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Mike Gposted 7 years ago

Does this so called 'September Letter' exist as a permanent waiver to enter the US?

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@K Scott
What is the average wait time for letter once application is filed?

chelsea replied 6 years ago   #52

@Ken Scott and John Rogers, I have decided to no longer accept clients with Sexual Assaults, as it is just too much work and honestly, I have had no success with them. I currently have 4 cases on the go ranging from minor to major events. Some of these cases are into 2.5 years waiting time, not including the time that it took to gather all the documents. 3 out of the 4 cases have had the panel review assessment and 1 was refused by the panel review doctor to even do the initial assessment, and I can't find a local Psychiatrist to provide a risk assessment sufficient in Saskatchewan. Moving forward, I will refer them to either one of you, as you both have more resources and expertise in this field than me at this time.

michelle replied 6 years ago   #51

Sorry, certain Sexual Assault cases. Again, we do not post a complete list either here or the process on our site because of competitors.

:: @K SCOTT added on 05 May ’18 · 07:32

I need to see 3 things to see if the person qualifies for a September Letter.
1. All court files.
2. How the offence is specifically listed on the RCMP report.
3. Any sworn statements(hopefully none) that the person had made with CBP.

Also, for the traditional Canadian that qualifies for no other area of relief...then we cannot get them yet for convictions like Possession of a Narcotic, Robbery, Kidnapping, B & E, PPT, Certain Fraud offences and others. However, we got one for a guy convicted of Cultivation of Marijuana and another one had Possession of Cocaine in Oregon. We also can get them on people that have done sworn statements on admitting to smoking weed. Specifically, it is mostly the cases where the statement were done before 2013 and how the officer prepared them. These are very difficult to get though and the person qualified for relief only under special circumstances. I was really surprised on the Cocaine one. Laws are always changing though and maybe one day we can get them for the items above.

K SCOTT replied 6 years ago   #50

What we will do is for people that contact us through the forum is charge them $950. They have to do the $585 separately out of their pocket. This fee covers preparing everything to include writing the letters of reference for your friends, all research, obtaining all records and writing your letter of explanation for you. We also agree that if you only get a waiver, then we will refund $700 and do your next waiver case at no cost to the client. If successful, then you will never have to apply for a waiver again and we will also show you how not to get your letter revoked. People that do not contact us through the forum pay between $2500-$3500 depending on the offence. So I am putting this out here on the forum for all to see

I had a problem over the weekend that I finally figured out a solution. There is a Discount Waiver Company in the city of Toronto that is desperately trying to figure out how we obtain these. So what we do now is either have the client come to the Surrey office and we show them in person the sample September Letters and the process of how we obtain them or we do a skype conference call and show them the sample letters and how we prepare the packets.

Again, if it is only shoplifting and depending on the case specifics, them you should get a September Letter. We have gotten them for offences like Assaulting Police, Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Death Threats, Soliciting a Prostitute, Sexual Assault, Certain Possession for Purpose of Trafficking, Certain Assault with a Weapon offences, and more. We tried to get one for possession of stolen property but they keep only coming back as waivers, unfortunately. We are trying to get one on a Manslaughter case and hopefully, that will work.

Plus, there are other forms of relief that a person may qualify under to include Derivative USA cictzenship and more. For the Derivative USA citizenship cases, we refer that one out to a lawyer that specializes in this area.

K SCOTT replied 6 years ago   #49

@k Scott What is the cost of preparing the 'September letter'

chelsea replied 6 years ago   #48

Definitely depending on the circumstances...Minor shoplifting should qualify for a September Letter since we have obtained them for clients before in these cases. We have a guy in Surrey coming to our Surrey location that has a Theft under $5,000 conviction for stealing $100 worth of meat. He will qualify for a September Letter.. Again...depending on the circumstances.

We actually specialise in these September Letters because we like to save the person money and from years of the headache of having to file for unneeded waivers. They can still be obtained as long as it is a qualifying criminal conviction.

We have also got people cleared that qualified for relief under other categories as well.

K SCOTT replied 6 years ago   #47

Chelsa...we have an Edmonton client with your same conviction of Theft under $5,000 Sec 334b and it is Summary. We have got her a September Letter for this offence. If you only have 1 conviction then you will qualify. If you have 2 convictions then it will be a waiver. So it is possible that you may qualify for the September Letter since we have the case law that shows why this offence does not need a waiver. If you want, you can give us a shout at 604 332-9213. Anyway, here is the link that explains about the September Letter. If this is the only thing that you have and nothing else...There is a very high chance that this can be cleared permanently. Now if you did a sworn statement and mistakenly told them Indictable, then it will be more work to show them that you still qualify.

The thing is that it has to be properly prepared and documented to CBP to show that you qualify.

K SCOTT replied 6 years ago   #46

Chelsea, you need a waiver. What will happen is one of 2 things when you apply:

1.) you will get a 5 year waiver. If its done properly.

2.) you could POSSIBLY get a letter saying you don't need further waivers. But truthfully, I have a few clients with the most minor shoplifting and they have all been on the waiver program for years.

You have been denied entry, which means you need to apply for a waiver regardless. Ideally you would have sealed the record years ago and no issue. You also incorrectly told them indictable, so they will require clarification why you answered that way.

If you need more information, call me. 416-843-1371.

What city do you live in? I am assuming you are a Canadian Citizen?

JOHN ROGERS replied 6 years ago   #45


I have 1 charge of theft UNDER from 11 years ago ( I was 18).Received 4 months house arrest and 1 year probation. Have been travelling to the states yearly since and have never had an issue UNTIL last week. Stopped at the border on a random search and denied entry and sent back home. It was awful. I was asked if it was summary or indictable. I answered indictable (flustered under pressure) but have since learned that it was in fact a SUMMARY conviction.

My question is... Theft UNDER is considered a crime of moral turpitude HOWEVER if it was a SUMMARY offence does that make it NOT inadmissible? Or because I was stopped I now automatically need a waiver? Is there a phone number or site where I can find this out for sure before I get a waiver? Do I need court documents when travelling?

Please help! :)

chelsea replied 6 years ago   #44

FYI: It's called a September letter because the US CBP made the first prototype for this letter in the month of September. The name just stuck and it is now colloquially called the "September Letter"

Kevin S replied 6 years ago   #43

Its a business Facebook site. I have a John Rogers Facebook page as well. I don't control the business facebook site, my associate does.

JOHN ROGERS replied 6 years ago   #42

Yeah well guess you don't know what a business Facebook page. Guess it my fault for not clarifying...although guess I assumed that you knew that people don't put links to their personal FB page on their business site. :) You have no links at all to your BUSINESS Facebook page on your site unless you just made one up

K SCOTT replied 6 years ago   #41

Sometimes you say stupid things and get rebutted so hard, I get worried people are going to think "Ken Trump Scott" is a fake person I made up to make myself look really really smart. Without checking, you assumed I wouldn't have a Facebook page first heard about me on Facebook?


Have a good weekend everyone!

JOHN ROGERS replied 6 years ago   #40

We have a Facebook page. Its the name of our company. I don't need twitter, its not a sign of intelligence. Trump does twitter but he can't even use a personal computer. Pardon and Waiver Experts.

JOHN ROGERS replied 6 years ago   #39

Well Sassy Pants...I see that you do indeed like to quote me. You are making my ego even larger by the day. Yes,I encourage them to join and read. They can even one of my facebook you are doing now :) There they will get accurate info at no cost and they can decide for themselves how they feel about us.

Btw John...What is the name of your Facebook business page and twitter? oops sorry my error...they do not exist :)

A professional business that has no social media links on their website?? hmmm Guess now you have to get one John since I just called ya out

K SCOTT replied 6 years ago   #38

" We do other things besides waivers and pardons and I am talking about more than September Letters. We also work with criminal defence lawyers on active criminal cases and help them with certain things like strategy development and much more. Some firms also contract their waiver cases to us and we prepare it for them and bill the firms."

I am sure this sounds impressive to idiots, but everyone here knows this just isn't true. " with criminal defence lawyers on active criminal cases..." your grasp of the law is tenuous at best. Your attention to detail is incredibly lax. Why would a lawyer, ANY lawyer, ever pay you to contribute to DEFENDING a client? You don't even Do PARDONS. You have stated this many times on here and Facebook. Telling a BIGGER lie doesn't obscure your smaller ones. Name a SINGLE law firm that EVER used you to help with a single case. Go ahead.

However, you and I know the real reason why you are jealous of me and it involves more than just the business. We both know what it involves deep down.

Please spell it out for me. I am completely unaware of what you are talking about. And you are the only one "calling me out", saying the same thing over and over. "Discount Waiver Company". "We use magic to get you off the waiver program" "Come on my radio show". "We keep our prices a secret" "I worked for Homeland Security but the dates are a State Secret...even though I am from England". Your going from shady, to a joke. You should ask someone, not your staff member, but someone bright who you trust, if making ridiculous claims in writing are making you look MORE credible, or less?

The Facebook page Ken is referring to is : Complaints against Federal Pardons. I encourage everyone to join and read, for more of Kens hilarious antics.

JOHN ROGERS replied 6 years ago   #37

Yeah well, people know what we charge hun. Obviously, different services cost different prices. We do other things besides waivers and pardons and I am talking about more than September Letters. We also work with criminal defence lawyers on active criminal cases and help them with certain things like strategy development and much more. Some firms also contract their waiver cases to us and we prepare it for them and bill the firms. We cannot take the credit for winning though for the waivers that we prepared for them.

You are right that we do not charge $399 for a waiver since we are not a Discount Waiver Company. Being a parrot....again...we do other things regarding border crossing cases and not just waivers. I do not understand why you do not get it. lol

You have already been called out in the Facebook group about you being jealous of us...However, you and I know the real reason why you are jealous of me and it involves more than just the business. We both know what it involves deep down. It just boils your blood that a guy that looks like me is much more successful in the industry than It would be a different story in your mind if I had a similar genetic background as yours, then it would not be as much an issue with you. What other reason could it be?

Anyway, again you can come work for me. :)

Sorry "brotha" but I just had to finally call ya out on

K SCOTT replied 6 years ago   #36

Ken Scott....YOU said you charge between $3500 - $10 000.

There is no set price list....SHADY. I assume you merely chat the person up and see how "willing" they are to overpay.

Michele and I and EVERY other service that is above board have posted rates. A client knows upfront what they will pay. Period.

JOHN ROGERS replied 6 years ago   #35

John who said anything about magic? Plus, you have no idea what people pay us. I just checked in the Surrey office but I did not see you there for some reason. However...tell me much do we charge for our services? Please let me know so we can update our information since obviously you are the residential authority regarding us? lol

Btw John...when I said 25% that is the amount of the people that are qualified in terms of certain criminal convictions. Stick to what you know John and leave the business to the professionals. I am starting to question your reading comprehension skills now.

K SCOTT replied 6 years ago   #34

Michelle is very honest and I can vouch for this as well. As she wrote, and you can read between the lines, she is too honest to suggest that you can magically conjure up a September Letter. I agree. Those that pretend they can. or that 25% of people can get a September Letter are committing fraud. Usually these same people pretend they worked for Homeland Security at one time, they cannot get RCMP accreditation, and usually they charge exorbitant fees, because they realize that once they have deceived you once, they will never get your business again.

Some of these places even post doctored documents, trying to make it look like they have gotten someone with a serious record a "September Letter'. Do you know why they get away with it? People with criminal record especially don't want attention, because obviously having a past conviction is a sensitive issue for many people. They also feel ridiculous because they paid a couple of thousand dollars for something (a September letter) and just got another waiver.

Its a shame. In the United States, a fraudster like that would probably do jail time.

JOHN ROGERS replied 6 years ago   #33

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