Privacy Policy

This discussion forum is powered by a customized version of NoNonsense Forum (here after “NNF”). As a forum, NNF is unique in what and the way it stores information, notably in what it doesn’t store, compared to other forums.

Information Collected

The only information you are asked to provide is a name, password and the text that you wish to publish.

Information Stored

  • The name and message you provide is stored as part of the discussion feed and made public. The name can be any text and you do not have to use your real name or any identifying moniker.

  • The password you provide is one-way encrypted once received and stored only in this encrypted form — this means that NNF (and the site owner) does not know your password and cannot recover it.

  • If this forum provides selectable translations then changing the display language will set a cookie specifying your chosen language.

A Cookie is a small piece of text stored on your computer used to remember some kind of interaction with a website, in this case which language you have selected. We use cookies to remember the language selection, for statistical purposes via the third-party service Google Analytics and other advertising services. It is completely safe to delete the cookie.

Other Information

  • Almost all websites collect visitor information, which typically includes details such as your I.P. address, time of access and web browser (also possibly operating system) identifying mark. These details are typically used for measuring traffic and finding faults. None of this information is collected by any part of NoNonsense Forum itself; again, contact the website owner with any questions.

  • The search feature is controlled by a third party (Google), and will certainly collect information. Please check their website for their privacy policy.