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Mike Gposted 7 years ago

Does this so called 'September Letter' exist as a permanent waiver to enter the US?

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@Edmonton Adam

If you read his "articles" and were convinced he is anything other that a fraud, you deserve to lose your money. But I know this is probably fake anyways, Ken Scott trolling, to make it look like SOMEONE is willing to use him.

Good try Ken.

J Rogers replied 7 months ago   #132

@K SCOTT hi Scott, I have read your articles. Can I book an appointment with you. my email is

Edmonton Adam replied 7 months ago   #131

@John, Great job and interesting that more September letters are appearing...

Michelle replied 2 years ago   #130

I got another client a September Letter. This is my 4rth in a couple of months. This one is different so I will talk about it.

This is his conviction;


He also had serious charges that he was acquitted on. Counselling to commit murder, and sexual assault.

This was the first time Homeland Security has asked me for additional documents twice. They asked first for additional fingerprints under the Privacy Act. They obviously saw something but wanted to see the whole picture. The privacy act fingerprints showed the acquittal for the above charges.

He had a reasonable explanation for why he was acquitted.

Anyways, I am thrilled he got the September Letter, and so is he. This is his first waiver application.

For those of you who have never seen one, the wording goes like this;

..."We have reviewed the circumstances surrounding your request for is the determination of this office that you do not require discretionary relief"...Upon future inspection, upon applying for admission to the United States, will be conducted in the normal process accorded an applicant seeking admission into this country".

I want to emphasize that September Letters are not something someone can produce out of thin air. We applied for the waiver, and yes I am sure my explanations and the way I did his application helped. But the circumstances have to be THERE first.

I hope this gives everyone some insight into September Letters, and how they are produced.

J Rogers replied 2 years ago   #129

@Scatcat969, I agree with John, most times a September letter is granted, because someone applied for a waiver, that really didn't need a waiver to begin with. The borders I dealt with - Portal, ND and Raymond, MT simply never accepted a waiver application for minor stuff - mischief, assaults, uttering threats, ..(even if a person had been previously denied at another border)..they would tell my clients that "they don't need a waiver and would refuse to take their paperwork / application". It was frustrating, so I stopped doing waivers for these minor offenses. These applications, if accepted, would most likely have resulted in "September Letters". Now that e-safe is here, this eliminates the Custom Officer at the smaller ports, making these decisions, and I think we will see more September Letters. Please note, that this did not happen at the larger ports, such as Calgary or Edmonton International Airport. Again, this is my experience, as only 2 of my clients received a September Letter, and years ago.

Michelle replied 2 years ago   #128


You apply for a waiver, and if Homeland Security thinks you are not inadmissible, or that your offence/wrongdoing does not require a waiver, they send you a letter to that effect. The letter is permanent and does not have to be renewed. That is the "September Letter".

One of the common "scams" is people charging a fee for a September Letter. There is no "technique" in making this happen, you have to have the right circumstances. For example, you were convicted when you were 17. Well we highlight this in the personal letter.

There is no magical way to suddenly get a September Letter. We look for opportunities, but paying someone to get you a September Letter, or looking for a special form is not realistic.

J Rogers replied 2 years ago   #127

Does anyone know if there is a "FORM" that is required when applying for a September Letter and or send your request/documentation to what address?

Scatcat969 replied 2 years ago   #126

I do not live in England, my friend. The binder(s) and /or the contents are available in all of our locations as needed. Brits don't care about it as much since it is more of a Canadians thing.

Mr. Ben Archer helps take care of the rehabilitation for the people in London but thank you for your kind offer.

They have come out with a new thing now in regards to the ESTA as I was reading today.

KSCOTT replied 5 years ago   #125

@KenScott, do you keep the binder in the UK, where you now live, or is it back in BC?

My offer to do a "Rehabilitation" still stands. I know I can get you back in the country!!

Your such a "straight shooter!" Yes we use that term ALL the time here in Canada. Very convincing.

John Rogers replied 5 years ago   #124

#122 Well said and I could not have said it better myself. John is the owner of a Discount Waiver Company and this is what is produced when you pay cheap fees to get cases done. There are rare exceptions though but John is not one of them.

#123 I can agree with you as I have printed copies of his ludicrous statements from the forum and have them in a binder. We do show them to certain new clients when they ask why are our fees so we explain that this is the type of people that you will get when you go to these Discount Waiver Companies for service. So John you are indirectly helping us grow the business in the small fish community. Thank you very much.

It is entertaining reading his stupidity, however, people do come here for genuine help.

John please keep up the good work and please help us to continue growing the binder larger by the day. You are really helping us make a lot of stacks from the small fish that come in and I am very appreciative of your free assistance :).
1 888 908-3841
604 332-9213

KSCOTT replied 5 years ago   #123

#1472. HatsBootsHatsBoots

Its funny how this individual goes from personal attacks to showing empathy. The individual known as John Rogers clearly displays classic signs of greed. He is an emotional rollercoaster. Its my way or the highway.

His rhetoric is becoming old and redundant. What the individual fails to realise is that most of us are here to help but he will try to impose his way of thinking on others. He is driven by his personal gain claiming he is an expert but testimonials fall short.

If I do have a mentor, it would have to be John Rogers because he is the driving force to keep me going. I love exposing frauds.

I think John Rogers should give it up already.

HatsBootsHatsBoots replied 5 years ago   #122


Unlike your mentor Ken Scott, I have an actual price list, and publish my prices. As long as I have been in this forum, my fee has been the same. $590 includes both taxes and fingerprints. $250.00 as a deposit. You will never see me posting another price here or anywhere. It includes EVERYTHING except the $585 USD. There are no other fees. EVER.

Michelle charges a similar price. Are you attacking her as well?

You charge less because you can't do fingerprints, and as I have shown over and over, you simply get your "knowledge" from google. Anyone can do that. You also won't give your real name, or any way to contact you, so other than your comments, your not accountable. We have no clue if you have ever even done a waiver. You contribute cut and paste info and a lot of "opinion" on the state of "fairness in the world". So you cannot compare yourself to someone who does this every day, all year. That being said, I am happy to see you are getting better and learning from the forum. At least your getting practical knowledge form experts, and not just google.

You on one hand you say "i have a large following" and then say "I have driven everyone away form the forum". You have no way of knowing because no one could every actually contact you. No one is telling you they are leaving because of me, and no one is claiming to be part of a "following". Your just crying because you want to be the "top expert" and I keep pointing out that while you know some things, your 'expertise' also has some glaring holes. I understand why clients here or people who have records or need waivers need to stay anonymous. Notice Michelle, Ken and I do not, because it would undermine our credibility. I cannot hide from what I tell people. You, who does not do this for a living and are cloaked in anonymity, can give out bad advice without consequence.

I only criticize Ken Scott, because while an expert, he uses deception. I think that is wrong. Obviously when he makes up phony personas or his sidekick does, I mock them, but its really just Ken and Ben. (hey that rhymes!)

I correct you when needed. You cannot handle it. Your the guy at a party who wants to be the center of attention with his faux intelligence when in reality he just remembers a lot of things. Cliff Claven from Cheers. And you hate that I call you on it. Again, feel free to debate me if I correct you. Thats what this forum is for. But when you act like you are personally hurt when I correct you, its a bit silly.

One one hand you say "why do you have to do THIS for a living?" and act like because you do not, you are better than me. Then you question my integrity and how much I charge, then tell people not to trust me. Meanwhile....we don't even know who YOU are.

But that's ok, keep posting. The more information, the better for everyone. If you need further proof of my fee, its easy to find out. Call. Ask for a quote. Its always the same.

John Rogers replied 5 years ago   #121

I don't feel the need to reply to John Rogers anymore because it seems the individual has taken over this forum. He has managed to get a large following. I just hope that everyone that does a waiver with this individual doesn't get scammed in the future.

Guy likes to claim he is an expert and charges people 590$ for waivers claiming he likes his job. I like my job too if someone pays me 590$ for a waiver. That's what he states but he could actually charge more. No one from his clients has actually posted anything on this forum that suggests this individual has helped. Its already 585$ US for Canadians to file for a waiver.

He likes to waste his time on this forum looking to discredit others when all they try to do is help. Its unprofessional. The last thing I would want is to try to get a waiver with this individual. I know many people have realized this and have ditched the forum a long time ago.

HatsBootsHatsBoots replied 5 years ago   #120


I don't want to shut anyone down. You and HatsBootsHatsBoots have both asked for me to be kicked off because I constantly embarrass you both. I want you BOTH to stay and keep posting because your both very easy to deal with. He has little practical experience and your so obviously a scammer that AllClear even mentions you on their website.

Remember, Michelle and I work the same and charge the same, so when you call me 'discount' you are saying the same about her. And I think she does quality work for the money she charges.

You were offering Waivers here recently for around $700 and even throwing in a refund, I assume because business isn't going well. You used to claim charging $5000-$10 000 but a person who emailed me who is using you said you were only charging him less than a $ why the lack of transparency?

I charge $590 including the taxes and fingerprints. Everyone is treated the same. Transparency. Fairness. Honesty.

John Rogers replied 5 years ago   #119

#117 It is all good and just let him keep posting nonsense. He is actually benefitting me as I have a notebook full of his nonsense now and will be using it in our next youtube video on why to avoid using Discount Waiver well as we use it to show some clients in person on why to avoid these Ontario businesses. Free material for me to

#118 If he does have an agenda to shut people down...then it would be for the Discount Waiver Companies that either rip people off or pass on bad info. This is my agenda and he is welcomed to join if he so desires

KSCOTT replied 5 years ago   #118


You really hate your own words being used against you, don't you?

Let me try this: (HatsBootsHatsBoots on Nov 21 at 1833)

This is my last reply to you because you seem to have taken this conversation to another level of stupidity. You wreak of desperation and its pathetic

(This is when you begged the moderator to ban me)

But after that you posted: (on Nov 21 at 19:01)

Where's the off button on John Rogers, I wonder. I guess it's something that keeps on going

Since I give factual advice that people can use, I will continue. I urge you to continue as well, the more information on the board, the better. I won't hold you to your "this is my last reply to you", we know you can't help yourself. Plus I have no agenda to shut people down, like you do.

John Rogers replied 5 years ago   #117

Where's the off button on John Rogers, I wonder. I guess it's something that keeps on going.

HatsBootsHatsBoots replied 5 years ago   #116

@Ken Scott

You do realize that you said HatsBootsHatsBoots was wrong 50% of the time, not 20% right?

A bit embarrassing, your lack of attention to detail.

Hey HatsBootsHatsBoots, you can be one of Kens fake 50 branches. Well I guess you would be a real one, congratulations!! Thats makes...well actually 2, except HatsBootsHatsBoots likes to remain anonymous.

HatsBootsHatsBoots said:

Again, I don't see why someone like yourself would do this business for a living. If you have a family to feed, go find a real job. You will make more dough. Believe me. You can do waivers as a side business for extra cash.

Any thoughts on this Ken? You make a living at Waivers, do you not? Or have you moved on? Oh, I know, you will pretend this post doesn't exist. Funny, you and the "gang member" commented within minutes of each other. Just a coincidence I am sure.

John Rogers replied 5 years ago   #115

#115 Feel reach out to me if you want and are ever free. It is always good to network and make good connections. I always believe that there is strength in numbers. I agree Mr. Rogers should be banned as it is stupid for him to come here and just pick fights with people. Also to encourage people to violate USA federal law. He knows better than to do that in the Facebook group Complaints Against Federal Pardons."

However, he now has bigger problems based on the prior post about telling people to lie to CBP and how to conceal their convictions...and I have been asked to not bring it up as much and just allow him to keep posting since apparently a "pattern of conduct" has to be established in regards to "culpability."

I ask that people disregard that post since they are subject to arrest under numerous sections under 18 USC if they follow it as per John encouraged and instructed. Its is more serious than Misrepresentation if they follow it and JAZZ SAX was 100% correct to question it.

Btw I would say wrong 50% of the time instead of 20%.

604 332-9213

KSCOTT replied 5 years ago   #114

This is what I said:

Rebutting you "isn't going to great lengths to get clients". Its making sure people are getting accurate information. You give out helpful information, which I support, but you have been wrong about certain things, which I have corrected. I am happy there are a number of voices to give opinions and have said so repeatedly.

This is what YOU said:

Keep barking like a dog. I have no more time to waste on a lowlife like yourself. I will use very harsh words to make you understand what kind of individual you are

Remind me why I should be banned, and you should be allowed to stay?

Not to mention I am probably your best source of information. All you add is what you "google". In a practical sense, you are wrong about 20% of the time. You should be happy I am here to help your clients.

John Rogers replied 5 years ago   #113

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