Travel report - first time in US with waiver

pinkmanposted 4 years ago

Been lurking for a long time here and really appreciated all the insight. We made our first trip to Florida last week since getting my i-194 waiver. Left via Pearson airport (Toronto). The customs preclearance line was really busy but when we got up to the officer it was super painless. I gave him my waiver papers. He reviewed, punched in some notes on the computer. Asked how long we were planning to be down. Stamped my passport and we were on our way. Just before though we saw a woman get taken to secondary so I was really worried. We gave ourselves three hours so had a good 2 hours and 30 minutes to hang around the gate (no complaints as I prefer not be rushed). Hope this helps!

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What was your offence if you don't mind me asking?

Waiverless replied 4 years ago   #10

No there is no more to this story, But whatever you think.
Take the advice or don’t, up to you.

If I get a September letter I will let you know, I think it depends on the offence.

Youth replied 4 years ago   #9


It seems that waivers are a lucrative business and this is quite evident with this proposed fee hike. They seem to handle people travelling for business a little differently. Also, these CBP agents can make someone inadmissible just because they don't like their face.

According to american immigration laws, juvenile delinquency should not prevent you from travelling to the US. I find it quite odd that they would make you apply for waivers. I suspect you did something else. You said yes for a conviction and they found nothing in the system, they probably suspected you were up to no good. Meanwhile, you should have received a September Letter because you were under 18.

There is more to your story.

Waiverless replied 4 years ago   #8

@ waiverless, you youth file should automatically destruct after a certain period of time.

For conditional discharges I believe it is 3 years after sentencing is complete.

After it is destroyed, the US can not find out about it unless you disclose it or they find out about it before it is destroyed.

I would highly recommend going to a police station and getting your fingerprints done to confirm you have a negative hit (record cleared) before travelling to the us again. If they find out about it they will keep it on file forever.

I know this first hand. I also had a youth conviction. I waited around 5 years to travel and they asked me if I was ever convicted and I was nervous and said yes. When they searched my name they could find nothing since May record was destroyed but since I admitted it they made me inadmissible. I am currently in the process of applying for a waiver .

Youth replied 4 years ago   #7

Hi everyone,

First time poster here. I was charged a couple of years back as a youth with mischief under (broke a window during a demonstration) and intimidation (I apparently threatened a peace officer). Anyhow, I was given a conditional discharge for mischief and the intimidation charge was withdrawn as part of the plea deal. I was quite the trouble maker but this event finally geared me in the right direction.

Two weeks ago, my employer wanted me to attend some meetings in the States. I was quite nervous at the thought of going through customs with everything you here these days. I kept my mouth shut and decided to risk it all. I passed pre-clearance at Pearson Airport and was on my way. The process was fairly easy.

I'm likely going to do a file destruction before crossing again or renewing my passport. Or can we assume that mischief is not an excludable offence for CBP? I guess we will never know.

Anyways, just sharing my experience.

Waiverless replied 4 years ago   #6

@ K SCOTT...hi, welcome back...

Michelle replied 4 years ago   #5

Michelle is 100% correct and I want to add that they can technically revoke your waiver if you do not show the waiver when you try to this has happened to 3 of our people already.

K SCOTT replied 4 years ago   #4

@Casper, a new passport should not cause any trouble..If you have a waiver, show it immediately with the passport. Do not wait for the Custom Officer to ask for it..this annoys them and they will give you a hard time...

Michelle replied 4 years ago   #3

Just back from a second US trip again through Toronto Pearson Airport. Huge line up at customs preclearance. CBP officer seemed like he had never processed someone with an I-194 waiver. He took my papers and went to see another officer. I saw them talking and he seemed pretty agitated. Anyway, he came back and then punched some things into the computer. Made me put my fingers on the fingerprint scanner and took my photo. Asked me how long I was intending to stay in the US (3 days). Stamped my passport and I was on my way.

Crazy side thing that happened - the woman before me was escorted to secondary as she went up to the wicket carrying an orange. I heard him tell her she can't bring that with her. She was pretty abrasive and told him the orange was from Florida. Wondering if anyone will ever see this poor soul again. LOL

pinkman replied 4 years ago   #2

This is good to hear. I'm going through next week with a new Passport and hopefully this won't result in a delay.

casper replied 4 years ago   #1

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