E-Safe Processing Times

TravisTposted 2 years ago

Anyone know how long processing times for I-192 using the E-Safe process?

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@skumar what do you mean 120 days since fingerprints? I thought the counting starts when submitted to ARO?

Tiffany replied 2 weeks ago   #218

@Patientlywaiting416 good luck. I hope you get your waiver soon people in June seems to be getting theirs.

Tiffany replied 2 weeks ago   #217

@J Rogers hahahaha. Good one! @johnB2 you freak!! Look at you about morning and evening. Lol. More energy than a horse! Lollll.

Marsha replied 2 weeks ago   #216

@J Rogers Lol Good humor. The forum doesn't seem to allow posting pictures. Other than if the picture was hosted somewhere it looks like I could link to it.

One of the things I've learned through my experience with this waiver process, is how these waivers can have such a dramatic impact on people's lives. You don't realize how "freedoms" can be taken for granted, until they are gone. I learned a lot through this process.

I also want to give you a truly heartfelt "thank you" for what you do. Yes, I know that you get business through being active here and that the forum can be a tool to help you grow that business. But what is clear to me, is this is more than a business to you. You get it. You know and appreciate how stressful and difficult it is for people who have to deal with these waivers. Not everyone needing a waiver is the same, of course. But in my case, the waiver is life changing.
Life changing.

Your timeline posts gave me a way to not feel helpless. I could at least see when May waivers were processing and eventually I could see when June was likely to process. It may seem like a small thing...but it was huge for me. So thank you, for that!

Also, I called you one day. It turned out that I didn't need your help at this point in time and that I wasn't going to be paying you for anything. Yet you took the time to answer questions and explain things even though there was nothing in it for you. Which is why I inferred this is more than a job for you. It shows.

So... for anyone who dreams or believes in love and romance....here is my story and why I say the waiver is life changing.

I'm 60 years old. I've been unhappily married for 40 years. I thought my life was over. I felt that I had no hope or anything to look forward to. I never dreamed that love or passion or romance was a possibility for me.

I purchased an Ocules Quest 2 virtual reality headset because my brother in-law had one and showed it to me. I thought it was cool. I eventually found myself in an app called "Altspace". In Altspace you have an avatar that represents you and you can visits worlds people created and talk to people from all around the world.

In Altspace I met a woman who is now my GF. It was interesting because you don't know what the person looks like in real life. So if you become interested in someone, it's 100% about their personality. We eventually friended on Facebook and then started video chatting.

She lives in Canada. I live in the U.S. We are both unhappily married. We met, after a time we fell in love, and then we went on 4 vacations together in the last 6 months. We spent time in the hot tub, danced, made love every morning and evening, it was a fairytale romance. Perfect in every way. She is 10 years younger than I am.

But she had a cannabis conviction in the U.S. 10 years ago. Which meant she couldn't come to the U.S to be with me. My job requires that we live here.

She and I are both divorcing our spouses...she now has her waiver. We may be together as quickly as next week. But until we had the waiver, were blocked from being together here. The waiver means i have a life to look forward to.

JohnB2 replied 2 weeks ago   #215


Sorry buddy. You don't get to make multiple posts and then take off. We, the people of the forum formally request that you post pictures of this woman. Then one of yourself. We will then all judge you. Then you are free. Until then....you stay!

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #214

Yes tiffany this is my first application for the waiver.

Patientlywaiting416 replied 2 weeks ago   #213

@JohnB2 lol. Good luck with everything. I wish you both a wonderful life together!

Marsha replied 2 weeks ago   #212

@Marsha Lol I guess it may have appeared that way. For me, my whole future was on hold waiting on this waiver. That makes a 3+ month really hard to endure and you feel so helpless at the same time. I deal with it by trying to stay engaged and by trying to figure out the patterns so that I could have some idea of when to expect the waiver. The not knowing just sucks.

But yeah. I probably won't be visiting this forum any more. In 5 years, if the universe smiles on me, I'll be married to her

JohnB2 replied 2 weeks ago   #211

@Ope I just looked at the dates of waivers that J Rogers was posting and extrapolated it out and then finally did it by a wild A** guess. Lol

I'm guessing next week they will be processing waivers submitted around June 6th or 7th. But it all depends on the total number of waivers in the queue.

JohnB2 replied 2 weeks ago   #210

@JohnB2 yippee!! Now you will stop making new post to try and bump everyone else’s :) :)

Marsha replied 2 weeks ago   #209


Hearty congratulations!

[ Ope appended this reply on September 9, 2022 @ 10:40 am ]


Hearty congratulations! How did you determine that the timeline was right for girlfriend and you actually predicted today?
Please share....

Ope replied 2 weeks ago   #208

@skumar Thank you and yes I'm super happy! Now I need to talk with her about plans and when she might come here finally.

JohnB2 replied 2 weeks ago   #207

@JohnB2 Many many congratulations... I was really hoping for (and expecting) that she will receive her waiver today.
You must be a very happy person now.

skumar replied 2 weeks ago   #206

Forgot to mention. First waiver and for 5 years!

JohnB2 replied 2 weeks ago   #205

A week ago I predicted my GF would get her waiver at noon today. I was off by 3 hours. LOL

Status History (5)
9/9/2022, 08:30 AM CDT : Status changed to Completed
6/3/2022, 03:00 PM CDT : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
5/16/2022, 10:07 AM CDT : Status changed to Paid
5/16/2022, 10:01 AM CDT : Status changed to Signed
3/16/2022, 07:28 PM CDT : Application Created

JohnB2 replied 2 weeks ago   #204

@Patientlywaiting416 is this your first waiver application?

Tiffany replied 2 weeks ago   #203

Yes I logged in. My conviction is a robbery with a fake BB gun from 2012. Haven't been in trouble since.

I am just hoping I get my waiver before december.

submitted everything APRIL 29, 2022 and still nothing yet.

Patientlywaiting416 replied 2 weeks ago   #202

@Patientlywaiting416 Have you heard back from them.
I believe that you can now directly contact them and will get a non-automated response as you cross 120 days since your fingerprints.
Please let us know about it.

Cases such as these make the rest of us waiting nervous as that means there is a possibility of not getting a waiver result after 4 months.

skumar replied 2 weeks ago   #201

@J Rogers

Thank you for the update!

Ope replied 2 weeks ago   #200


So this is a common misconception. The first waiver takes longer, etc. No. If you waiver is going to be approved, how busy Homeland Security is is the bigger factor. For example.

3/9/2022 submitted
4/4/2022 Granted.

See how fast that was? They were ALL fast then. The client I posted in the "Waiver timelines thread" was 94 days. Yet he was an easy re-application. Its just that applications have slowed because of the sheer amount of waivers. First time, 4rth time, no difference. Maybe it take the adjudicator an hour, maybe it take 5 hours. The relevant question is "how long is the line in front of your application?"

Its no different than me. I have 4 files on my desk. I don't know if the 4rth one is easy, or hard. But its still 4rth. The other 3 will be done first.

Also, if you want to have a clearer picture of timelines, then keep them in one spot here. I post many of them, and I post them all in the same category. "Waiver Timelines - Post here." This WILL make it easier than having to check every single thread.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #199

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