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Hello, my name is Ken Scott and I am a Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst with This room will be for us discussing the various cases that we get at our locations. We tend to specialize in the complex us entry waiver big fish cases, but we do get some smaller fish cases as well. We have cleared some newsworthy clients that were the subject of the 6-o clock news in the 1990's and 2000's in Vancouver and Surrey BC. Hopefully, you are able to use some of this information that we will discuss in regard to our new do it yourself us entry service. We have 6 global locations to include Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, London U.K., Tallinn Estonia, and Washington State.

We have 1 corporate mailing box by our Surrey office where all the mail is sent to 1 central location and is distributed to what relevant location as needed. I have personnel/affiliates on my team to include Counsellors, a Fingerprinting Company, Letter Writers, Psychologists. US Immigration Lawyers, I.T. Specialists, a Drug Testing Company and more. Apparently, we are the only Canadian business that specializes in the Lifetime Clearances aka September Letters.

We also have a strong online presence such as blogs, YouTube, and an Internet Talk Radio Show. We can also refer your case to an appropriate US Immigration Lawyer if needed as we just did that today to a gentleman that came to our Surrey BC location and needed an I-601 Waiver for his sponsorship.

Specifically, we will launch the do it yourself us waiver service in October. Basically, it will be a service where you do most of the us entry waiver work yourself and we will charge a small fee to go over and add in various changes. This may include us preparing your letters of reference, preparing your letter of explanation, doing a case analysis, or developing a rehabilitation plan for you (if needed) so that CBP will see that you are now rehabilitated. Note that this is mostly for the small fish cases only.

This will save you money where you will not have to hire a $525 Discount Waiver Company that will rip you off since you are doing the vast majority of the case yourself. The Discount Waiver Companies will also attack this post since this will also cause them to lose their cash cows as they see it.

As always, we are there to try and save you some money and headache from dealing with the U.S. Gov’t. We have other professional resources that may facilitate a favourable decision in your US Entry Waiver case.
1 888 908-3841
604 332-9213

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Btw people should fact check their waiver provider and demand that they show where in the reglations they can look up the information themselves. Everything that we tell a client can easily be fact checked in government regulations and policies. We show them exacly what is being done and why.

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