Esafe filing vs paper filing questions

Dutchieposted 8 months ago

So glad to find this forum.

I am working on applying for my 2nd waiver. The first time in 2016 I did it myself and received a 5 year waiver so I am hoping for the same results again this time. :)

I noticed that on the Esafe forms there is no ability to enter multiple dates or locations when asked "Location you wish to enter" and "When do you plan to enter"

Last time I wrote "Pembina and others as allowed" and the date as "as allowed"

I am concerned that if I put down only one date they might only give me a shorter waiver as I am only visiting the one time. I would much prefer to enter the info as multiple visits and various lengths but there is no way to do this on the esafe forms.

Can anyone advise if there is a way to overcome this?

Thanks so much!!

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My assumption is that the waiver must say anything other than the usual B1/B2 if it is being applied for. Example, I had clients before covid that get "O" visas because they are in the music industry. They had to re-apply for a new waiver because it did not say "O" on it.

Now I am pointing out when it happened because that is not recent information, it happened in 2019 during Trump. So not sure if this still applies.

Unfortunately, I don't have anything else concrete to add.

J Rogers replied 8 months ago   #4

If I want to apply waiver for other category (like H4 visa or dependent of L1 visa holder) what is the process or
can I use the same waiver that I got with B 1/B2 . Currently I have waiver with B1/B2 purpose with 6 month stay maximum as I usually get I-94 for 6 month validity.

Now if my spouse(Canadian Citizen) is moving to US on H1 visa should I apply for different waiver and then get H4 visa (I am canadian citizen and want to apply for H4 visa)?

Currently I have 5 year waiver for B1/B2 as visitor for business and pleasure. .

bob194 replied 8 months ago   #3

@J Rogers
Thank you I will be sure to do that.

Dutchie replied 8 months ago   #2


Its very important you put down just ONE location, the same one you want to do your biometrics at. That is the ONLY location you can go to to do the biometrics through eSAFE

J Rogers replied 8 months ago   #1

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