Waiver application processing times

i194waiverposted 5 years ago

Got your I-194?

Reply here with how long it took. Months, weeks, days...

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@Vancity, thanks :)...

Timber replied 3 years ago   #342

@Timber It comes regular airmail from U.S Postal, with the Canada Post stuff going on... maybe 2-4 weeks you'll get it after the date it was approved....could be faster or slower.

Vancity replied 3 years ago   #341

Can anyone tell me if the waiver comes regular mail or registered

Timber replied 3 years ago   #340

africanjedi85.......I get the same situation. What I find : If you overstay more then 1 year, CBP will give you 5 years ban.You can't come back to US right away. One person told me , he get his waiver one year before 5 years time frame ends.But , even you stay one day longer- the shortest ban from CBP, still 5 years. I have the same answer all the time. Did apply 4 month before you.
Something more . After 5 years CBP ban finished. Emigration USA law said:if you overstay 1 year, - you get 10 year ban. But, its look like you get possibility after 5 years receive a regular waiver. But if you simply drive in, they can ask you , "if you stay outside of US 10 years already?" .

PH1 replied 3 years ago   #339

@africanjedi85 .................. Ask RS ... he has his own thread on helping folks out and he got his waiver in less than 5 months on this forum. Maybe you did something wrong on your application and the person who is looking at your application is being biased and is taking there lazy time.

ABC replied 3 years ago   #338

Man i'm still waiting on my waiver...applied in November 2015 at Pearson due to an overstay and I still get the "application is on file with the ARO" email. I know the first application is the longest but wow. Any suggestions from anyone?

africanjedi85 replied 3 years ago   #337

Applied January 23rd at Calgary pre clearance. Received today July 18th. A little longer than some but glad it came!!

Craig114 replied 3 years ago   #336

I got my waiver today dated July 12th 2016 I applied on March 17 2016 at buffallo NY waited 4 months

Bobby replied 3 years ago   #335

I just got my waiver today dated July 5th 2016... I applied end of Feb. 2016 1 week before @Vancity!

5 months in total .

Headed to States this weekend.

To everyone else that applied, good luck and hope you get yours soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bo replied 3 years ago   #334

I applied in March 17 2016 port buffalo still waiting

Bobby replied 3 years ago   #333

@Farmgirl, I applied April 8th, 2016 at Lynden , still waiting

Timber replied 3 years ago   #332

@ Farmgirl @ABC
I applied end of February 2016 and received mine end of June 2016 in BC so it looks like the wait times are getting better...depends on the province and where you applied I guess.

Vancity replied 3 years ago   #331

@Farmgirl I applied in March 2016 still waiting, but are hearing some of the guys that applied in February 2016 have gotten it already, perhaps another couple of months more to go.

ABC replied 3 years ago   #330

Filed my first waiver April 18th. Anyone else around that date?

Farmgirl replied 3 years ago   #329

Yeah I can do better things with my fuckin time than this crap.

Antonio replied 3 years ago   #328

I Second that Figman!!!

Dale replied 3 years ago   #327

So is this site now just for these guys to drum up business? Used to be for people to share experiences submitting waivers. Now I'm reading about Sara's training and Scotts leave of absence to deal with personal issues. WTF is this? Think I'll unsubscribe.

Figman replied 3 years ago   #326


SORRY to hear about your application being denied. I've heard some horror stories, but if you don't mind me asking what was your crime and when? If you had one before and had some kind of charge after it will be inadmissible that would kill any future applications.

Bo replied 3 years ago   #325

Hello Everyone,
I am new to the site and I am happy to see there are real live people going through this process. As we all know sometimes the border doesn't like to provide information or insight. I just put in my 2nd application for my waiver on June 2016. I have applied before back in March of '12 and was emailing ARO on a consistent basis only to tell me everything was still in process. I found it weird that within in a year and 6 months I had no answer. I finally decided to go to the Lewiston Border where they told me I was not allowed to be at their border and if I tried again I could be arrested even though at the port I had already told them I was inadmissable but that I needed to speak with someone regarding my waiver and I had my passport to show them. When I spoke with CBP officer he looked me up and seen that my application was denied in Sept. 12. I did not change any information and yet I received nothing from ARO or had anything mailed to me. It is now June 2016 and so I'm hoping processing times are not long, I will keep everyone updated.

RLE replied 3 years ago   #324

@Bo yeah I was effin surprised 114 days total... but now I am worry free for the next 5 years... just time to hit up Vegas with the guys -n- dolls for summer, when I couldn't before.

Just keeping checking that mail box, it will eventually come otherwise they would have sent you a letter by now stating they need more info pertaining to your waiver.

On a different note, Aldergrove border crossing has nicer guards then the 176 truck border... I always enter that way....but then again if we need waivers we are common criminals in the US CBP minds.

vancity replied 3 years ago   #323