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KSCOTTposted 7 months ago

Hello, my name is Ken Scott and I am a Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst with This room will be for us discussing the various cases that we get at our locations. We tend to specialize in the complex us entry waiver big fish cases, but we do get some smaller fish cases as well. We have cleared some newsworthy clients that were the subject of the 6-o clock news in the 1990's and 2000's in Vancouver and Surrey BC. Hopefully, you are able to use some of this information that we will discuss in regard to our new do it yourself us entry service. We have 6 global locations to include Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, London U.K., Tallinn Estonia, and Washington State.

We have 1 corporate mailing box by our Surrey office where all the mail is sent to 1 central location and is distributed to what relevant location as needed. I have personnel/affiliates on my team to include Counsellors, a Fingerprinting Company, Letter Writers, Psychologists. US Immigration Lawyers, I.T. Specialists, a Drug Testing Company and more. Apparently, we are the only Canadian business that specializes in the Lifetime Clearances aka September Letters.

We also have a strong online presence such as blogs, YouTube, and an Internet Talk Radio Show. We can also refer your case to an appropriate US Immigration Lawyer if needed as we just did that today to a gentleman that came to our Surrey BC location and needed an I-601 Waiver for his sponsorship.

Specifically, we will launch the do it yourself us waiver service in October. Basically, it will be a service where you do most of the us entry waiver work yourself and we will charge a small fee to go over and add in various changes. This may include us preparing your letters of reference, preparing your letter of explanation, doing a case analysis, or developing a rehabilitation plan for you (if needed) so that CBP will see that you are now rehabilitated. Note that this is mostly for the small fish cases only.

This will save you money where you will not have to hire a $525 Discount Waiver Company that will rip you off since you are doing the vast majority of the case yourself. The Discount Waiver Companies will also attack this post since this will also cause them to lose their cash cows as they see it.

As always, we are there to try and save you some money and headache from dealing with the U.S. Gov’t. We have other professional resources that may facilitate a favourable decision in your US Entry Waiver case.
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Btw people should fact check their waiver provider and demand that they show where in the reglations they can look up the information themselves. Everything that we tell a client can easily be fact checked in government regulations and policies. We show them exacly what is being done and why.

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Also, Michelle do you use the Mary Kay cream only on their hands or do you also use it on your face as well?

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Sorry this was meant for box #50.

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@jazzsax lol yeah I am guilty of not using enough lotion and end up with dry hands. Yeah I admit it and the ridicule from my J.R. seems to be mellowing out and I am grateful for this since it would be my honour to buy him a beer when I get to Ontario. I have some plans for him that could increase his wealth if he is open to them. He is in the perfect area for this project since he is surrounded by too many crooked $499.00 Batman waiver companies. I think I contact him off this platform and go over the details there.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

KSCOTT replied 4 months ago   #53

@Jazzsax1, if you have secret ways to keep hands soft and moist, I am going to have to demand you share them immediately. This is not a request.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #52

All of us brown brothers, even the honourary white ones with a 2nd carribean passport like to keep our hands nice and supple!

I've got a few products I use which are not mainstream and do the trick. And don't have junk in them.

jazzsax1 replied 4 months ago   #51

Lol well J. R. this is the first time I saw you laugh and mention my name in the same sentence...You had a moment of celebratory greatness when you used some of my words. I am being sincere when I say that I appreciate the compliment since I have been a secretive type gentleman since I was 10 years You may take a bow. .lol … Yes, a brown brotha needs to keep his hands hydrated as I did this in my video. J.R. is indeed right about Corn Husker oil since I have used it many times before in the past.

KSCOTT replied 4 months ago   #50

@John, Cornhust Oil? Never heard of it? My secret is Mary Kay cream...LOL. My other secret is paper for people with damp, oily hands, rub their hands on a sheet of paper. I know sounds crazy but is sure clears up the dampness...

Michelle replied 4 months ago   #49


Yes dry hands are a real problem here. "Cornhusker Oil" obtained in the US is our "secret weapon". (OMG I sound like Ken)

We joke we shouldn't give a "seniors discount", they should pay more. Young well hydrated fingers should be half price. LOL

(we don't give a seniors discount btw)

We get a lot of people from South Asia and the Caribbean. When they say "i am bringing my parents for fingerprints..." we think "this isn't going to be easy".

Its not just dry skin either. Winter makes it worse, and people who have had labour intensive jobs all their lives can be a real headache.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #48

@Ken and John, I have a couple of truck drivers who are going to deliver their paperwork soon, (hopefully,) and I am going to do the FBI Prints and put in package, just to see what happens. I don't know why they would not be accepted. I do FBI Prints all the time for Immigration and various employment reasons. The only thing is FBI is very particular about the prints, and will deny them for any little reason. John, I am sure you are noticing a problem with fingerprinting in general with all the sanitizing of hands, it makes them so dry.

Michelle replied 4 months ago   #47

@ John and Michelle no, I have not, and I wonder if we would even be allowed to do such. Now both of you actually just came up with an excellent idea!!! What if we were to propose a policy change to CBP in this case?

An example like you both just said is that John Doe takes his FBI card to the border with him when he files his packet? His FBI card could be done by the RCMP or a fingerprint company in Canada. The this would be 1 less thing that the guard would have to do since some border guards are atrocious at taking FBI prints.

Btw the video on how people can do their own simple pardons can be a benefit for both of you financially. Let me put my thoughts together on this and I think you will both find it remarkably interesting. It ties into Michelle's other question about marketing. We have a major financial opportunity coming up with the next 6 months regarding these pardon cases ...and I think both of you will find it very interesting.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

KSCOTT replied 4 months ago   #46

@Ken, Just the FBI card with prints, to eliminate the Customs Officer having to do it when client drops off paperwork.

Michelle replied 5 months ago   #45

@Ken Scott

No she meant sent ink fingerprints WITH the application. Then Homeland Security could send them themselves with the package, taking away the necessity of doing fingerprints in person at the border.

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #44

@ Michelle I assume that you mean an FBI fingerprint check that has already come back? Well, we have done that on a few occasions but those were special cases.

k scott replied 5 months ago   #43


When Biden is in office, there MIGHT be some sort of agreement since Trudeau and Biden are tight.

The problem is the numbers. Ontario and Quebec have been a mess for a long time, and now BC, Alberta and Manitoba are getting worse. The United States is awful. The pandemic has really exposed a horrible side of many Americans.

I heard Ken on a podcast predict February, which is a decent guess, and I hope he is right, but deep down I think April (around Easter) is more likely.

Remember, you can fly NOW, not drive, but you can only hand in waivers if you are deemed essential service.

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #42

When will the border open up ?

Saratoo replied 5 months ago   #41

@Michelle, not in years.

I have a couple of clients who are "essential" who are going to drop the package off in the coming weeks. I will let know you know how it goes.

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #40

Ken and Scott, have either of you ever submitted the FBI prints in with the waiver package? I have not, because I know that they are done at Customs when paperwork is dropped off, however, I am going to try it with my client who is going to drop off his paperwork next week. He is a truck driver, and I am curious to see what Customs will do? Will let you know..

Michelle replied 5 months ago   #39

@Ken Scott

You actually need to bring on a fake client to YouTube to "discusses how he verified our authenticity."?

I am going to bet

-this person is NOT in "studio" with you, since he will be Canadian and you a NOT IN CANADA. (he will be on video chat)
-This is the SAME guy you ALWAYS use. Not a client, simply a friend who you tried to operate the business in Canada with before it failed.
-that the video will be an unorganized shit show, and probably focuses on me more than it should
-he will pretend to have been some huge gangster/bad ass
-almost everything he "discusses" about "his case" is fictional. He's just a normal "guy".
-he won't give his name, so we can't google him, or will be in disguise
-the entire thing will be entertaining, in a "car accident disaster" type of way, but a huge waste of time otherwise.

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #38

Tomorrow, we will be doing another YouTube live stream with another one of our waiver clients. This one is much higher on the food chain and he will discuss parts of his experience involving us and his case. His case is unique because he has used some of the other services that we provide people regarding preparing their US Entry Waiver applications. He also entered the USA by air during Covid and he can share what that experience was like at YVR as well. He also did his due diligence and verified our authenticity. The story has a twist when he discusses how he verified our authenticity. Essentially, it was a bit of a full circle.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 5 months ago   #37

This is something that everyone should practice in some form or another. We heavily utilize this tool in the preparation of our waiver/border crossing cases. I also heavily use this tool in my personal life.

Yeah, we are thinking of offering these seminars to people that are interested in protecting their privacy under the new world order. The seminars would consist of much of the same tools that the Govt & other agencies use to spy on your data but just reversed in your favour. We will decide whether we go forward with this project depending on the feedback that we get over a 1 month period. Our V.I.P clients already get this service for free.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K Scott replied 6 months ago   #36

The prep work for the next episode of our show is coming along quite well. We have decided that we will discuss various cases and other things as topics. This is actually a hobby of mine, but I think that we may start doing them again on a regular basis. We have a V.I.P program where certain clients get their cases prepared for free for the rest of eternity. One infamous individual comes to mind that has a criminal court case that is apparently required reading at law schools and is deemed a Canadian court precedent. We will reach out to him and see if he wishes to partake.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

KSCOTT replied 6 months ago   #35


Are the addresses in other countries also not "walk in"? Just wondering if they are mailboxes.

Again, nothing wrong with working out of a mailbox. Just be upfront.

J Rogers replied 6 months ago   #34

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