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Mike Gposted 7 years ago

Does this so called 'September Letter' exist as a permanent waiver to enter the US?

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Well September Letters are indeed real but only certain offences will qualify. Here are examples of them. Not many people know how to get them. However, RS does indeed know and he is with us. They are not called permanent waivers but they will permanently waive the conviction that you have. Call us and we can tell you if you qualify or not. Essentially you need is on the page. We can see you in Surrey. Lisa.

L.S. replied 6 years ago   #12

If I was trying to advertise for the guy I would have tried giving his # away. This person clearly asked for it. I am simply passing on info that I know. I have only spoken to that lawyer 1 time and like I said he told me I didn't qualify. However he answered a lot of questions regarding other things different lawyers couldn't answer because lack of knowledge. Therefore I passed on his number. If he got my friend a September letter I'm sure he can get others who qualify one. If he was such a snake I'm sure he would have tried to get money from me. He did not. Call him or don't call him. I really don't care.

Bunches99 replied 7 years ago   #11

You got an attitude but that's your thing.

1. I said my friend Jeff gave me his number and HIS family is in politics. Readings a great skill.

2. I have seen his letter and know for a 10000% fact he uses it to cross the border weekly.

3. You seem to only comment on here to be negative and nasty. This is the last time I will read or reply to your nonsense.

Bunches99 replied 7 years ago   #10

@Rick Vaughn,

Len Saunders couldn't lawyer himself out of a paperbag!

He screws people over. A friend had a waiver done by him in 2011 cause he saw him on global TV. He went and saw him he said oh he will get one cause theft is a petty crime what happened 14 months later denied letter got sent to buddy to his home, when Len got a letter sent to him 8 months before that at his Blaine office. So Lenard got a denial letter but he and his staff was oblivious and didn't send anything back to buddy for months not even a phone call. Buddy was furious man. Had another guy do it for him and bang he got 1 year in 2012, his 3 year in 2015...he's due next year but he's already started for a renewal on his 5th.

Waste of US dollars to Len Sanders, but it's your decision.

If bunches99 cousin is a high up politician in Ottawa and a son of a well known politician, why the need for an immigration lawyer. politicians have connections.... I see that someone is handing out free advertising.

Ask to see Jeff's September letter he can cross out the name and all....just for verification if you decide to go with Len.

Hope that helps Rick Vaughn.

CBSA replied 7 years ago   #9

His name is Len Saunders #360-220-7794

Give him a call and tell him Jeff said to call (that's who gave me his number and Jeff is the son of a well known politician and the cousin of someone high up in Ottawa so the name drop may help you)

I really hope he can help you out. Like I said I had 2 charges so I didn't qualify.

Bunches99 replied 7 years ago   #8


Really $500 for a September letter (If I qualify), I am located in Squamish, BC, I've also heard about it, but have no idea how to achieve this status and I looked online on the websites, as I had been charged and convicted with an assault with a weapon back in 1999 no jail time and all and I have been turned back twice by CBP asking me for a waiver, so I said screw it I'd rather spend my money overseas. Now the wifey wants to see Vegas lol

Who is this lawyer in Blaine, I would love to speak to him/her if they charge $500 and they can get it for me?

Thank You

Rick Vaughn

Rick Vaughn replied 7 years ago   #7

You don't need a pardon. I never got a pardon and I have a waiver.

Bunches99 replied 7 years ago   #6

The fee for a I-194 is 595.00 US plus the cost of fingerprinting and paperwork associated with the I-192 which is the application for the I-194 Waiver. For Canadians this cannot be done from the States has to be done here. You then have to attend a pre clearance CBP office or go to a border crossing to process the I-192. Yes you can have more than 1 charge. You must first get a pardon from The Canadian government before you can apply for the waiver

osok replied 7 years ago   #5

You can only have 1 charge. Not everyone can get it. I spoke with a lawyer in Blaine who does them for 500 bucks. I got his number from a friend who has a September letter through him.

Bunches99 replied 7 years ago   #4

@Mike G

Sorry no information, It won't even show on the DHS/CBP website.... It's like an insiders trade secret no one wants to give out....not even on this forum.....and it does exist. But I know a guy in Vancouver, BC who got one... I didn't believe it existed until I met him at the bar and we started chatting about criminals can't enter the states.... and he was like I got a September letter...... and I was like prove it, so we crossed the border together @ peace arch in the same car last year...and CBP didn't hassle him at all...asked me what my waiver was for and I had my I-194 stapled no secondary and we hit a Seattle Seahawks game together..... it looks like similar as a waiver... but has detailed specifics....a regular waiver is generic.

A guy named "RS" who used to be on this forum did it....haven't seen him post online on this forum in months.... that guy is excellent he said from the guy who has his permanent clearance... never met him personally ....but he charges both your nuts I've heard...and he delivers pure results.... but then I assume if you pay for a Honda and expect a Ferrari ... good luck... that's how he exactly described it... I didn't exactly ask him what he paid...but I am sure it wasn't cheap.

I did mine on my own....saved a few

ABC replied 7 years ago   #3

Do you have any more info on how someone gets this type of waiver? Thanks

Mike G replied 7 years ago   #2

@ Mike G,

It does exist, I have seen it personally. It is complicated and sophisticated to achieve the permanent status.

ABC replied 7 years ago   #1

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