Waiver application processing times

i194waiverposted 7 years ago

Got your I-194?

Reply here with how long it took. Months, weeks, days...

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The text below is an excerpt form the following website:


*Important Facts for Canadian Citizens: *

_In most cases Canadian passport holders are not requited to hold a U.S. visa to enter the United States directly from Canada._

_Canada is not a part of the Visa Waiver Program and Canadian passport holders do not need and cannot apply for ESTA._



BeesNest replied 4 years ago   #602

are Canadians allowed to use the Visa program?

Orchid168 replied 4 years ago   #601

That's a good question, I've wondered the same thing myself

Kal replied 4 years ago   #600

for Canadians that are inadmissible to US, is I-192 the only option? what about applying a visa at the US consulate Toronto? I heard the visa is valid for 10 years, and inquiry might be easier than dealing with ARO.

I am new to this forum.

Appreciate if anyone can explain to me . thanks.

Orchid168 replied 4 years ago   #599

Hello everyone, just a question. Why not apply a visa at the US embassy in Toronto instead?

Orchid168 replied 4 years ago   #598

Applied first time March 21, 2017, received 5-year waiver in the mail July 17, 2017. Letter dated July 10, 2017. Two drug possession charges from 10 years ago and one assault charge from 6 years ago.

anon replied 4 years ago   #597

My boyfriend got his first waiver in the mail on Friday dated June 30 2017. It is a five year Waiver. We applied March 20 2017 at the Queenston Lewiston boarder in Ontario.

He had petty drug charges (over 10 years ago) with proof that his life has turned around significantly.

Good luck everyone, that was quick in my opinion.

Sujpov replied 4 years ago   #596

@Hawk I can't believe you've waited 2 years for what's going to be your 4th waiver. This makes me worry.

Rylin replied 4 years ago   #595

@nan I have but I keep getting the standard ARO response.

Rylin replied 4 years ago   #594

I am on the same boat i applied on Dec 3rd 2016 at rainbow bridge 3rd waiver. Same reply secondary security check.
Lol even though I had 2 waiver approved in past. Doesnt make any sense.

Samianauman replied 4 years ago   #593

Sept. 2015 from the Peace Bridge

Get the same response from ARO, secondary security checks.

hawk replied 4 years ago   #592

When did u apply? 23 months is a long time

Nan replied 4 years ago   #591

Waiting 23 months myself. I have 3 approved waivers.

Hawk replied 4 years ago   #590

I just received a 1-year waiver in the mail today, dated June 26th. I applied February 5th at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls. Total wait time was 149 days.

I have 2 petty CIMT, but one is Canadian and one us US. Both from 5 years ago.

It was an awful waiting game and I empathize with everyone still waiting. Hang in there!

Eds replied 4 years ago   #589

@rylin 2 years is a long time.. have u followed up on your application?

Nan replied 4 years ago   #588

Has anyone else waited 2 years? I'm still waiting :/

Rylin replied 4 years ago   #587

@AP thanks for your post, actually gives me some hope. waiting on mine i applied april 5

nan replied 4 years ago   #586

I thought I'd leave a message as I often looked on here as I waited for a response to see what others were experiencing. My husband received a 5 year on June 26th, applied March 9th at Pearson. It was his 4th and we completed it ourselves. Hope this gives some hope to those waiting.

AP replied 4 years ago   #585

Received my 3rd waiver, good for 5 years, in the mail yesterday. Waiver is dated June 19th. I applied at Ottawa airport on February 25th.

dantana replied 4 years ago   #584

@BeesNest, This is my first waiver. They gave me a 5 year waiver.

Masol replied 4 years ago   #583