Waiver application processing times

i194waiverposted 9 years ago

Got your I-194?

Reply here with how long it took. Months, weeks, days...

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Submitted at surrey/blaine crossing jan 8. Nothing back yet. About to send the inquiryemail. Anyone get any luck with these email updates?

tits magee replied 8 years ago   #22

I'm at the 3 and a half mark and still nothing

fred replied 8 years ago   #21

any one receive theirs lately and how long did it take?

fred replied 8 years ago   #20

Will be placing my application shortly and was wondering if it is faster to go to a pre-clearance centre like at the Calgary airport or directly to the Port of Entry. I have one conviction from 1999.

Appletree91 replied 8 years ago   #19

Just returned from filing at Pearson airport and they told me it will be about three months. I'll update when I receive it. First time.

Steve replied 8 years ago   #18

I applied for 1st waiver at Wpg airport on Nov 10 and still haven't heard anything.
Have 1 offense from 5 years ago.
Hoping to hear some good news soon.

patwait replied 8 years ago   #17

I also applied at Vancouver/Blaine crossing back in Nov last year. Nothing yet. This is my first time

2legit2quit replied 8 years ago   #16

Thanks Outwest..where did you file? airport or land? I'm waiting on my first..conviction from 1999..I see around September and October of last year people were getting theirs around the three month mark.. just wondering if its like that now.. dropped mine off in Vancouver/Blaine crossing..anyone else drop off recently in the Van area and if so how long for first timers..not renewals? Thanks

Ryanbets replied 8 years ago   #15

My last waiver received in September 2014 (3rd 5 year waiver) took about 3 months to process. I think renewals go faster if nothing has changed in terms of convictions and such.

OutWest replied 8 years ago   #14

Trying to get a timeline on applications right now..months and days will help.

Ryanbets replied 8 years ago   #13

It's mid Feb now. Has anyone received a waiver lately and if so when did you apply and at which location?

Ryanbets replied 8 years ago   #12

still waiting for mine its, i handed everything in @ the border on October 6th and still haven't received anything yet. I changed my address during the process though does that extend the waiting time?

Nam replied 8 years ago   #11

3 Months :)

First application, for a 17 year-old offence.

Did all the legwork myself. Applied at Edmonton International Airport.

Good for 1 year.

Alfredo replied 8 years ago   #10

@Craig Applied in August 2015 and just received mine. Just short of 5 months. First waiver and it's good for a year.

b2application replied 8 years ago   #9

Just wanted to see if anyone had received any waivers recently? I applied in September and am hoping to get it before the end of January. I was just curious on timelines for people who applied recently

Craig replied 8 years ago   #8

It took just over 4 months for my second waiver. Just like the first, it's good for 1 year.

David replied 9 years ago   #7

3 months and 5 days for first waiver. only good for 1 year

Jeff replied 9 years ago   #6

Did you all have 1st time waivers seems quite quick, did you only receive 1 yr.
I'm just past 3 mths waiting hoping for more than 1 yr.

Sue replied 9 years ago   #5

I needed mine because of an overstay. First waiver took about 4 months.

sindred replied 9 years ago   #4

I've heard if you have a criminal record the processing time is faster. Can that even be true? I've heard 9 months and up.

Marg replied 9 years ago   #3