US Entry Waiver For Sex Assault Related Convictions

K Scottposted 8 months ago

I just got word from a client that we obtained from here. He had a sex-related offence from many years ago and I was just informed that his approved waiver came in the mail. He posted here about a year and a half ago and he just told me that he got his waiver approved.

So do not believe when the Discount Waiver Companies tell you that sex assault convictions will not be approved under the Trump administration. This individual is extremely happy and is an Ontario resident. This is the same client that was also mentioned yesterday in another thread by the agent of a Discount Waiver Company. It took a very long time and indeed was a major effort to get approved.

Sex Assault convictions can get approved under this administration if you know what you are doing. You will not get this same level of service if you are only paying $499 plus tax on a complex waiver since this is a car payment for some people. So yes contact the professionals when you need to resolve your border crossing issues. It is even better if you are in BC since we can have you come to our Surrey, Burnaby or Vancouver location and meet one of our staff members.
We specialize in resolving complex USA border crossing issues as well as visas and other services.
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