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TravisTposted 2 years ago

Anyone know how long processing times for I-192 using the E-Safe process?

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@J Rogers

Thanks for that, I did figure that out last night after much searching and called in this morning to make my appointment. The E-Safe website should really make that a bit clearer to be fair. I submitted my application a couple weeks back and all it said was to "Present yourself at a port of entry within 45 days" which in my mind makes it sound like you can just show up and get it done.

kdo replied 1 month ago   #51


You make an appointment. Do not just show up. Also you have to go to the port you listed on your waiver.


J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #50

Did you guys just show up at the border crossing to do your biometrics? What are the wait times like? Was planning to go to Lewiston crossing tomorrow.

kdo replied 1 month ago   #49

Im so happy!! Receive my waiver today after 37 days! First application and 5 years waiver!

Status History (5)
5/5/2022, 02:31 PM EDT : Status changed to Completed
3/29/2022, 11:00 AM EDT : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
2/28/2022, 05:08 PM EST : Status changed to Paid
2/28/2022, 05:06 PM EST : Status changed to Signed
10/14/2021, 10:22 PM EDT : Application Created

@Bob D

BobbyD replied 3 months ago   #48

Great! Was it your first application? @Bob D

BobbyD replied 3 months ago   #47

Great help on this website. Got my approval through today for 5 years:
5/5/2022, 12:00 PM EDT : Status changed to Completed
3/28/2022, 07:30 PM EDT : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
3/24/2022, 09:18 PM EDT : Status changed to Paid
3/24/2022, 09:16 PM EDT : Status changed to Signed
3/23/2022, 07:34 PM EDT : Application Created

Bob D replied 3 months ago   #46

Remember everyone, it no longer matters WHERE you submit the waiver. The answer is uploaded from Virginia. 32-35 days after the border is the average time based on the last 2 weeks.

J Rogers replied 3 months ago   #45

Will post here when I get somthing back . Submitted at Lewiston. @BobbyD

Bob D replied 3 months ago   #44

Let me know when you received your answer, I went on March 29 at Champlain. Where did you go?@Bob D

BobbyD replied 3 months ago   #43

Thanks for providing your timeline @we all make mistakes . I submitted at ARO March 28th so hope to hear somthing shortly.

Bob D replied 3 months ago   #42

Hello my inadmissible Brethren,

This website helped me get over some of my anxiety of not knowing how long it would take to get my approval back after submitting for the first time using the e-safe website.

Please see the timeline;

4/28/2022, 08:00 AM EDT : Status changed to Completed
3/22/2022, 01:00 PM EDT : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
3/21/2022, 09:13 PM EDT : Status changed to Paid
3/21/2022, 09:10 PM EDT : Status changed to Signed
2/19/2022, 09:55 AM EST : Application Created

This was my 3rd waiver application, so I was pretty sure this one would be approved without a hiccup. All 3 times I did everything myself. Please see the listing of documents I submitted with my application.
- court records for each charge
- personal statement
- prior waivers
- photo copies of my passport and drivers license
- RCMP Certificate Form C216C
- 2 reference letters
- USCIS Form I-192 (Edition 07/20/21)

Also I noted that is good to ask in your personal statement you are seeking entry for multiple visits for the purposes of both "Business and Pleasure"

I just wanted to pay it forward to the next person

we all make mistakes replied 3 months ago   #41


I post timelines on the other thread all the time, and its clear they are taking 25-35 days since biometrics, so your application is still on time.

Take a look around and you will clearly see you are right in the zone to get your waiver, probably this week.

J Rogers replied 7 months ago   #40

Question about anyone applying recently through esafe?

I submitted biometrics on December 9 and still haven’t gotten any updates.

Are the wait times longer now? Anyone have experience with this?

Shayburger replied 7 months ago   #39


No, make an appointment. And they don't do weekends (that I know of) although in the past they used to do Sundays. Its all changed because of Covid now.

J Rogers replied 7 months ago   #38

Should we take appointment with POE office to give biometrics at peace bridge or can we just walk in any day after paying fees and submitting the esafe application?
( It says you have 45 days to report to a designated e-SAFE port of entry to complete the biometrics portion of the application.)

Should we we also take covid test before going to POE for fully vaccinated people?

bob194 replied 7 months ago   #37

If they are going to grant it for sure, its very fast. If they are "considering" saying no, then it takes longer. This is based on a fairly small sample since May, so not 100% but that's what I have been seeing.

J Rogers replied 9 months ago   #36

Hi guys, it took 3 weeks to hear back from Aro after submitting my application. They requested more information/documents on a particular criminal charge. I responded the same night, October 14 2021. Still haven’t heard anything and with the new vaccine mandates hitting Nov 8 I am running out of time to make it across the border (I’m not vaccinated). Anyone ever go through the additional documents request and how long did it take?

Des91 replied 9 months ago   #35


No, for eSAFE they are taking applications NOW in Niagara Falls. See the thread that says "big news!"

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #34

Where did you do this? Our borders are closed to non essential travel, that includes esafe biometrics?

Terri replied 1 year ago   #33

Finally i got my waiver approved today.
Applied on Feb 05 2020
Fingerprint Feb 11 2020
Decision on Mar 13 2020.

I have to say special thanks to John Rogers was very helpful information gave me at the Pearson airport even though i am not a client of him. He is very knowledgeable and informative, i would strongly recommend him if anybody wants to do paperwork for I-192 and I-212 and other services such fingerprinting. He is very genuine, helpful, he charge very reasonable price for the entire paperwork, you can reach him at anytime.

Daniel replied 2 years ago   #32

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