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Marlonposted 7 years ago

I read that even with a waiver you may not be admissible if your drug charge was for over 30 grams of marijuana.


Has anyone managed to acquire a waiver and successfully enter the USA with charges beyond drug charges beyond 30 grams of marijuana?

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#56 and #57 are not me, although the info in #56 is correct.

If we ignore Hats he will stop eventually.

Michelle and I have slightly different requirements because the Ports of Entry have different variations of what they are looking for. Your correct though, Herndon VA processes all waivers, so technically the Regina Border should be the exact same. What we have both learned is not to have clients argue with the people at the port, and just give them what they ask for, right or wrong.

Ontario, 2 reference letters only.

Today at Pearson Airport they took the first guy in lines forms....that were the two page version from 2015. They should not have, but they did.

So where ever you are, hand in whatever requirements will get you the waiver, with slight tweaks so that you don't have an issue at the Port of Entry.

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #54

#58 is not me. I asked John a serious question at #55

I’m sure he’s intelligent enough to discern the common phraseology I’ve used on this site from day one and thus realizes I don’t post nonsensical dross.

Seems the muppet who attempted to hijack this site has a paucity of intellect.

Bless their heart...

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Adelaide replied 4 years ago   #53

@John Rogers

Okay so just to clarify... you're saying the waiver application requirements vary depending upon what border crossing one submits their documents at?

As per your word at #52 "Michelle will have a different list that will vary because of where her clients hand in the waiver,..."

So essentially even though dealing with America (Federal process across the board) and the waiver process depending upon what province one hands in their documents the required documents vary?

One would suppose the process would be uniform across the board.

If one's case is solely an overstay, for example, one would think the required documents to be submitted would be the same whether they were handed in at an Ontario crossing or a BC crossing or an Alberta crossing.

Am I wrong to assume this?

Adelaide replied 4 years ago   #52

#52 @John Rogers

Thank you for the information and the reply.

When I was originally given the waiver application (about 3-4 years ago by CBP) it specified on the application that 5 years worth of tax returns were required in addition to 3 letters of reference.

Did the requirements change since then?

Adelaide replied 4 years ago   #51


Thank you for asking again, I missed this.

Proof of employment is all that is needed or if self employed, the most recent assessment. I have never had anyone in any port of entry submit THAT much information.

My list is:

-2 letters of reference They can be simple unless its a harder case. Then I write them for the client because I want specific things said (they have known them a long time, they have seen changes, they used to hang out with a rough crown, he is an excellent father/husband mother)

-Proof of residence (property tax bill, tenant agreement)

-Proof of employment or income (never more than 1 item and if taxes, just one year)

-Proof of Canadian Citizenship

-Police certificate

-Copy of Pardon (if applicable)

-Letter from a doctor or a drug test, depending (if applicable)

-Personal letter. I ALWAYS write this. If a client really wants, I will let them rewrite it in their own manner but 1.) they are paying me so I should do the work and 2.) I want this waiver to be granted for the maximum. Its easier for me to say the right things and I also know that if is sounds like BS to me, it will sound like BS to them.

-2 I-192's

That is the basics. Michelle will have a different list that will vary because of where her clients hand in the waiver, and I am also sure she has certain preferences that may differ as well. For waivers west of Manitoba, Michelle would have much more experience. I do quite a few in Manitoba, and some out east. I also get a few from BC. I tend to refer Alberta and Saskatchewan to Michelle and Quebec I let my colleague in Montreal handle. Ontario is my main focus.

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #50

Hey Adelaide

I thought maybe we needed a Brisbane here.

Brisbane replied 4 years ago   #49

@John Rogers @Michelle

I noticed that the person using the Esafe system when they listed the documents they had submitted didn't mention anything about the need to submit 5 years worth of tax returns. Is this the same with the the "snail mail", as it were, submission process or are 5 years worth of tax returns an ABSOLUTE requirement?

Thanks for any information you can provide pertaining to this.

:: @Adelaide added on 29 Aug ’19 · 17:46

As listed these were the documents they submitted (no mention of tax returns) -

The documents he provided were:
-copy of Canadian passport
-signed/dated statement about intended activities in the US
-signed/dated statement about the circumstances of past violation
-original fingerprint background check from RCMP
-proof of employment (ex. Paystubs, notice of assessment)
-proof of residence in Canada (ex. drivers license, mortgage receipts)
-three signed/dated character reference letters

Adelaide replied 4 years ago   #48

@HatsBootsHatsBoots, I too am doing waiver as usual..the electronic system has not come here yet and there is no time set for when it will.

Michelle replied 4 years ago   #47

HatsBootsHatsBoots, Michelle, Ken Scott and Michelle.

Give it up with your phony pardon services. More and more people are doing it on their own and getting 5 year waivers.

What will a person do for a few bucks.

Fatcat replied 4 years ago   #46


Actually someone posted their experience with Esafe and they found it much faster. (it was very recent, just look through some of the threads in the last week)

That is the only experience we have here. I give clients the choice but other than the one person getting it in under a month (incredibly fast) most people are getting it within 60 days anyways.

The problem I see is other than speed, this has no benefit to the client. They still have to prepare the documents, and show them when they come to the border (according to the website).

I am hoping some other people will try it, or a client will want to try it. Right now, I am doing waivers as usual.

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #45

@John Rogers

There are Ken Scott's everywhere. Welcome to the twilight zone.

Kscott . replied 4 years ago   #44

@John Rogers

I will ask this and only once. Who did you frustrate so they can pollute the forum with nonsense.

Also, for the individual claiming he knows me, If it's truly the person I believe it is, I truly apologize for his actions.

Anyways, how's your business going? Would like to have some insight on this new online waiver process.

HatsBootsHatsBoots replied 4 years ago   #43


No, it was K SCOTT

I ask because this guy is putting up "versions" of our names. I searched previous posts before your hiatus and it was never KSCOTT. Always K SCOTT. i don't want someone misrepresenting you. Can you call me on wattsapp? Just to confirm its you? You have the number.

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #42

#42 No it is still the same "KSCOTT." Also, apparently #41 really likes the songs from the singer Shaggy.

KSCOTT replied 4 years ago   #41

@KSCOTT you changed your user name?

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #40


Bombastic soy bombastic. Qué es bombastic? Creo no puedo responder.

Bombazinga1 replied 4 years ago   #39

The CBP issue is an old story in the sense that anyone entering the USA with a Marijuana product is asking for trouble. It is not anything new and has been in the Immigration code since 1952. I do not understand why people have trouble understanding that Marijuana is still illegal federally in the USA. State law is irrelevant since CBP enforces federal law. We have a page on our site that talks about this very issue. Btw...you will absolutely not qualify for a September letter for the most part if you have a Marijuana-related offence.

So logic and common sense should dictate that you do not approach the USA border if you have Marijuana or a Marijuana-related item(including a weed bong) in your bag or car. Especially since CBP has made it known that Marijuana is still illegal federally in the USA. There really has been no big increase in people being denied entry for Marijuana. The big fish already know about this and the system. It is the small fry that usually has the most trouble.

Btw what is Bombastic?


KSCOTT replied 4 years ago   #38


I haven't seen an increase in people being denied because of marijuana if that's the question.

I posted that story about CBD oil on Facebook and they removed it, as well as ANY stories about marijuana. Facebook does not like anything "promoting" marijuana, even though mine are all about people getting into trouble because of CBD or marijuana.

John Rogers replied 4 years ago   #37

Michelle, i just emailed you....and the reason for travel to usa is only for pleasure, travel with family, see nfl nhl game.

Nastybobby replied 4 years ago   #36

LOL Michelle gotta love your #4.

jazzsax1 replied 4 years ago   #35

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