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Mike Gposted 7 years ago

Does this so called 'September Letter' exist as a permanent waiver to enter the US?

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HATS BOOTS HATS I can vouch for Michelle. She is a very honest person and has a vast amount of experience in the industry. SHE DOES NOT RUN A DISCOUNT WAIVER COMPANY AND IS NOT IN ONTARIO. She is in the prairies and surrounded by a different type of clientele as opposed to what we have in B.C. She will not steer you in the wrong direction and is just a nice person in general. She is especially an expert in Canadian Pardons and I will say has even more knowledge than we do in this area since our specialty is resolving complex border crossing issues that involve other things that are not only us entry waivers.

K SCOTT replied 6 years ago   #32

@28HatsBootsHats, Yes, September letters are difficult to get. I do not offer them or suggest them to my clients, as they are not my field of expertise. If a client calls me to apply for a waiver for a simple DUI and or a Dangerous Driving, I don't bother doing a waiver. I tell them call me if "they are ever denied", then we will do a waiver. The reason I do this, is the small remote US Custom POE around here, will not even accept their waiver application if we do one, for these convictions...They will actually tell my clients - it was a waste of time and money to pay someone, which just makes my clients angry and upset with me...(from experience.)...Again, keep in mind, I run my business in Saskatchewan, I can only advise from experience I have had. The bigger cities and bigger POE are much more professional and don't do this. But I am 8 - 10 hours from any big city, and the closest Customs is 4.5 hours away. So if you want a September letter, better to hire the experts who offer that service.

michelle replied 6 years ago   #31

HATS BOOTS HATS you are on the right track. September Letters can be obtained if you know how to get them. There are other things that can get September Letters though that they don't purposely list on the USCIS website. It is a complex process. I will say that at most 25% of people probably will only get these letters....again depending on the offence. John Rogers constantly tries to get info in this sense so we restrict what we post. There is a way to get September Letters for Shoplifting. HATS BOOTS HATS may I ask what city you live in? The reason I ask is that perhaps you may want to get into the waiver business. You have a good foundation already it seems.

BTW John Rogers, as usual, you are incorrect again. Normally DUI does not require a waiver as long as it involves alcohol only. If it is considered aggravated or if you have a DUI for drugs. DUI means Driving Under the Influence. Under the influence could also mean driving under the influence of Marijuana. Then it would fall into the drug possession/usage/offence category and that changes everything.

Btw John...DUI for alcohol by itself does not require a waiver. However "multiple" DUI convictions for alcohol could fall under another area of inadmissibility that is not considered criminality. There are many areas of inadmissibility and not all are necessarily criminality.

K SCOTT replied 6 years ago   #30

In practice, almost any criminal offence in Canada can require a waiver. I have long time clients who have shoplifting only, and were denied entry and then given a waiver.

Impaired is really the only practical exception right now. If a person has an impaired, they are not being told to do a waiver.

JOHN ROGERS replied 6 years ago   #29

September letters are hard to get. They do exist but conditions have to be right. The conditions are as follows and they are based on US immigration law:

1) Your conviction should not be a crime of moral turpitude. There are few excludeable offences which are not considered involving moral turpitude. The most common are:
* Common Assault
* Dangerous driving

We can get an idea of what is considered a crime of moral turpitude just by browsing the official US immigration website.

2) Your said crime or crimes were committed when under 18 years of age and if incarcerated, you were paroled no more than 5 years later after becoming 18 years of age. This means when the crime was committed under 18 and you were released from jail before 23, you are not inadmissible. No waiver is required.

3) If you committed a crime involving moral turpitude, the max sentence you could receive is 6 months jail. This is the petty exception rule. No waiver is required. This rule does not work with prostitution, solicitation or drug convictions however. The 6 months jail sentence is the max punishment you could receive if said crime was committed in the US. Offences that could qualify for this would be theft under or mischief under if tried summarily in Canada.

4) No waiver is required if the max sentences you received for 2 or more consecutive convictions not involving moral turpitude did not exceed 5 years improvement. This means if you were convicted 5 times for DUI and your combined sentences did not exceed 5 years imprisonment, you are no longer inadmissible.

Obviously, prostitution even though is legal in Canada is considered a crime involving moral turpitude for US immigration law. It is up to the US immigration officials to determine if your said crime is of moral turpitude.

Moral turpitude is a vague concept and many times than not assault with a weapon may not be considered a crime of moral turpitude. Other instances could be break and enter or a mischief charge which involves damaging private property.

HatsBootsHats replied 6 years ago   #28

Relatively new to this forum but was just wondering - Are September Letters basically just for criminal convictions and not for overstays?

JAKE D replied 6 years ago   #27

Some of my clients get September Letters. They pay the same fee as everyone else, but circumstances have to be right.

Ken Scott pretends that only "he" knows how to get these September Letters. But we already caught him with a fake September Letter which he has taken down on his website, so proceed with your eyes wide open. He tried to pretend he got some guy with serious offences the September Letter, so that people with LESS serious offences will think that for $5000 he will do the same thing for them.

The letter he displayed was page 1 of a REJECTION letter, and page 2 was a different clients "September Letter".

Clever and very dishonest.

JOHN ROGERS replied 6 years ago   #26

John Rogers, you do not know how to obtain these letters. Why don't you stick to what you know being a Utilities that is what you told me that you do? September Letters are possible for certain criminal offences and you do not know how to obtain them. Bloody

K SCOTT replied 6 years ago   #25

Vincent what we mean is:

-why were you denied entry

- If criminal record the approx year.

I assume this was your first application. So for those of you out there hoping for some "secret" to how he obtained this, it has nothing to do with HOW he applied. For example, something in the application told Homeland Security he was not inadmissible in the first place.

When a client gets a September Letter, we may emphasize certain things in his personal letter. "This is my only Impaired conviction" . "I admitted to smoking marijuana at the border because the officer said denying it made me sound like a liar". "I was only 17 when I was convicted of this offence".

There is no space on the forms to check off "September letter".

JOHN ROGERS replied 6 years ago   #24

Hi Vincent,

Agree with John Rogers can you please share circumstances and did you ask for September Letter or they just issued you on your waiver application.

Package replied 6 years ago   #23

This is a September Letter. You no longer need to apply for Waivers.

Let the board know WHY you were denied entry and some details so people can see a circumstance where these can be given out.

JOHN ROGERS replied 6 years ago   #22

Hi All, Please help me understand the letter from them saying below:

...It is the determination of this office that you do not require discretionary relief under INA 212 d 3 A to seek entry into the United States.
Your future inspections, upon applying for admission to the United States, will be conducted in the normal process accorded an applicant seeking admission into this country.

Is this meant that they lift the bar for me for good?
Thank you
Best regards

Vincent replied 6 years ago   #21

LS, you are incorrect. For many year Impaired driving DID make you inadmissible.

Know why? Because Canada stopped Americans with Impaired and the United States retaliated. It has only been the last few years this was overturned. Your knowledge on this topic seems to be only "recent".

I am sure Ken already knows this BTW. Thanks for being yet another anonymous advocates for him. Interesting, Kens clients all seem to be trolling the internet defending and promoting him. Thats very unusual. LS, whats your name so we can verify your identity on Facebook.

JOHN ROGERS replied 6 years ago   #20

John Rogers you are correct when you say September Letters are given out when an assessment has made that the person is "admissible" even if they were denied entry into the past. However, it is not correct that DUI requires a waiver. This is only true in extremely rare cases involving things not involving alcohol...or that it is an aggravated DUI. Beyond that, a DUI will for the most part not make a person inadmissible in itself. People should not even be filing for waivers if they have a DUI/Impared conviction. Not every conviction will require a waiver. People can call me directly at 604 332-9213. I will give them the bluntly honest truth on the phone whether they will qualify or not for September. We purposely do not list the convictions that will qualify because competitors are constantly trying to discover them. However, we get them for our clients in here in Surrey. We actually got 2 clients cleared without needing a waiver and they both had possession of a Narcotic(Cocaine offences). However, these are very difficult to do.

K SCOTT replied 6 years ago   #19

Ummm impaired convictions never needed a waiver in the beginning. So this is not true about a person having to get a waiver on a drunk driving conviction. September Letters do indeed exist but they can only be obtained for certain offences only. Be wary of people guaranteeing that you can get one. We can get them in certain situations. Call us at 888 908-3841 or 604 332-9213 and ask for Ken since he is the one that knows about these type of cases.

L.S. replied 6 years ago   #18

September letter do "exist" and are given out when an assessment has made that the person is "admissible" even if they were denied entry into the past.

Example. Impaired no longer makes you inadmissble. But we had some clients renewing their waiver who had just an impaired. They then got a letter stating they were no longer inadmissible.

Watch out for people "selling" the ability to "get a september letter". Circumstances have to be right and its not common. Feel free to call 416-843-1371 if you need further information.

JOHN ROGERS replied 6 years ago   #17

Btw Rick Vaughn...Assault with a Weapon may or may not qualify for a September Letter. It will depend on what type of weapon was used. We got one for a client with a similar conviction but that was based on the weapon that he used. Also depends on the particular Canadian Statute convicted under. If the weapon was something like a bat then you will likely only get a waiver. Canadian Statute below:

Assault with a weapon or causing bodily harm

267 Every one who, in committing an assault,

(a) carries, uses or threatens to use a weapon or an imitation thereof, or

(b) causes bodily harm to the complainant,

is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years or an offence punishable on summary conviction and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding eighteen months.

If you only got 1 conviction total and was convicted under (b), then that one we can 100% get cleared with September Letter. If you got (a) then it will depend on the weapon that was used.

If you received other convictions, then it will depend on what they are and the disposition.

This is what is called a hybrid offence which means that the Crown could have went either way in terms of a conviction. In Canada, a lot of offences are hybrids. This ties into whether an offence is not considered one that would render a person inadmissible.

Thing is that we deal with this stuff daily and give away a lot of free information on our site. If you qualify for derivative usa citizenship, or need a 601 hardship waiver then we have another lawyer we can refer you to. This lawyer is a former CBP officer.

K Scott replied 6 years ago   #16

I am not trying to bad mouth anyone. I am just stating what I personally know and have known since about 2003...which is about when I met him. I know him very very well.

Anyway, I will say in his defence that he is one of the best for doing Green Card applications to reunite families. He really does not like doing waivers but prefers to do family class sponsorships. He prepares them(Green Card) with care from his heart and I will say quite well.

I am just better with border crossing cases. We all have our special niche and his is family greencard applications. Mine just happens to be border crossing cases.

However, the focus here is on September Letters and we should stick to it as such.

K Scott replied 6 years ago   #15

In my opinion no one gains business by bad mouthing competition but.... maybe he isn't good but he was honest with me so that's what I'm going by.

Bunches99 replied 6 years ago   #14

Yes Rick Vaughn you are correct about Len Saunders. He does indeed screw a lot of people from their money. He has also received numerous complaints about the service he offers. He will tell you want to hear just to get paid. He also got into trouble in BC for practicing law with a licence. He often will not even answer the phone before or after he screws the person. Specifically, he received a letter from BC law Society in 2016 regarding this issue.

Btw...2 charges do not necessarily mean that you don't qualify for Sept Letter. It will depend on the type of conviction that you received.If it is anything drug related then you definitely won't qualify. Indictable Theft will not qualify as an example. Certain offences qualify but competitors are always trying to find out what they are so they can cash in.

Call me and I will tell you if you qualify or not. 1 888 908-3841. Either way, we can meet you at the Surrey office with R.S.

K Scott replied 6 years ago   #13

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