Waiver application processing times

i194waiverposted 9 years ago

Got your I-194?

Reply here with how long it took. Months, weeks, days...

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Not only not me posting, but the person posting sounds ridiculous. I don't want to make assumptions, but this sounds like HatBootsHatsBoots. Same syntax, same moralizing, same stupid statements like "Unfortunately, bureaucrats are human and errors are quite common.".


John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #1962

#2010 not me posting.

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #1961


If you look at my past posts, I have always claimed that people who get a pardon first have no issues travelling to the US afterwards.

Please do not make contradictory statements.

Jοhn Rοgers replied 4 years ago   #1960

#2008, I knew it was not you John, as this is not your policy, nor mine to tell people to apply for a Pardon before traveling to the USA..it is complete nonsense to give this advise.. I wonder if the rogue person on here actually belongs to one of the competitor Pardon / Waiver Services..as "applying for a Pardon" to travel to the USA is the #1 selling feature they use to gain clients?" It would make sense...

Michelle replied 4 years ago   #1959

#2007 was not me posting.

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #1958

The system is not fair and we all need to stand up to corrupt politicians.

Border guards are not immigration lawyers or lawmakers. They don't even know the laws in effect. It's quite concerning.

The best policy is either to wait for a pardon before travelling to the US or remove anything incriminating in CIPC. Unfortunately, bureaucrats are human and errors are quite common.

Bottom line, if you can pay, then anything is possible.

Jοhn Rοgers replied 4 years ago   #1957

@Michelle it happens frequently.

I tell the clients this; 1 guy denied you entry, and another is now saying "you don't need a waiver". In 5 years when you have a $5000 trip booked to Hawaii, what will you tell them when they stop you again?

I always tell them to go back to the border and ask the same guy "can I have your card or a letter in writing that says I am admissible?" Then suddenly...the story changes. They take the waiver no problem after that because NOW they aren't so sure. If your 100% sure...make it official. If you won't do that, then TAKE THE WAIVER.

For anyone at the border facing this, $585 USD will allow you to know IN WRITING. Homeland Security will not give you a waiver just because you applied. If they do not find you inadmissible, they will send you a September Letter. You will carry that for the rest of your life. If they grant you a waiver....then you NEEDED a waiver.

I forward my phones so that when a client is at the border they can call the office and get me even after hours. I tell them NOT TO LEAVE but to call if the Homeland Security guy tells him this. When I get them on the phone, and ask for their card or a letter, suddenly they completely change their tune.

I am all for a client not needing a waiver and avoiding the $585, but not because 1) The officer THINKS they don't need it 2.) the officer just tells them this because they don't want to be bothered processing the paperwork.

Canadians view the Homeland Security guys as some sort of bastion of honesty and virtue and knowledge. They are just border guards who are giving their OPINION. Sometimes they are correct and trying to be helpful. Sometimes they are well intended and just wrong. And sometimes they are at the end of their shift and want to get rid of you.

If one officer denies you entry, you want a result IN WRITING. That will last you FOREVER. "um, there was this guy, kinda tall with nice brown eyes who told me 6 years ago I didn't need a waiver. Maybe he left a note of something?" That's sheer stupidity.

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #1956

@bcborder10, thank you for the reference, and glad that both John and I could help you.

John, do the Custom Officers where you are; refuse to accept applications "because in their opinion, a person doesn't need a waiver?".

This happens quite often here at the Saskatchewan / US Borders.

Even when a client has been denied previously at another border, and has the paperwork showing this, a Custom Officer will refuse to accept the application based on "their opinion". This obviously is very frustrating for both me and my clients.

This does not happen at the larger offices, such as Calgary or Edmonton International Airport.

I am really hoping that the E-safe program will eliminate this "guess work" by these smaller Custom Offices.

Michelle replied 4 years ago   #1955

@bcborder10 great details! You answered all the questions before being asked.

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #1954

Oct 31, 2019.
Here is a recent update on wait time.
I applied for my I-192 Waiver on August 9th 2019. It came in the mail today.
So it took just under 3 months.
I applied at the Edmonton Airport.
It is my fourth Waiver, and they have all been for 5 years.
(Yes the USA gov has been money grabbing me for 20 years now!)
I had a minor Marijuana charge from 25 years ago, getting my visa seems easy as long as I submit the paperwork correctly.

I am writing today to help other in my situation, and support this forum and the great people who volunteer information here free of charge.

In applying at the Edmonton airport, the instructions are different that you will find online. You need reference letters for example. Do what they require at the location you submit, not just what you read online.

Some changes have occurred over the last 20 years, and it is always nerve racking that I will screw up the paperwork.
I received some great advice from a professional based out of Saskatoon/Regina Named Michelle.
She is often on here helping others.
If you need professional help, you should take this recommendation to heart. She is a good person and knows her stuff.

And from reading other posts John Rodgers(also trustworthy), who I believe is out of Ontario, and will vouch for Saskatchewan Michelle (306.531.8886).

In my letter, the U.S gov also provided me a small card/pamphlete to advertise the online application system. I am in Edmonton ,so I couldn't use it this time(Need hand in documents in Toronto). But would imagine in 5 years time, I should be able to apply online.

Once again, to everyone on this free forum.
Thanks for your hard work.

Hope this post helps someone else.
And contact the people I mentioned above if you need real professionals.

bcborder10 replied 4 years ago   #1953

Thanks for updates on the Esafe, it will be awhile before it comes my way..but sounds like it is definitely going to save time on US Customs side. Hopefully, the RCMP, and court houses will catch up..as some court houses are still taking 6 weeks to 6 months...I have to say, I am surprised that the FBI are completing checks so soon. Immigration requests are still taking 12 - 14 weeks.

Michelle replied 4 years ago   #1952

#2000 BackToUSA
It is 100% worth it. CBP has streamlined so many things they do when you submit the old way. They have to do secondary checks with various agencies (FBI, etc) and when you send in a paper application they do this by mail!

When you submit by Esafe, the checks are all done online immediately and the ARO officer who adjudicates your file simply needs to make a decision.

Look at this document:

ChrisD replied 4 years ago   #1951

#1999 John Rogers - thank you. Now I have to figure out if I want to add in a 2+ hour drive to the 2+ hour flight.

When I have my documents prepared I will give you a call. Thanks!!

BackToUSA replied 4 years ago   #1950


"And can anyone enlighten me on the procedure for getting a time slot at Toronto Pearson? I’m getting anything from they don’t do it anymore to “get there at 2am to sign a list that gets posted at 430am”.

Do not go to Pearson Airport for Esafe.

I go every time they are open, (1st and third Tuesday of the month) and they simply make an excuse and turn you away.

So today, the first guy in line waited from 2am to when they opened, 10:30 (that's right they never open at 8) This was his second time trying at Pearson. (he was there on October 1st) Homeland Security guy looks at him when he mentions eSafe, makes a face, and tells him to go to "Buffalo". I had warned him that they probably were not going to take it DESPITE THE FACT THAT THEY ARE ONLY OPEN BECAUSE OF Esafe!!!

The guy who got turned away told the other 2 esafe people to not bother and they are all going to go to Niagara Falls (except for the first guy, who is worried "Buffalo" only means the Peace Bridge)

If you want the full nightmare, call me. 905-459-9669 pr 416-843-1371. I left at 11:30. At 1220 a guy called me. They were only up to number 15.

Esafe itself is a great program it seems. Pearson....not so much.

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #1949

My understanding is that being denied has no impact on the process so it’s essentially a brand new application

If you do apply with Esafe, you can go whenever. I went to Blaine WA at 10pm

ChrisD replied 4 years ago   #1948

#1996 yes I read your message but you also previously applied. Refused, but you would be in a system somewhere I assume. Looking for a reply from someone who has never applied, never been accepted or rejected before.

And can anyone enlighten me on the procedure for getting a time slot at Toronto Pearson? I’m getting anything from they don’t do it anymore to “get there at 2am to sign a list that gets posted at 430am”.

BackToUSA replied 4 years ago   #1947

Did you not read the post i posted right before you?

I applied as a fresh application and no existing waiver in place through Esafe on October 2nd.
I received a 1 year waiver on October 11th.

It took 9 days

Yes it is worth the flight

ChrisD replied 4 years ago   #1946

I'd like to hear from someone who has never applied before and did eSafe to see what the processing/approval time was. I live 2 hours from a border crossing, but I'd consider flying to Toronto to file eSafe if all the approvals are coming back in 2 weeks and under vs. 2 months +

I haven't seen anything from anyone recently about how long the paper submissions are taking to be approved either. Comments?


BackToUSA replied 4 years ago   #1945

So, applied for my waiver on October 2nd through the new Esafe system.
Received my waiver today (not a renewal)
I live 30 mins from border, crossed same day as approval issued with no issues!

Highly reccomend Esafe application if a port near you does the biometric portion of the application.

Offence was from 2012. I have applied twice in the past and both times declined mainly due to not enough time passed. Prior to Esafe, it took me 20 months at one point to receive a decline letter.

Getting a waiver in 9 days is amazing!

ChrisD replied 4 years ago   #1944


This response at #1981 wasn't the literate and literary Adelaide who left this "apology" here for @Michelle. Just as the lowercase @michelle at #1978 is most likely not the authentic Michelle.

Seems the fool has more time on his hands and tries to get around the paucity of English language skills by leaving and posting simple and short sentences since his inability to construct anything cogent, comprehensive and cohesive will surely give his ruse away.

Seems our hebetudinous muppet who John Rogers correctly identified as Hats... has time on his hands.

One would hope he would let it go and not pollute the sight (as he did before) with his nonsensical dross.

Adelaide replied 4 years ago   #1943