Welcome to the new i-194 Waiver Forum
We wanted to take a moment to welcome everyone to our new forum. New here? Take a moment and start with the About section at the top of this page. Already a forum member? We know that the switch...
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Canadian Pardon works to cross the US border if you haven't been denied entry before?
From what I've been told, i thought that a Canadian pardon was not accepted to cross the border. I have never been denied entry into the US but i have a criminal record. Would a pardon be...
Anis Barakat
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Updated waiver forms
Just wanted to let people know if you don't already that there is updated I-192 and G-325 Forms. It clearly states on the US Border website that they will accept the old ones until August 29 2016...
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Entry Possible with Moral Turpitude?
So I have been charged four times as a young adult, from 19 to 22 is when the crimes occurred, but never charged for the last one till I was 25. The charges (in chrono order) 1. Possession of...
On the I-192 do you have to tell if you were arrested in states if it was for something minor 40 years ago? My husband tells me he just remembered when he was a teenager he was arrested in ohio,...
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Criminal or Immigration lawyer
Hi I'm looking to apply for my first time waiver ( I was convicted of a drug trafficking charge). I have a simple question, I understand it's easier to apply yourself but Id like to use a lawyer...
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Good News
Starting January 2017 ARO will issue only 5 years waiver to everyone. ARO will no longer issue 1,2 or 3 years waiver anymore. Because of new rules ARO will process all application fast.
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Can someone please answer my thread titled criminal record reports..I really need an answer today as we are going tomorrow. Thanks!
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Anyone denied for having only one crime?
Anyone denied entry to the US for having only one crime involving moral turpitude and not drug related?
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Waiver processing
Are the waiver applications processed in the order that they are received? Or, is it case by case?
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US Customs at Van Airport
Just got denied entry into the US even though Im out on bail and had a letter from my PO saying it was OK to travel to states. So apparently your guilty until proven innocent in the US eyes even...
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INA 212 question
Has anyone challenged the following clause? They told me I was not eligible to enter due to having more than one conviction per INA 212 a) 2 A i The way it reads indicates that I don't qualify for...
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Canada Post Strike
I hear this Lock Out/Strike could be a long one. Does this mean we will have to wait until this is over before getting waivers in the mail since the come through Canada Post? I've heard this...
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What happens after the waiver is received?
Hi everyone - just came across this site, I was wondering if anyone can share their experience with border crossing (land or air) after receiving their i194 waiver. Do you have to go in for...
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Enhanced Drivers License/Name Change
Anyone ever tried to apply for a EDL after changing their name? Just wondering if there's a way to bypass the US Waiver by driving over to the US instead of going through an airport?
Why were you denied entry into the USA?
Hey everyone, love this forum and some excellent information. As the title says, I'm interested in starting a thread to learn what denied us entry to the US. If it was because of a criminal record,...
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Welcome to the I‑194 Waiver Forum

A discussion forum for any Canadian who has been denied entry into the United States because of criminal record, having overstayed a previous visit to the U.S., an infectious disease, or other reason. Applying for and receiving a US entry waiver is a simple process that you can complete yourself. It requires documentation, fingerprints, completion of the I-192 waiver application form and an interview at a pre-clearance or US border facility. Current filing fees are $585 / $930 US. This US I-194 waiver is typically granted for temporary visits to the USA for between 1-5 years (5 years is the maximum).

Update: As of Mid-2019 you can file and pay Form I-192 application online using the Electronic Secured Adjudication Forms Environment (e-SAFE).

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