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(No record suspension / Pardon) If I file for a waiver through E-Safe, should I submit court documents? If yes, then should I submit originals or copies, all pages or only the pages for charges/ convictions that show up in the rcmp fingerprint record file, does the court record file need to be recent if no changes have occurred recently?

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Technically, the "proper way" is to get court documents. Now that they don't "keep" any of the documents, originals, copies doesn't matter.
All of you who get NEW court documents every time you do a waiver...there is no need.

Anything on the record you would need court documents for. If something isn't visible, I wouldn't bother.

Michelle for example is used to locations that REQUIRE court documents, and so she always obtains them. Homeland Security would agree with that approach.

I have found court documents are needed about 25% of the time. So I send away for them, but in most cases I have the client file without them. There ARE certain waivers I KNOW will need court documents, and for these I advise the client to wait. If they are in a hurry, and I think they will need court documents, I give the client the choice of picking them up (In Ontario this is much faster) rather than wait by mail.

Drugs can be a charge where court documents could be helpful in proving its marijuana for example, not cocaine.

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