Waiver application processing times

i194waiverposted 9 years ago

Got your I-194?

Reply here with how long it took. Months, weeks, days...

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you do this all at the border, prob when you filed for the waiver but any crossing will do it and knows what it is.

thehobit replied 7 years ago   #362

it means everything if you want to cross. you technically need both. every six months they basically make you go in to secondary to get this 6 dollar visa that they staple in your passport. if i were you, i would cross before i fly, go down get gas or groceries if you can. they read over the pieces of paper, ask if you've been "good" since its been issues, take your picture and fingerprints on their electronic scanner and your on your way. when you cross again, you just show them the passport, they look at the visa, and your waiver of course, have both pieces of paper every time you cross, and then you're on your way. is it a hassle, yes. but if you want to go into the usa this is the hoops you jump through. i am so use to it now its second hand. youll get the odd self righteous one who says "what you do?" like they dont see on their screen, but ignore em , answer their questions, play with their power trip and move on.

thehobit replied 7 years ago   #361

No i don't understand what you do with this paperwork how how you get the visa. So this paper work means nothing to the boarder when your at the airport catching your flight? My waiver was approved for 5 years and i still need to get a visa every 6 months?

molly replied 7 years ago   #360

thanks for that info. mine was approved the 22nd and i haven't got it yet. i get paranoid cause they are a pain to replace and i am taking my wife and family to disneyland at xmas and my old one has expired. havent booked air yet, not that dumb. I am in BC so maybe yours comes quicker to your province.

did you understand what you do with it when you want to cross and about handing visa back in just before it expires? thats important or they get pissy at you.

thehobit replied 7 years ago   #359

Mailed the 23rd got it today 29th

Molly replied 7 years ago   #358


I'm confused. So it says I'm good for 5 years but I still need to get these visas every 6 months? Do I go to the same place where I filled my waiver?

Thank you. Hope yours comes soon!!

Molly replied 7 years ago   #357

what day was it mailed on the envelope? i am worried cause its been a week and mine isnt here.

no you take it to the border, you need to go in and pay 6 dollars for a visa valid for 6 months. always turn in your visa before it expires or you get a lecture, you can do it on the canadian side when coming home, just hand it to cbsa agent.

thehobit replied 7 years ago   #356

@Philly. 1 year?! Do you mind asking how long ago the charge was and what it was? Mine was 3 years ago only and I'm thinking the same thing will happen to me when I file.

Marshy replied 7 years ago   #355


Congrats!! That's great to hear. I applied August 8th 2015 (over a year ago) and still nothing. I even used a lawyer to prepare. Hopefully I hear something soon (good or bad)

Philly replied 7 years ago   #354

OMG approved after 4 months exactly!! Just got a letter in the mail. Curious though is that all it is. No card? Do I just put this letter in with my passport?

Molly replied 7 years ago   #353

i applied at sumas april 25th, guys really nice there. wife did app for me, this is my third one.

thehobit replied 7 years ago   #352

I am a little panicked. i got an email it was mail august 22 and nothing and with canada post's stuff, i wanted to go down on sept 7th once they told me it was mailed august 22. everyone get theirs about a week after approval?

thehobit replied 7 years ago   #351


I applied for my second waiver 5 months ago and have yet to receive the waiver. My first waiver was approved in 3.5 months in 2015. I applied for the renewal at the same border crossing, my file is the same as last year, my mailing address is the same and I'm currently sitting at 5 months. I've emailed ARO and they said my application is being processed but no timeline for completion was provided.

Gary replied 7 years ago   #350

@Jason have you sent them an e mail online? Mine was 4 months to the day. I applied at Aldergrove on April 8th and received mine on August the 8th good for 5 years (my first waiver). It will probably show up in the next few days

timber replied 7 years ago   #349

It will be 4 months this Friday still haven't received anything I submitted my application at the alder groove border was hoping to go to the burning man festival in Nevada but its not looking good at this point. I totally thought I would have it by now

jason replied 7 years ago   #348

Mine was Fraud over 5000 as well but only 3 years ago. Thanks for the response @Timber, that was helpful!

Marshy replied 7 years ago   #347

@Marshy, it was Fraud over $5000. (18 years ago). It was easy doing my own application. I filed at the Lynden border crossing and the personnel were extremely helpful, reviewed my application to make sure I had done everything correctly. From start to finish it was 9 months. I was pulled in in November of last year. It is a 4 month wait to get your finger prints and records from the RCMP. Then another 4 months for Homeland to review.
Good luck!

Timber replied 7 years ago   #346

Congrats @Timber! 5 years for the first waiver is amazing. Do you mind saying why you were inadmissable? Trying to figure out if i should do waiver myself or through a lawyer, thx.

Marshy replied 7 years ago   #345

I applied for my first waiver on April 8th and did the application myself. Just received it on Friday, dated August 8th (4 months to the date applied) and received a 5 year waiver.
Good Luck to everyone

Timber replied 7 years ago   #344

Hi applied for my first waiver October 16, 2015 at the Peace Arch, BC. It's been 11 months now and still nothing. We've emailed ARO and they have had it there for around 8 months now. Long and painful process with my family and wife in the US and I'm unable to travel. Got stopped by an evil officer at the boarder who dug through my laptop until he found i had done work in the US on a previous trip and banned me. Having family in the US only worked against me as I now have a permanent ban for misrepresentation. What a brutal system. I have no previous record whatsoever.

dixbis replied 7 years ago   #343