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RCMP fingerprint processing time
It says on the RCMP website that the processing time could take up to 120 days or more. Is it 120 working days, or calendar days?
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Enter the US while my waiver is pending
I'm wondering if anyone knows whether there is any procedure I can follow to enter the US while my waiver application is pending. I have applied my waiver at a consulate office, and the consulate...
3 replies
What happens at border
Hi. I couldn't find anything on this. What happens once you get your prints and take all your paperwork to the border? Is there an interview..do they go through all your charges..my husband was so...
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wait time for criminal record check?
I went to my local RCMP detachment in mid October and had the digital fingerprints done and paid for the criminal record check. The officer said its a quick process, should have something in the...
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Do I need to re book travel plans?
My husband applied for his RCMP fingerprints early December, still have not received. We booked our Hawaii trip for early June. From the sounds of it, we probably will not receive the waiver in...
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Charges dismissed, stayed or withdrawn..what happens?
Hypothetical question for those who might know. What happens if your charged with an offense and then the charges are dismissed, stayed or withdrawn. What happens if I decide to enter the US? Am I...
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Travel waiver expiring while in the US
Hey Guys, I'm about 9 months into my first waiver. I started the renewal process about 6 months in and I'm still waiting for things to come back, Haven't yet applied at the Airport. I have a trip...
5 replies
US entry waiver application
I'm about to submit my first entry waiver application and have a couple of questions. I live in the GTA and heard that YYZ is busy for waiver interviews. Should I go down to Niagara instead? Anyone...
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A couple of clarifications
Just filling out my I-192 and G-325A. Last time a paid a company to assist, then realized after they sent me the package all they did was pre-fill the G-325A and I-192 for me with info I already...
3 replies
Direct flight over U.S. airspace
Anyone have any trouble with non stop flight over us airspace? I've read online that the airspace is controlled the same as enetering on ground but nothing from A credible source, only websites...
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International travel (not us)
My record is sealed in my home country (Canada) but it is forever locked into the United states record system (NCIC). I belive this is the case for every person who needs a us waiver - the record...
Mike 95
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Entry into the UK and Australia
Does anybody have any knowledge of what is required to enter the UK or Australia with a criminal record? Do you they access to CPIC like the US when going through customs?
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Airport procedure
When travelling first time by air after receiving waiver, what happens at customs? Any paperwork or secondary inspection? Thanks
3 replies
Completing I-192 Application Form
I am helping my uncle apply for a US Waiver and am wondering if anyone who has filed the I-192 can give me some guidance for filling it out. He would just be traveling to the US periodically for...
I-192 Application
3 replies
Any one have experience with waiver for drug trafficking?
Has anyone has any luck with drug trafficking charges (Marijuana)? I have a trafficking charge that was for a quarter pound however I was only 16 at the time of conviction. I received a "summary...
changed man 95
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Welcome to the I‑194 Waiver Forum

A discussion forum for any Canadian who has been denied entry into the United States because of criminal record, having overstayed a previous visit to the U.S., an infectious disease, or other reason. Applying for and receiving a US entry waiver is a simple process that you can complete yourself. It requires documentation, fingerprints, completion of the I-192 waiver application form and an interview at a pre-clearance or US border facility. Current filing fees are $585 / $930 US. This US I-194 waiver is typically granted for temporary visits to the USA for between 1-5 years (5 years is the maximum).

Update: As of Mid-2019 you can file and pay Form I-192 application online using the Electronic Secured Adjudication Forms Environment (e-SAFE).

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