Waiver application processing times

i194waiverposted 9 years ago

Got your I-194?

Reply here with how long it took. Months, weeks, days...

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@2058. Michelle,where do you get the jump of $345 for the new fee?
I thought is was going from $585 to $1415 US, an $830 increase

casper replied 4 years ago   #2002

I would keep in mind that the comments end on December 16, 2019. Therefore, I would think the fee increase will be right away - most likely in January. So if you are thinking of applying for an I-192 Travel Waiver - you are running out of time to complete your application and get it in under the current filing fee of $585 USA Funds. There is no mention of the standard 1, 3 or 5 year time line increasing along with the filing fee.

Michelle replied 4 years ago   #2001

My comments on the proposed fee for the I-192 application through Jim W link...

My comments are directed to the I-192 Advance Permission to Enter the USA Entry Waiver. Currently the $585 USA Funds fee, grants an individual entry into the USA for a limited time: usually 1, 3 or 5 years. I am not opposed to a fee increase, but a $345 dollar jump is quite high for a 1 year waiver. This increase is even more when you consider the Canadian Dollar conversion to USA Funds. This would cost Canadian Citizens on average $1400. Is it being considered to increase the waiver validation time to a minimum of 5 years and maximum of 10 years?

I don't expect any response, but might be helpful if others went on and professionally posted their comments and concerns.

Michelle replied 4 years ago   #2000

@John Rogers

What are you talking about?

George S. replied 4 years ago   #1999

#2052 WAS me actually. George S, if you want to be part of the discussion, then stop the other nonsense.

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #1998
Jim w. replied 4 years ago   #1997

#2052 is not me.

Jοhn Rοgers replied 4 years ago   #1996

@John Rogers

My behaviour has been exemplary. Who said I want to have a conversation with you? It's better I don't if you feel that way about me. I'm just sharing some general information for the common people.

George S. replied 4 years ago   #1995

@George S.

After your behavior here, we will not discuss ANYTHING with you.

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #1994

I wanted to post this here:


This could be a turning point hopefully for many who need a travel waiver.

George S. replied 4 years ago   #1993

Hi All, any news or rumors regarding the I-192 fee increase? Any rumors that the USA might go to 10 year waivers, if the proposed fee increase goes ahead?

Michelle replied 4 years ago   #1992

@John Rogers

I am not who you claim I am and you are quite intelligent to know that it's not me posting that nonsense.

I don't know HatsBooties, Michelle, Adelaide, Jazz, Ken or you personally. As for Hats and Boots, I haven't seen any posts of his on this forum. I did see a post from Ken and a certain person named Adelaide who likely needs some meds.

I just came here to post my opinion. If you have an issue with that, than I'll get out of your hair.

However, it's your reputation on the line, not mine. Just be thoughtful of that. You are neither professional nor great if you are using different aliases, mine for example, to prove you are worthy. Now stop these childish games and get to the point.

I will be using the following "not me" if someone tries to post something using my alias.

Also, please keep your "pickle" in your pants.

George S. replied 4 years ago   #1991

#2047 not me

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #1990

Well if George S. can make a recent alias of Ken Scott which we all saw last week then it definitely is pointing to George S. being HatsBootsHats.

Anyone who has been on this forum for over a year would know that Ken disappeared a long time ago. I know it's not Michelle, myself, Adelaide, jazzsax. Give up the childish games HatsBootsHats - aka George S.

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@Adelaide don't bother posting about the misrepresentations. Just "# so and so is not me" it pretty clear its not you.

@George S who is probably HatsBootsHats....please stop and let people get the information they need.

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #1985

#2037, 2038 are not me.

Contrary to some troll who also started using my alias, I have work in the morning and would never post anything at 12 am.

Guess there is some feud going on between Adelaide and another poster. Confirms many things about Adelaide.

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@George S

Sure thing. Reread your post at #2014 and then get back to me about the "staying on subject" part.

Or are you still ignoring me like you were supposed to in #2030?

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