Waiver Inadmissibility

Marlonposted 7 years ago

I read that even with a waiver you may not be admissible if your drug charge was for over 30 grams of marijuana.


Has anyone managed to acquire a waiver and successfully enter the USA with charges beyond drug charges beyond 30 grams of marijuana?

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Manni Jason is a local guy I know in Montreal. 514-733-8571.

John Rogers replied 5 years ago   #14

Hiring a lawyer has zero relevance on whether you get through. It's all about how the case is presented and all the various factors, plus remorse.

jazzsax1 replied 5 years ago   #13

I am located in the province of Quebec. Do you have any contacts for people in Montreal?

I thought I waited enough time too but someone told me that ARO starts counting as of the day my probation finished which was in 2015 therefore it would only be 3 years instead of 6. Is that true?

also, I hired a lawyer and thought it would be a successful case but clearly I was wrong.

nonameplease replied 5 years ago   #12

@nonameplease Now that it has been 6 years you have waited enough time if.....

You write the proper letter and fulfill all other requirements.

The biggest obstacle in Waivers for smart people doing their own is usually the personal letter. Smart people tend to defend their actions or at least justify them.

Get a professional to do your waiver, you have tried twice and now that you have waited longer, it should be successful.

Where do you live?

Michelle is in Saskatchewan, I am in Ontario. I am sure either one of us will get you a successful waiver.

Michelle's info:
1810 Albert Street
2nd Floor
Regina, SK S4P 2S8

My Info:

John Rogers
96 Kennedy Road South
Suite 201
Brampton On

Pardon and Waiver Experts / On the SPOT Fingerprinting
www.pweservices.com / www.getfingerprinted.ca
LIKE us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PardonWaiverExperts

If your not close to either of us, calling both of us will give you two opinions on the subject. Either one of us will take good care of you.

John Rogers replied 5 years ago   #11

hi guys!
I would appreciate any help/info/guidance.
I was convicted for fraud OVER 5000$ back in 2012. My probation finished in 2015. right when my probation finished I applied for a waiver and was refused because I didnt wait long enough to apply.
I waited a year and then re-applied..it took almost 2 years before I got a response which was a NO! ....
Its very important for me as I have a child who lives in the US. I really want to go.
on my second refusal they told me I haven't waited long enough.....HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO WAIT????? and they also mentioned that my letter didnt show much remorse.
I am not so good at expressing my feelings on paper. its very hard for me. I want to re-apply but im so skeptical. Should I wait? 3 years have passed since my probation was finished.
I did not have any jail time. I was on house arrest? no ankle bracelet I just had to curfew. My probation officer always writes the best letters which I include in my file that I send to the ARO but they don't care. My prob officer indicated that it was my first offence ever and I am not likely to re-offend.

nonameplease replied 5 years ago   #10

I crossed first day was legal in Canada at the newer Calais border crossing....no mention at all of weed.....was there 45 minutes though , new person working.....frustrating...

travel_lover replied 5 years ago   #9

#6, I have not heard of any problems from my waiver clients...will post if I do..

Michelle replied 5 years ago   #8

3 clients so far crossed and said no difference whatsoever.

John Rogers replied 5 years ago   #7

with yesterdays pot legalization I would like to hear from people who know of others crossing the US border with Waivers.
Any problems, questions or delays.

wishbone replied 5 years ago   #6

Its not great. I assume they consider you to have "tried to enter with marijuana" despite the fact you had no intention.

Not only do you NEED a waiver, but you have to wait. We can't really argue you "have changed" in the short time since the "offence" occurred.

You probably will have to wait a minimum of 3 years to have a shot, and if you want to get it for sure, probably wait 5 years.

John Rogers replied 5 years ago   #5

Hey, so I made the mistake of going to the border on a wrong turn with 6 grams of weed and a bong and no passport (I was headed to on a ski trip 9 months ago). No criminal record, just denied entry, what's my prognosis? will I be needing a waiver every 5 years?

SkiBUmm replied 5 years ago   #4

I too have done waivers for clients who have drug convictions, and agree with John Rogers, it is not that big of a problem.

Michelle Chaz replied 5 years ago   #3

I have done many waivers for clients who had large drug offences. As long as its over 5 years since the conviction. No problem. Drugs aren't as big a problem as people let on.

JOHN ROGERS replied 5 years ago   #2

I would like to know this as well

LeeRoy replied 5 years ago   #1

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