Waiver application processing times

i194waiverposted 9 years ago

Got your I-194?

Reply here with how long it took. Months, weeks, days...

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I applied April 15 2015, received a letter late June stating prints were inconclusive, had to go back to border and redo prints and give yet ANOTHER statement of intent. Just received my first waiver last week, good for one year. Will start the whole process again in 6 months or so, and hope for a 5 year.
BTW, my record is from 1986.

Meredith replied 8 years ago   #42

I overstay in the us for 10 years I never been deported and no criminal records. I left 5 years ago and came to Canada. I just want to go to Florida to visit friends and family. I applied in February 14 and I haven't received anything yet. Does anybody that overstay received waivers in a reasonable time?

Dan replied 8 years ago   #41

Still waiting. Filed jan 8/15, inquired late may "on file awaiting further review", inquired today, answer within an hour - "Your application is on file with the Admissibility Review Office. It is pending results of required security checks." Fingers crossed this is good progress. Anyone else receive this response,and if so how long after did you receive you approval/denial?

tits magees replied 8 years ago   #40

I applied for my I-194 waiver renewal (B1/B2), submitted to US CBP in Lewiston NY border crossing on April 22nd, 2015. I received my waiver today (July 29th, 2015), took 3 months and 1 week. New waiver is valid for 5 years.

My first waiver was valid for 1 year.

P replied 8 years ago   #39

Does any one if the I-194 waiver approval mail is marked as “Do Not Forward” ? I recently moved to new address and didn't updated my address , But I have mail forwarding service with Canada post.

Bob1 replied 8 years ago   #38

Applied for waiver at Pearson in March 4th week. and got the approval this week.

Guestuser replied 8 years ago   #37

Hey Bob if waiver is approved. It will arrive via Canada Post

Julius replied 8 years ago   #36

after the waiver is approved do they send the waiver by canadapost or thru any courier ?

bob replied 8 years ago   #35

I started my application in April of 2014, took almost 5 months to get police check returned, I only had the one charge against me. (Income tax related)
It took another 9 weeks to get appt. at YVR, went in Dec 9th to submit my I-192 application.

Received a letter requesting more info April 6th 2015, they wanted confirmation that the fine was paid and community service was completed, sent in confirmation documents and still waiting.
Emailed 3 times about status and finally got a response last week indicating application is pending further review.

7 months and still waiting.

Tax act charges are crimes of moral turpitude apparently, which denied me entry to USA.

Kiwi replied 8 years ago   #34

I 194 came today, applied at Pearson March 12. One week shy of 4 months. No referral letters were included, three theft charges. (Three cassette tapes from an open car window in 1989.) valid for one year.

Steve replied 8 years ago   #33

Still waiting. Pushing 6 months. Anyone inquire more than once and if so how long between did you wait and what was the second response?

Also anyone with processing time updates?

:: @tits magees added on 23 Jun ’15 · 01:21

Sdavid you said you inquired twice. At what points? I'm wondering if an inquiry 1 month aafter my last inquiry is too soon?

tits magees replied 8 years ago   #32

Applied January 8, 2015 and received status update email yesterday stating review is on file and pending further review. 4-1/2 months and counting from filling at Blaine truck crossing. 1st application. 10+ years since removal from US after serving prison sentence for 1st degree burglary, a crime of moral turpitude to the CBP. Lots changed since then so fingers crossed.

Noticed the first email response from ARO acknowledging my request states 120 days before requesting an update. thought it was 90 days. Glad i ignored the wife and waited an extra month.

tits magees replied 8 years ago   #31

Thanks David,
I applied on November 17, 2014. My application contained a lot more information then they requested, so they don't require any information later. But my charges only 2 years old and my 1 year conditional sentence finish on January 07, 2015.

Saeed replied 8 years ago   #30

@Saeed how long has it been since you filed? I asked for status twice during my wait and it didn't seem to affect the time (took just under 5 months).

Sdavid replied 8 years ago   #29

Does anyone has an idea of inquire the status of your waiver file more then one time,
does it effect the time of process?. My first reply was, your file is in the process of reviewing
with no time limit. Can I inquire again for the file status without any issue, looking forward to hear from someone with the same situation.

Saeed replied 8 years ago   #28

Kw4, where did you file? Whats your reason for filing and how old is it?

tits magees replied 8 years ago   #27

Emailed last nite and response was a decision was mailed on April 30th. That was pretty quick. First waiver. Filed papers January 29/15.

KW4 replied 8 years ago   #26

tits magee, I had overstayed previously, and decided to seek a waiver on my own just to be on safe side.

2legit2quit2 replied 8 years ago   #25

2legit, what was your conviction/issue to require the waiver?

tits magees replied 8 years ago   #24

Finally received I-194 with approval letter after 5 months. Valid for 1 year. So excited. Keep your hopes high guys!

2legit2quit2 replied 8 years ago   #23