US Entry Waiver For Sex Assault Related Convictions

K Scottposted 4 months ago

I just got word from a client that we obtained from here. He had a sex-related offence from many years ago and I was just informed that his approved waiver came in the mail. He posted here about a year and a half ago and he just told me that he got his waiver approved.

So do not believe when the Discount Waiver Companies tell you that sex assault convictions will not be approved under the Trump administration. This individual is extremely happy and is an Ontario resident. This is the same client that was also mentioned yesterday in another thread by the agent of a Discount Waiver Company. It took a very long time and indeed was a major effort to get approved.

Sex Assault convictions can get approved under this administration if you know what you are doing. You will not get this same level of service if you are only paying $499 plus tax on a complex waiver since this is a car payment for some people. So yes contact the professionals when you need to resolve your border crossing issues. It is even better if you are in BC since we can have you come to our Surrey, Burnaby or Vancouver location and meet one of our staff members.
We specialize in resolving complex USA border crossing issues as well as visas and other services.
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Replies (recent first):

John...perhaps old age is catching up to your memory and I do not mean this as an insult. Btw I want to say that I appreciate that your post did not display AS MUCH trolling as you usually do. It has already been established that I said that we got the gentleman cleared from this forum that had the sex offence related to the woman and young child in Ontario. Remember, you had mistakenly said that it involved an infant. I have also said over the years that it is possible to clear these sex crime cases if the provider knows what they are doing.

Do you not remember that you kept mistakenly saying that NO sex assault case would ever be approved for anyone until John Kelly left the Trump administration? You said this during the 2017-2018 era when we all discussed sex crime-related offences. This was also when you baulked because we cleared people regarding the offences.

Again, John, that was during the 2017-2018 era on the forum. This was when I had initially posted on the forum that these cases were indeed possible to clear. Essentially, John, sex crime-related cases have been discussed by me between 2017 to present on this forum. Go back and read some of the old threads. So yes I do not mean to insult but it does seem that you are getting forgetful.

Btw it would be nice if we could continue the dialogue this way on this forum for the betterment of everyone here. I have no problem in being cordial as long as you do the same. Just as long that you have an understanding that I have no problem in getting in the face (in person or telephonically) and challenging a bully. I am more than happy engaging in cordial behaviour and I actually need your help on my next project. This is no BS and we may be able to make it a joint project after Covid.

Specifically, I need someone to play the role of a bully when we start our seminars again. Specifically, a lot of people need to understand how to stand up for themselves to a bully that wears a uniform. We get people that get intimidated by CBP bully officers and we are offering a service where they learn how to respectfully engage with them but not be intimidated. We are running on gentleman now through this process.

Anyway, again thank you for your cordial response and yes the credit repair business is indeed off to a good start. Thank you for promoting it here for us since I have cleared friends for years for free. I appreciate the endorsement of our other business but I would prefer to stay focus on the specific topic in this thread.

Again, Mr Poontz may indeed get his case cleared depending on the particulars.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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K SCOTT replied 10 hours ago   #14

@Ken but you said the only sex assault case that you heard of approved was "some firm in BC"....its right here on the forum. You even name the firm.

So now you suddenly have a slew of them during the Trump years? I call bullshit. It wasn't the "prep", and all waiver rejection letters for sexual assault have the same wording, so your not giving him anything but you usual BS.

You absolutely BELONG in the "credit repair business". Your perfect fit.

J Rogers replied 1 day ago   #13

@Poonts you have already seen me reply regarding the technical specs of your case. You already know how your denial letter of worded and never once did I toss a night market price at you. You already know this but common-sense dictates that you got denied based on the particulars and/or prep of your case. I am going to lean towards the prep.

You case can possibly be turned around depend on your actual case particulars. It has nothing to really do with Trump since we have had sex assault cases cleared during the Trump administration. The real key is the prep since the devil is in the details. John look up this expression since it may not have been taught in your New York high school English class.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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K SCOTT replied 1 day ago   #12

@Poonts the reason you were denied in 2019 is because under Trump, Homeland Security was not giving out ANY waivers for sexual assault. This has been discussed widely here in the forum. You didn't know it, but you actually had no shot in 2019.

We don't know the possibilities going forward. If you wait a little while, you will see some postings here (or you can simply call me and ask) and when people are getting waivers again, we should have a couple of clients who are going through similar waivers for sexually based offences and you can have an accurate picture if you might be successful or not.

Ken likes to pretend that "against all odds" he will get you the waiver. The truth is sometimes Homeland Security isn't giving waivers out for certain offences, and its not worth applying for. Its not just the money, its the time, effort etc.

Your smart move it to be patient. If you can't wait, then that is a different story.

J Rogers replied 2 days ago   #11

@ John...Hey bro I have an idea...why don't you just try to answer his questions instead of trying your 1968 way of trolling? Go on and tell him about the specific criteria CBP uses to adjudicate these cases. Go ahead and explain the procedures that the certain officers go through regarding screening his case. Show him the CBP issued criteria used to actually adjudicate sex assault cases and other cases. Show him the regulations and procedural notes used. Basically, just show him the specifics to help him instead of throwing made in China night market prices at him. He came to MY thread because has questions about his case. He has no interest in signing up for cable or hydro through you. You won't answer his questions because you simply do not know what you are doing regarding waiver cases in general.

The truth is that you have no clue how to prepare these cases. You are only interested in a sale. May I also ask why you are the only one here that is throwing night market prices at him? He can clearly smell your desperation to make a sale. You are the perfect example of why people should avoid Discount Waiver Companies. The gentleman is an adult and can make his own decision regarding whom he will select to rectify his issue. You also really want to know the locations of my offices eh? Lol

Anyway, your distraction techniques are not working. Better go back to trolling school and hope the kids do not take your lunch money from you like when you were in elementary

@poonts. It sounds like perhaps your letter of explanation made a factor in your denial. It seems maybe the exposure part is what CBP really did not like. The arm touching may not be as necessarily bad. We got a guy cleared that exposed himself in a movie theatre. He had a lot of good factors that helped his case though that we used to help him. They actually wrote back that he did not need a waiver. The arm touching part may not necessarily be used against you. I think a lot of it was on the prep and presentation in your case. You are welcome to call in on a phone chat.

Discount Waiver Companies do this since a lot of them have little interest in getting your case cleared. Their main goal is the $599 sale.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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K SCOTT replied 3 days ago   #10

You can also attend any of our BC locations and meet us. The locations are not posted here due to the trolling behaviour of Discount Waiver Companies

If you have locations in BC, what would "trolling" do to them? Bring attention to where they people can come in and see you?

@Poonts. Refund guarantees are pretty thin when you can't "find" the person. Ken is not in Canada. He has a mailbox. Ever tried to get a refund from a mailbox? I bet its very difficult.

Waivers according to Ken 2021 version

-sex offences very difficult but he magically can do them (although none for the last 4 years)
-plenty of BC locations (which makes no logical sense) but I can't tell you where they are
-Ken wants you to trust him, but as far as we know, he might not even be a resident of Canada anymore
-Ken is in a country (the UK) with a new strain of the virus. He can't even travel to meet you. If he would be crazy to risk it.
-Oh and the price is "undisclosed". He hasn't decided yet. But it will be high, so he doesn't appear "discounted".
-Ken says he is starting a new "credit repair business". Google that. See how reputable that "industry" is
-Ken is going to put all this time and effort into YOUR case, when he isn't even in the same time zone, same country, and you will probably have to meet a "friend" of his to exchange papers, like some sort of cross ocean drug deal.

@Poonts. Buy local. No need to ship money to England.

J Rogers replied 4 days ago   #9


You forgot to mention where @Poonts should actually GO to see you. What was the address of your "many" addresses in BC again?

Oh...they are secret. I forgot. Sorry @Poonts. You really don't want to mingle with Ken, since he is in the know where the new variant of Covid is from.

You can visit me or Michelle in REAL offices. But we are accredited by the RCMP, so we need REAL locations.

J Rogers replied 6 days ago   #8

@ Poonts I have tried to address your question, but you can clearly see the desperation in Ontario (416) Discount Waiver Companies circling like sharks trying to troll business. They do not understand that a $650 price tag is irrelevant if the job is not done correctly. They also claim to be in Ontario Canada by way of Lower Manhattan New York.

Anyway, if you are in B. C., then you can come to any of my B.C. locations to discuss. It does not matter if you see me or not since you can either see Rick, Jimmy, Mike or even me depending on when you want to come down. Sex Assault cases are awfully hard to clear and are indeed expensive. Again, the SORNA charts are a major factor in these cases. There are also other criteria that CBP will heavily utilize regarding these cases. We had a gentleman come to the Surrey office in December to discuss a case like yours. We showed him how CBP does the determination regarding the approval of these sex assault cases and others. He should be coming in next week since he said he is getting the money together from relatives.

We have the guidelines that they use to approve these cases and others. We can show you this in person. Btw, this is the very reason why we do not post certain info here on this forum because the 416 Batman $355.00 waiver companies are constantly seeking info to improve their services. You will notice that they never post specifics on these complex cases (or most) because they have no clue to what they are doing.

Just remember that you truly get what you pay for. Kind of like buying a made in China item at the dollar store but then wonder why it broke in an hour. I have been upfront with the fact that these cases are expensive to clear. Again, you can either come in or do a zoom conference call and I can show you on a split screen the specific criteria regarding what I mean.

Btw this goes for any person (Discount Waiver Company excluded) that has a question on any border crossing topic. Check out our website since we give away a lot of free info as opposed to immediately bombarding you with dollar store/night market style prices. We have always maintained that we indeed have some of the higher rates in the industry. However, there is a reason why we have a 98-99% success rate on complex cases and more.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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K SCOTT replied 6 days ago   #7

@John and Poonts, thank very much for the referral, I appreciate. However, I would not get involved with this, until I know about the Panel Review. My opinion, If you went to the Review, and you were still denied, you are not going to get a waiver at this time and a good possibility never. I would also need to have a long in-depth conversation regarding details of the incident. Something, you might not be comfortable with. Trust me, there is nothing you can say, that I have not heard before. I have read and been involved in hundreds of sexual assault files where I had to make decisions regarding police files, plus I have my own clients. However, you might feel more comfortable with John or Ken. Either way, all of us will give you our best opinion and options.

Michelle replied 6 days ago   #6

@Poonts, did you attend a panel review doctor appointment?

Michelle replied 1 week ago   #5

@Poonts it required a lot of major documentation and rehabilitation. There was definitely no special or magic bullet on these cases. The sex assault convictions are the hardest offences to get cleared. It used to be that trafficking convictions(PPT) were hard but now we can get them cleared fairly quickly. They do place a lot of emphasis on the SORNA charts and you have to be careful that you do not get listed under Tier 3. CBP initiates special procedures on sex assault cases and they heavily rely on the SORNA designation chart. One big factor is that it will be much more work if she is under 18 unless you were under 18 at the time. The letter of explanation is beyond critical in these cases and has to be CAREFULLY PREPARED. You will also need to show beyond massive rehabilitation in these cases. We have developed and refined some techniques that do get these cases cleared but there is 1 issue. These cases are extremely expensive to prepare and a lot of people cannot or won't pay the cost. The key is the rehabilitation and presentation. There is much more involved with these cases but you can call me personally to discuss since the low-cost Ontario waiver companies are constantly seeking information.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
604 332-9213
888 908-3841

K SCOTT replied 1 week ago   #4

Be nice to know the details on how he was approved! I have a sex assault conviction from 19 years ago abs was still denied in 2019. Not to downgrade the conviction, it was basically exposure and touching the girl on the arm.

Poonts replied 1 week ago   #3

Please see the thread titled Ken Scott and his business.

KSCOTT replied 4 months ago   #2

@KenScott, what a coincidence!!!!! Every time I bring something up you "get secret evidence" to prove I am wrong.

Funny, he promised to let me know if he got approved...and nothing from him. But you magical unicorn have the answer. His offence involved an infant, and you want us to believe you got him a waiver? I call BULLSHIT.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #1

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