices. (Ian sold the business)
-they claimed for an extra fee the pardon would be expedited
-pretended to be a not for profit entity
-you would see a 'Councillor' and they gave the impression they were like the John Howard Society
-they had no real price list and paid commission to their sales people. They would charge as much as they could jack the fee up.
-They would recommend a waiver even if you didn't need one.
-started the practice of "once we do the pardon, lets do a file purge as well"
You still can't get them on the phone after you have paid them. (to this day) Notorious and the one Organization that both Homeland Security, Social Services and the Parole Board associate with bad practices.

Many of the "new companies" that emerged in Toronto started to emulate the Pardons Canada. IN 2008-2009 there was a big surge of new companies popping up, I assume started by paralegals or even former employees of some of the other places.

Its very hard to tell the good from the bad. I complained about one on the west coast, Scotia Pardons, because they were sending out emails claiming pardons were going UP in price. They pay the BBB to be a member so the BBB took my complaint OFF their page. The BBB will bend over backwards to protect not the consumer, but their members, as long as they have paid.

The internet is still a great resource for making sure you are dealing with a reputable company. Its easy to find complaints. Everyone has the odd complaint, but no one should have 50 that all say the same thing. And complaints should be responded to. The company should show they tried to resolve the persons concern.

If you are thinking of using someone and want to hear feedback, with proof, feel free to post it here. Before I posted in this forum, I had never heard of Michelle. But now I would happily refer a client to her and know they are being treated well.

JOHN ROGERS replied 1 year ago   #5

@John Rogers, I am not surprised by the level of "scamming" done by some of these other Pardon Services. It is very sad to see, and just makes it more difficult for those of us who are trying to run a Professional business. Definitely following this for sure..

Michelle replied 1 year ago   #4

I cannot start a new thread, so I will put this here.

I have had a small handful of people complain about Richard of Dominion Pardons. The elements are all the same. He charges a fee, then demands more money, and if the money is not paid immediately, the person gets a letter from Kirstie Mesa of Commercial Credit Adjusters threatening to ruin their credit. Whats very disturbing is that Richard will bill you for extra services such as 'asking to many questions by phone ($600) and "discussing the possibility of a pardon" Looking for other victims so we can take action. The latest victim is taking this all the way to court and will post the results. Please contact me directly if you have any information to share.

Here is someone I have NOT talked to and what they posted on the BBB site.

" I talk to the guy on the phone once I gave him my info next thing I know I got a collection bill for 1600.00 "

The lady who is filing court papers against him used the exact same numbers.

Any information would be appreciated. I called the collection agency which is located in Manitoba, and the woman was completely evasive and eventually just hung up. A collection agent who won't talk to you? How weird.

-- feel free to text as well.

JOHN ROGERS replied 1 year ago   #3

I am an insurance broker now and there is no reason for me NOT to bondable.. I had to disclose my record at the time however have since recv'd a pardon and just recv'd my waiver for the first time.. Feels good to be "free" again..

Debbie replied 2 years ago   #2

Ditto that on the life back least it sounds like you have a pretty decent job. I wish I could just fall back into the career that got me into my mess... or wait! :)

MikeG replied 2 years ago   #1

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