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TravisTposted 4 years ago

Anyone know how long processing times for I-192 using the E-Safe process?

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I think I have lost hope...still no luck. 8 months and not a peep???
Like I said before, under staffed. Migrants coming over the border.
Too much of a workload. Also, they don"t care if you are not getting
into the USA. This service only took 2-3 months todo in the past.
You tell me??? I think its easier to join the migrants, at least I would get in Quicker....
You agree?


[ TomTom appended this reply on March 21, 2024 @ 7:56 pm ]

Just wanted to let everyone know that it....
Finally has arrived.
8 Months, 1 Day.
Patients everyone, it will come.
It was torturous to wait for,
but it finally got here, Going to Florida.
See you guys in 4 years, to do this all again.
For a 5 year renewal....

TomTom replied 3 months ago   #377

Hi ! What do you mean by the full 40 days after ? Thank you

Colorado2806 replied 3 months ago   #376

@H You should re-apply right before the deadline and then go to the border the full 40 days after. You hopefully get a longer waiver.

J Rogers replied 3 months ago   #375

Hi all. I got my first 1 yr waiver today (went to ARO on July 14th). Just want to thank everyone on here and John Rogers for keeping me sane.

Given that the fee increase is on April 1st, would it make sense to immediately reapply or would it be too late now?

H replied 3 months ago   #374

Great forum! This is my 3rd or 4th 5 year waiver. I did it myself and submitted at Lewiston. Best of luck.

3/19/2024, 06:30 AM EDT : Status changed to
7/21/2023, 08:00 AM EDT : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
6/18/2023, 03:19 PM EDT : Status changed to Paid
6/18/2023, 03:09 PM EDT : Status changed to
3/17/2023, 01:55 PM EDT : Application Created

Dan38850 replied 3 months ago   #373

@Chinobino congrats I've been watching ur time line

Samson36478589888 replied 3 months ago   #372

Received my 5 year waiver today! 8 months to the day!
3/18/2024, 12:35 PM EDT : Status changed to Completed
7/18/2023, 04:01 PM EDT : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
7/17/2023, 04:18 PM EDT : Status changed to Paid
7/17/2023, 04:15 PM EDT : Status changed to Signed

Good luck every!

[ Chinobino appended this reply on March 18, 2024 @ 2:34 pm ]

submit at the lewiston queenston bridge

Chinobino replied 3 months ago   #371

@Colorado2806 J Rogers answered correctly and no I never emailed after I submitted, we just wait patiently and watch on this sight how long the waivers are taking.

Gord replied 3 months ago   #370


I can answer these questions.
-The email doesn't matter. Your waiver isn't "going to be forgotten" because you didn't email them. The email was just in case it was lost in the mail. Now you can log in and check so its really a waste of time.
-They only ask a small % of people for more information or documents.
-You need 2 reference letters and 1 letter explaining what happened and showing contrition. That SHOULD have been submitted up front.
-Each person gets an email to indicate they should log in and check their eSAFE account. They get one the minute it is granted (if its granted) and another 20 days later.

J Rogers replied 3 months ago   #369

Hi ! I was just wondering, in the 8 months you did wait , did you ever emailed them to ask them when they think you going to receive your waiver ? Like did you ever needed to remind them that you was waiting for your waiver or you never send them email and you just received your waiver like that ?

Also did they send you an email prior to give you , your waiver to ask you more infos about your case , like your job or your 3 letters or any infos they needed ?

And last question did they send you an email to let you know that your waiver was accepted or you found out yourself when you went to the website?

Thank you so much

Colorado2806 replied 3 months ago   #368

@The CHI @The CHI sorry Your right, it was a slip of the finger! 8 months to the day!

Received first 5 year waiver today! 8 months to the day!

03/13/2024 05:00 am PDT : status changed to

07/13/2023 02:30 pm PDT : status changed to submitted to ARO

Gord replied 3 months ago   #367

@Gord 8 Months no??

The CHI replied 3 months ago   #366

347 days hopefully I get a reply by 365 days @Gord

Samson13245567754467 replied 4 months ago   #365

@Samkman 247 days. Hopefully it happens this week!

Gord replied 4 months ago   #364

238 days and no news. This is joke

Samkman replied 4 months ago   #363

@LellyJegz Most recent posts are looking around 240 days

SteelMans replied 4 months ago   #362

200 days... I hope I am in the home stretch here!
8/21/2023, 05:06 PM PDT : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
8/19/2023, 12:44 PM PDT : Status changed to Paid
8/19/2023, 12:43 PM PDT : Status changed to Signed
8/19/2023, 10:46 AM PDT : Application Created

[ LellyJegz appended this reply on March 9, 2024 @ 11:29 am ]

Second waiver, first was 5 years

LellyJegz replied 4 months ago   #361


[ TomTom appended this reply on March 8, 2024 @ 3:23 pm ]

Still waiting here, no luck.
232 days....this is too much. whats going on????
Never had to wait this long for some paperwork...
They need to give out 10 year entry, this is one problem they are facing.
All the 1-3 year entry are getting renewed and new applications at he same time as you are.
Plus all the migrants coming over the Mexican boarder, is fowling things up...
''God Bless America''

TomTom replied 4 months ago   #360

@bob2024 Once the waiver is filed, it is in the same lineup as everyone regardless of who did it.

What I can do is make sure they are not going to ask for additional documentation, of if we don't have time to wait (like now) we file without the missing information and have it ready for the day they ask for it.

The biggest problem I find with DIY waivers is sheer lack of attention to detail. People photocopying things from 5 years ago, not bothering to pay attention to details, not understanding the personal letter, and not avoiding red flags. Owning a home in Florida, having sick parents in the US, having lots of friends and family in the US, blaming others for your criminal record or WORSE, defending yourself are problems I see all the time.

"I own property in the US" is a huge red flag for someone applying to be a visitor. Worse, the thought that "ill just tell them everything and they will take good care of me" is ridiculous. The US would not shed a single tear if not a single Canadian EVER went to the US again. The same people who would be guarded if a Canadian cop pulled them over for speeding will suddenly say the most ridiculous things to an American Border Agent, thinking the American will "help them".

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #359

@wishbone John cannot get it any faster for you or for anyone else

bob2024 replied 4 months ago   #358

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