Waiver application processing times

i194waiverposted 9 years ago

Got your I-194?

Reply here with how long it took. Months, weeks, days...

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You are here because you need a waiver. Stay on subject please.

Thank you.

George S. replied 4 years ago   #1982

@George S

Just curious is this a DIRECT QUOTE from you at #2030 ???

I will just ignore you from now on.

Seems you're not a man of your word. Of course.

Thought you were ignoring me. I'm disappointed.

Adelaide replied 4 years ago   #1981


I'm not Hatsbooties.

Thank you but I don't need your blessings. I think you need help.

Yours truly,

George S.

George S. replied 4 years ago   #1980



Bless your heart...

Adelaide replied 4 years ago   #1979


I think you forgot your magic pills again or you took way too many.

I will just ignore you from now on. Good day.

George S. replied 4 years ago   #1978

So I'm away for a few days and some muppet by the name of George S posts some nonsensical dross at #2014.

Is there more than one George S on here? Tells us please George S.

Same sentence structure, same inability as the other muppet aliases being used to understand that "English" is a proper noun and needs to be capitalized.

Here's his comment to John Rogers at #87 under the thread for "I-192 Requirements".

Quoting you now Georgie (HatsBooties) Last sentence of your post at #87 on the aforementioned thread:

I don't think you have basic understanding of the english language.

Hmmm.... "english" is mysteriously not capitalized.


Here's the FAKE Adelaide at post #1993 - but really anyone with any iota of intelligence knows that Georgie (Hatsbooties) is also the FAKE Adelaide and a number of other aliases. Here's the exact quote at #1993

Quoting you again Georgie (Hatsbooties)

Once again, that is not the real Adelaide. We should congratulate he/she/them for trying so hard and giving us all the impression they are experts of the english language.
The fake Adelaide has made a crucial error that only the true Adelaide can detect. The E in english was capitalized in their comment. English, in this case, is an adjective and shouldn't be capitalized. Off course, a first grade elementary student will notice the mistake and call it out right away.

Since Georgie(Hatsbooties) is being busted for the hebetudinous muppet that he is and perhaps, to try and cover the paper trail he's leaving, he will delete the comment at #1993 (since the REAL Adelaide can't do that) Let's see if comment #1993 now becomes mysteriously deleted.

John Rogers is too intelligent to fall for the Georgie(Hatsbooties) dross being spewed by this muppet.

Adelaide replied 4 years ago   #1977

I have discovered that the rogue person who tries to post under various other's names has to use a slight variation of the name in order to use it. Example..using an 0 instead of an O..these differences do not show up on a computer..but do show up on cell phone..if u r unsure about the post..check your cell phone..u might have to look closely. .but the difference is there..

Michelle replied 4 years ago   #1976


I would suggest making a phone call to both Michelle and I if you are considering getting the waiver done. There are subtle differences in how we process waivers, and you should use whoever 'fits' what you want to do. The result will be the same, I am confident in that. We do deliver our waiver services slightly differently, and you might like one approach over the other, so ask lots of questions.

Your going to do your fingerprints locally, so that will be exactly the same. The best question other than "how much" is:

-what will the client be responsible for doing
-what will Michelle or I be responsible for doing

I do a few waivers in BC (I have 3 ongoing right now) but obviously do the bulk of my work in Ontario. BC is the province I know "second best". Being a bit closer, Michelle might do a few more than I do there.

Obviously, with WEXIT in the works, Michelle in the future will probably accept both Canadian and WEXIT dollars. I will ONLY be accepting Canadian money. (This was of course meant to be funny)

@Jazzsax1 I will always accept your "Bison Bucks" when Manitoba as well decides to leave Canada. Of course, it will take years for the rest of Canada to notice.

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #1975


I have been reading this forum for a while also. I rarely post.

John Rogers does waivers and likes to blast people that do not agree with him. John doesn't like it when someone has a different opinion: he gets intimidated or threatened. He is not open to receiving criticism. How can you say that he has kept it professional?

John Rogers and Michelle are using this forum to get customers. They are working in tandem to split up the work. John Rogers has a personal grudge against some posters also.

This troll everyone is talking about may just be John using different aliases. Poor fellow. He truly has a lot of time on his hands. Business must be low. Magnus is likely another one of John's creations.

George S. replied 4 years ago   #1974

I've read through this forum just to find some information that would be pertinent to my case and there's obviously some childish very dull, imbecilic Bozo trying his best to troll and imitate various people on here.

Not sure what ends that achieves other than most likely some yahoo with a very low IQ. As my aunt used to say "the devil finds work" so word to Bozo - look for meaningful work and you'll feel much better about yourself.

I was actually recently referred to this forum by a colleague who got his situation straightened out with a long ago weed charge. No way I'm paying a lawyer for information I can get on here. I'm hoping to drive to Blaine to hand my waiver package in but may actually get in touch with one of the folks on here to possibly do a professional job with it since it's gonna be a first time thing for me. Since I'm in Kelowna it doesn't seem like there's someone out here with an office (other than a lawyer) who handles this stuff. Perhaps I could find someone in the Vancouver area. Not sure if this Michelle handles stuff west of Saskatchewan.

I don't know John Rogers but I'm pretty sure he's correct at #2023.

I'm sure Adelaide's post #2021 about "being given several years" and being transgendered is complete BS. Her posts have all been very consistent and thoughtful. From what I can tell she has an overstay of some sort.

John Rogers seems to have a solid head on his shoulders too and obviously has kept it professional. But it also seems there was another one of him on here as well.

The Bozo trying to troll is probably some Scheer loving mfer who can't read and quite evidently can't write as well. Simple sentences, simple mind.

I don't know Michelle either but I'd be surprised if she fell for that BS - her post at #2022 seems like BS to me as well. It seems there may be more than one Michelle on here.

Anyone know anybody in the BC area who handles this stuff? I suppose since we live in the internet age it really doesn't matter what part of the country we're in as I'm sure at some level the stuff is all uniform across the country but I could be wrong. Anyone wanna expound on this or are waivers pretty much the same across Canada?

Magnus replied 4 years ago   #1973

Well as much as I love to brag about all the waivers, I do are granted...I just received one that was denied...It is for a 2002 conviction, and although I cautioned client about the possibility of a doctor review and then a denial. The USA went straight for the denial. I won't provide any details about the conviction, as it is a uncommon one, and client might be on here. I am putting this out here, to explain that even experts can run into issues, and that the USA can be unpredictable at the best of times. A person can do on their own or hire a Professional, and have success or failure. I think it is important to show this, and as always, I will continue to assist this client until they eventually receive their waiver.

Michelle replied 4 years ago   #1972

I am pretty sure that was not Adelaide.

@Michelle I figured you probably had a bad experience. You deal with some tough borders. I would do the exact same thing if that happened to me. We have a small bit of snow today (first of the year) barely any accumulation on the grass. So I expect an emergency to be declared any minute now and the army to come to our rescue.

I also want to point out to everyone in the forum that most people in this industry are NOT like Michelle, and her attention to detail is what makes her great at her job. Having possibly TOO MANY forms is much better than too few, even when the waiver is done properly.

This is also why when I have calls from Saskatchewan I refer them to Michelle. She is not only local and knows the border, but I know that the great job she does will reflect well on me.

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #1971

@2019, John...LOL..Thanks!...I did try to "not submit" the G-325 and Customs had a fit..they did at least allow me to type up one fast and fax it to them, while my client was still there...so..not doing that again...And I so agree...I think about the trees and the toner...LOL...How is the weather your way???..It is only November and we are in the -30..with lots of snow......going to be a very long winter...

Michelle replied 4 years ago   #1970

@Michelle I have had a client who did it after i prepared everything, answer was in 9 days after they were fingerprinted.

I have not been submitting the G325A since they changed the forms, and not a single problem. I know your so detail oriented you won't listen to me anyways (LOL) but you don't need t submit it any longer. Stop killing trees! Or let me appeal to your business sense....toner is expensive!

@Magnus I agree with everything you said.

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #1969

Adelaide - out here in Kelowna, BC the closest eSafe POE is in Blaine which is about a 4 hour drive. I'm not sure what part of the country you're in but depending on how fast you want your application to be processed it may be a good idea to take the trip. I'm not sure how it is out East. I hear eSafe is processing applications in as little as 10 days. Blaine seems to be open 24/7. I would imagine that they will add more POE eSafe processing in 2020.

I'm not sure what George S is going on about in #2014 since as a woman it's highly unlikely that you'd be a "child molester". That made me curious and I read through some of the posts here. There appears to be some fool - a child - with a bunch of aliases on here posting absolute bs.

I'm gonna guess that somehow you've "molested" this "child" INTELLECTUALLY and VERBALLY telling from your beautiful dressing downs and now his snowflake self is completely butthurt that he got owned... got owned by a woman.

Anyway check out the eSafe website. I could see them adding yyc to the list in the near future since that would probably best serve the prairie provinces.

Magnus replied 4 years ago   #1968

Here is the latest version of the G-325A; although It was suppose to be replaced by the latest I-192 Form, it looks like it will still be a requirement. I will continue to send it with my client's application package.


Michelle replied 4 years ago   #1967

John, have you done an application for a client yet on the E-safe program? I am wondering how they submit the court documents, and other paperwork? I am assuming it must be scanned and attached? I am wondering as I do not have a scanner yet, but might be something I need to look at...

Michelle replied 4 years ago   #1966

@Adelaide I am sure if you research eSAFE, they may have a time period when the 'pilot project' is due to end. At that time I assume they will expand it, because it seems to have been very successful (except for the system being down at the airport constantly).

I am sure it is here to stay.

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #1965

Adelaide, why does a "child molester" like yourself want to gain entry to the US? Haven't you made a fool of yourself already on this forum?

Whatever John Rogers says is pure trash. This guy is out to scam you. What type of fraudulent business are you running John?

George S. replied 4 years ago   #1964

@John Rogers

Do you have any inkling (or perhaps something you've heard) about when the eSAFE program may be offered at other Ports of Entry?

As for your post at #2012 I would venture a good guess that your "assumptions" have a great deal of veracity to them.

Wait for it... the muppet will now post something (nonsensical dross perhaps) under my name within the next couple days. I'll assure you now it won't be me... Nor will I'll be posting anything then deleting it in that time frame.

Adelaide replied 4 years ago   #1963