E-Safe Processing Times

TravisTposted 4 years ago

Anyone know how long processing times for I-192 using the E-Safe process?

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Question about anyone applying recently through esafe?

I submitted biometrics on December 9 and still haven’t gotten any updates.

Are the wait times longer now? Anyone have experience with this?

Shayburger replied 2 years ago   #39


No, make an appointment. And they don't do weekends (that I know of) although in the past they used to do Sundays. Its all changed because of Covid now.

J Rogers replied 2 years ago   #38

Should we take appointment with POE office to give biometrics at peace bridge or can we just walk in any day after paying fees and submitting the esafe application?
( It says you have 45 days to report to a designated e-SAFE port of entry to complete the biometrics portion of the application.)

Should we we also take covid test before going to POE for fully vaccinated people?

bob194 replied 2 years ago   #37

If they are going to grant it for sure, its very fast. If they are "considering" saying no, then it takes longer. This is based on a fairly small sample since May, so not 100% but that's what I have been seeing.

J Rogers replied 2 years ago   #36

Hi guys, it took 3 weeks to hear back from Aro after submitting my application. They requested more information/documents on a particular criminal charge. I responded the same night, October 14 2021. Still haven’t heard anything and with the new vaccine mandates hitting Nov 8 I am running out of time to make it across the border (I’m not vaccinated). Anyone ever go through the additional documents request and how long did it take?

Des91 replied 2 years ago   #35


No, for eSAFE they are taking applications NOW in Niagara Falls. See the thread that says "big news!"

J Rogers replied 3 years ago   #34

Where did you do this? Our borders are closed to non essential travel, that includes esafe biometrics?

Terri replied 3 years ago   #33

Finally i got my waiver approved today.
Applied on Feb 05 2020
Fingerprint Feb 11 2020
Decision on Mar 13 2020.

I have to say special thanks to John Rogers was very helpful information gave me at the Pearson airport even though i am not a client of him. He is very knowledgeable and informative, i would strongly recommend him if anybody wants to do paperwork for I-192 and I-212 and other services such fingerprinting. He is very genuine, helpful, he charge very reasonable price for the entire paperwork, you can reach him at anytime.

Daniel replied 4 years ago   #32

Did you apply on e-SAFE?
Could you please write your exact timeline?
Mine is 30 days since my fingerprint on Feb 11th at Pearson airport.

Daniel replied 4 years ago   #31

Hi Kiwi,
Did you applied on Jan 2nd or Fingerprint on Jan 2nd?
I applied Feb 05th, Fingerprint on Feb 11 and am waiting almost 30 days since my fingerprint.

Daniel replied 4 years ago   #30

Hi Rupert,
I paid on Feb 05th, Fingerprint given at Pearson on Feb 11 and its my 5th week and still waiting for my result.

Daniel replied 4 years ago   #29

@Angela santos @Rupert
Could you please tell me your exact timeline since your submit, fingerprint until your decision?

Daniel replied 4 years ago   #28

When did u do ur biometrics at the border ? Did it get sent to aro the same day or few days after ? I did mine 3 days ago but still says paid and for me to go do my biometric profile hasn’t been updated .. anyone help @albiz

Angela santos replied 4 years ago   #27

@John Jones

I did not use E-Safe, so I cannot help you on that.

Miles replied 4 years ago   #26

When did ur profile show awaiting decision after doing biometric at the border @Steve2725

John Jones replied 4 years ago   #25

How long after biometric does it show awaiting decision from paid @Miles

John Jones replied 4 years ago   #24

Yes. You get a PDF to download. TWO PAGES. Pretty much same I got for my first waiver but different ARO officer approved. You can access the PDF anytime to redownload. I suggest keeping a digital copy of it in your e-mail or something if you lose it on a travel.

albiz replied 4 years ago   #23

@albiz Congrats!

Question: Did you receive a cover letter and I-194 waiver? (aka 2 pages?)


is the waiver downloadable and printable from the portal?

Waiver123 replied 4 years ago   #22

Just got second WAIVER APPROVED TODAY for 5 Years B1/B2. Took 21 Days.

Actual cut and paste from e-safe portal of status progress.

Documents Shared With You
ARO Decision
Please review the documents

Status History (5)
2/12/2020, 07:00 AM PST : Status changed to Completed
1/21/2020, 09:30 AM PST : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
1/14/2020, 07:03 PM PST : Status changed to Paid
1/14/2020, 07:02 PM PST : Status changed to Signed
10/27/2019, 10:23 PM PDT : Application Created

albiz replied 4 years ago   #21

@J Rogers and Michelle

Thanks for the info. So it's relatively a quick process once the ARO has received the application? In older posts, there were people who had been waiting a long time.

Miles replied 4 years ago   #20

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