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TravisTposted 4 years ago

Anyone know how long processing times for I-192 using the E-Safe process?

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@Amelia Rogers so l see that they told you to make sure to print a copy of the waiver because they say you will not gonna have another chance to print it again ! But if you make a photocopy of the printed waiver is it ok ? Thank you so much

Colorado2806 replied 2 months ago   #419

@Muffich what were your charges if you don't mind me asking? Just curious as to why you only got a 1 year waiver

The CHI replied 2 months ago   #418

Submitted Aug 8, received on April 12th. 1 year first time waiver. Hopefully next one is longer.

Muffich replied 2 months ago   #417

Hi Colorado2806, Here is a copy of the email I received from ARO:

There has been a change in your e-SAFE application status. You have 30 calendar days to print the Admissibility Review Office decision issued on 4/15/2024.

Upon receiving this email, you have 30 days to log in to your e-SAFE account and print your I-194 waiver. This printout will now serve as your visa for all future entries into the US. Please safeguard this waiver as you will not be able to print another copy if you lose it. Respectively, you will not receive any other paperwork or stamp on your passport upon entering the USA, but each entry into the US is valid for 6 months by default unless otherwise specified by the Immigration Officer.

I hope this answers your questions. I will keep an eye on this post in case you have more inquiries in the next few days.

Ciao for now.

[ Amelia Rogers appended this reply on April 15, 2024 @ 10:49 pm ]


Amelia Rogers replied 2 months ago   #416

@Amelia Rogers omg girl im sooo happy for you ! Before going to enjoy the states can you answer a question please ? I guess you received an email ? Did you have to print anything from that email ? Are you gonna need another document to enter to USA from the port of entry that you gonna choose ? Thank you so much in advance

Colorado2806 replied 2 months ago   #415

Oh my goodness... Look what I finally received today after waiting for 8 months and 20 days. Good luck to everyone still waiting for their results. My sympathy is with you during this uncertain time. Thanks to J. Rogers for this website, which is the only lifeline for all of us waiting for results. Thanks indeed! and GOOD LUCK...

Status History (5)
4/15/2024, 01:00 PM EDT : Status changed to Completed
7/26/2023, 05:31 PM EDT : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
6/23/2023, 08:57 PM EDT : Status changed to Paid
6/20/2023, 08:45 PM EDT : Status changed to Signed
6/20/2023, 10:35 AM EDT : Application Created

Amelia Rogers replied 2 months ago   #414

@Amelia Rogers thank you for your answer! Please keep me and this post updated if you receive any news and I will do the same

Colorado2806 replied 2 months ago   #413

@Colorado2806, J. Rogers' latest insights on post-decision timelines are now available and can be accessed in the preceding pages of this thread. With extensive data and experience, he outlines a typical timeline from submission to receiving a decision from the ARO, which currently averages around eight months.

We invite him or others to share insights on the factors that prompt a file to be referred to a supervisor, illuminating this crucial aspect of the process. These contributions could offer clarity and support to those navigating this challenging process.

Proposed Post Title: "ARO Timeline and Supervisor Referrals"

Amelia Rogers replied 2 months ago   #412

@Amelia Rogers I think it’s would be a great idea to make a new group for people who are waiting over 8 months but I have no idea how to do that lol . And talking about the 8 months , where everyone saw that the timeline now is 8 months ? Any idea ? And yes it’s would be great to know what’s the reason why it’s can be transferred to a supervisor. If anyone have an idea please let’s us know !

Colorado2806 replied 2 months ago   #411

Thank you for checking on me, @Colorado2806. Unfortunately, there has been no progress yet. It has been 8 months and 10 days with no resolution in sight. I was wondering if we could create a post for those who have been waiting beyond the 8-month mark. This would provide comfort to all of us who are waiting endlessly. It would also include people who have been referred to a supervisor for whatever reason, as I am unsure what triggers this referral. Please let me know what you all think and what the tagline should be.

Amelia Rogers replied 2 months ago   #410

@Amelia Rogers hi Amelia , I was just wondering if you received your waiver ? I know you are waiting for 8 months already and me too it’s going to make 8 months in 2 weeks , so I was just curious! Thank you

Colorado2806 replied 2 months ago   #409

Hi ! What kind of reason it’s would take , to make a supervisor take care of the waiver application please ? Thank you very much

Colorado2806 replied 2 months ago   #408

I am new to this. I filed my on July 24 and still nothing. anyone else in the same boat!

cwzy900 replied 2 months ago   #407

@Surreygirl Yes this is my first waiver. I don't think it has gone to a supervisor yet. its only been a few days over the timeline. I'm sure those working on the waivers reach timelines at a different pace than others depending on complexity

NSpring replied 2 months ago   #406

@NSpring is this your first time? Do you think its gone for supervisor review?

Surreygirl replied 2 months ago   #405

I don't know why, but I check my email every second of the day and still haven't received anything. I'm unsure what's going on; I can only hope for the best and wait to see. I'll post my result as soon as I get it, indeed!

Amelia Rogers replied 2 months ago   #404

@Surreygirl Mine is July 30th and still nothing here. I'm sure some are just ahead of others.

NSpring replied 2 months ago   #403

@Amelia Rogers John posted an Aug 2 approval yesterday, the same day as mine but I’m still waiting as well. There’s a possibility mine could go to supervisor but if yours is your 4th one probably not right? But then why would you still be waiting from the 26th…

I’m hoping they are working today. It’s not a federal holiday and it’s not a holiday in the state of VA so fingers crossed it comes today!

Surreygirl replied 2 months ago   #402

Thanks a million, J. Rogers. This hope means a lot to me.

Amelia Rogers replied 2 months ago   #401

@Amelia Rogers I am up to July 30th now, so you probably will get it next week at the latest.

J Rogers replied 2 months ago   #400

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