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J Rogersposted 10 months ago

Ill post the first "tip".

Whatever "Port" you enter is now apparently the only port that "has" the application.

For example, I had a client who lives in Niagara Falls. For some reason, she decided to go to another port of entry. (Lewiston) I put "desired port of entry" as Rainbow Bridge.

They could not find her application. She has proof she paid, but they could not find her. Then when she called me, we figured out when I talked to the officer, that she MUST go to Rainbow Bridge. She did, and there was the application.

I now make sure every client goes to the Rainbow Bridge, which is the best port anyways. They don't allow trucks, so far less busy. Also very friendly.

Replies (recent first):

> Document Verification <

Bring copies of ALL documents uploaded to e-SAFE, for verification.
The receipt of Form I-192 confirmation email notes "You MUST bring the original uploaded documents submitted for verification to a designated e-SAFE port of entry".

As I uploaded a copy of my passport (for citizenship), I figured my actual passport would satisfy verification as the "original" document. Well, perhaps semantics and just silly me... no, apparently I should have had a photocopy of my passport. Thankfully, the agent went to the opposite wing of the building to make a copy. To my surprise, after verification that copy along with every other document presented was returned to me.

Application is for a 7th consecutive waiver. Reported to, at Peace Arch (Blaine) port. No fingerprints nor DNA sample taken. Except for having to begrudgingly photocopy my passport, the agent was quite courteous.
And, as others here have posted. The US agent gave me a form to present Canada Border Services indicating I did not enter the US. This addressed the current return to Canada requirement for a negative covid test. The CBSA agent did ask to see proof of vaccine.

k604 replied 4 months ago   #19

You don't just "show up". you make an appointment.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #18

Good day what are the hours for Lewiston to do your finger prints etc for I-192 mon - friday I did my e-safe on line ,when you do the e-safe you just need to bring your up load documents , do you have to bring a copy of your application that's was done on line also, or the number you get when you complete they look it up, and they go from there I have my e-safe # paid etc thankyou

Wayne replied 4 months ago   #17

I am just wondering.., I went for a I-192 e-safe fingerprint this afternoon, I did not get any email notification or update on my on online application "Status changed to Submitted to ARO", is this normal?
Thanks Nathan

Nathan replied 9 months ago   #16

@Michelle this is for you:

I went through every single waiver client I have done since the border opened who could possible have their waiver. (No one too recent)

I found 5 instances where I was very happy I had double checked everything was alright.

-one client had a letter since August 2 asking for more documentation and didn't know it
-2 clients had relied on me to email them the waiver, but the download I had taken was page 1 twice. Luckily, the file was still active and I could go download it again. I don't know why, but sometimes the download just takes the first page.
-one client had gotten the waiver 20 days ago, didn't know it, and only had 10 more days to download it.
-One client is a week away from reaching the 45 days to get fingerprinted at the border and didn't realize it.

The problem is that older clients were used to having the waiver arrive by mail, and sometimes had no checked email, or the email went into spam.

My system is that I now check the file myself after 15 days. If the waiver is granted I download it, and email the client a copy, but make sure both pages are included. After I have finished the file and tell the client to get fingerprinted, I also WARN the client they only have 45 days.

It took me all day with help to check every single file, but in these 5 instances, it was absolutely worth it. The clients actually really appreciated that I checked in with them, even the ones who were fine. Follow up shows you don't just care about taking the money, but you care about RESULTS.

We are much slower this week with fingerprints, and I expect this to stay slower until the end of August. Waivers are still coming in, but so far I have been able to keep a 1-2 day turn around.

J Rogers replied 9 months ago   #15


Yes, once you use it, you never want to go back.

There are so many benefits, and very few drawbacks. Plus Homeland Security BEFORE the pandemic used to LECTURE clients at the airport about using "paper".

The other part I like is they give the client his/her documents back.

The BEST part is when I see Ken rail against it, I know a) he hasn't done a single waiver since and b) if he does get waivers in the future, and won't use eSAFE, he will look slow, and a bit ridiculous. There is NO reason other than "preference" to NOT use eSAFE.

J Rogers replied 9 months ago   #14

@John, yes, I have noticed some differences for sure. I was a little apprehensive about E-safe, but now that I have started using it for Clients, I think it is going to be a great asset to Waiver applications. I like the fact that I can go in and see updates on file status. I can't wait until the US opens up for all regular waiver applications here.

Michelle replied 9 months ago   #13


Sorry I didn't see the post, but K is right. Yes you have to change your mindset a little when doing e-SAFE, for example asking the CITY where parents are born or wife is born or else the online version won't let you move to the next box.

Also the border crossing goes from "these three places" to "specifically THIS port because that is where you want the eSAFE file to end up.

J Rogers replied 9 months ago   #12

@K..Thanks...I am so used to entering Portal as desired port (from the paper forms) I just did it automatic without even thinking about.
For some reason I thought that there was going to be another area to enter...Thanks!

Michelle replied 9 months ago   #11

For port of entry see page 4 of 12 - Section 2 question 21on the application for the ESafe portal

K replied 9 months ago   #10

E-safe Tip: @ John, I did not find the "Desired Port of Entry" area when submitting the E-Safe Application.. The instructions after payment complete, just state "You have 45 calendar days to report to an e-safe designated port of entry to complete the biometrics requirements and you must bring the original uploaded documents submitted with you."

Tip #2. I found the make payment option failed 2x before allowing me to enter credit card info.

Tip #3. Do not use the back key, it kicks you out of application, use the tabs to move around program.

Michelle replied 9 months ago   #9

Just got my email earlier today. I had to quarantine for 14 days which ends tomorrow as I went to Lewiston Queenston bridge to do my Biometrics and got out of the car. Told Canada Border officials what I did. All worth it. Did it myself and voila! 5 year waiver issued today and I did it all by myself. First waiver was done by a Toronto company in 2016. Took my time to go through it and saved myself a ton of $$.

Status History (5)
7/26/2021, 01:30 PM EDT : Status changed to Completed
7/13/2021, 07:00 PM EDT : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
6/30/2021, 10:12 AM EDT : Status changed to Paid
6/30/2021, 10:09 AM EDT : Status changed to Signed
6/11/2021, 11:03 PM EDT : Application Created

[ K appended this reply on July 26, 2021 @ 4:24 pm ]

Thanks to this site and all the tips, I gained the courage and knowledge to do it myself. It helped that I had a copy of my 1st waiver application as a guidance.

K replied 10 months ago   #8

Tip #3

So when you come back to Canada, claim you didn't get out of your car and simply passed your documents through the window while they checked them.

this has worked for 90% of my clients, admittedly mostly for men. Women they seem to give a harder time to.

J Rogers replied 10 months ago   #7

I got my renewal done last week and was only 3-1/2 days with ARO so hopefully it will be as quick for you.

Fortunately didn't have to quarantine but warned me that the next time I would have to. The next time I cross will be without the restrictions/closure so good with that. It really depends on where you cross and who you get at the booth and this was in BC.

WaivedinBC replied 10 months ago   #6

Just got back from Lewiston Queenston bridge doing my Biometrics. Good experience until I went back to cross back into Canada. All within, 1.5 hours and the Canada Customs Officer told me I have to Quarantine for 14 days. No exceptions because I went to the U.S. and got out of the car and into the building. Double Vaccinated didn’t matter because I didn’t take a covid test when coming or going back.

I was sent to swab for covid with a Nurse just off to the side at the bridge and given another kit to come home with to re-swab on day 8 again and have it picked up at my door by Purolator same day.

So documents submitted to the ARO. I am awaiting my renewal Waiver hopefully in 14 days too. Lol

Thank God I work from home. So the Quarantine is not too much.

K replied 10 months ago   #5

@J Rogers
Yes I saw your tip and looked back at my form Esafe copy which said Lewiston. That is why I booked the appointment there.

I will post next week how the appointment goes.
Thanks again for the tips.

K replied 10 months ago   #4


Did you put Lewiston as the port of entry? If so, you are in good shape. If not, you need to make the appointment at the same port you put on your forms.

It sounds like you have a good grasp on what you are doing, so don't worry, I am sure you will be fine.

J Rogers replied 10 months ago   #3

Thanks for the 2 tips!

I just paid for my Waiver last week and was contemplating the appointment now for bio-metrics and where to call!

So I just got off the phone and dealt with 3 nice persons at Lewiston-Queenston Bridge to book my appointment. Finally got the right number 716-843-8521 for booking appointments for Bio-Metrics. They ask which bridge crossing, my name, DOB, A-number if you have one, and phone number to call you in case they have to change your appointment.

I am set to go next week and they gave me a confirmation number of my confirmed booked appointment. She said just tell them at the border what you are there for and that you have a confirmed appointment.

This site is the best. Going for a renewal 2nd waiver. 1st waiver I got 5 years through a Toronto company. I filed this one myself via E-Safe and praying it goes well for me.

K replied 10 months ago   #2

Second tip.

Don't file your waiver on eSafe and then make an appointment immediately.

A client was from Montreal, so he saw me at 1pm. I finished his application at 430. He made an appointment for 9am the next morning. They informed him when he got there that they could not find his file. I talked ot the officer and we figured out that he had to wait another day before the file would be available. He went back a day later and it was there, no problem.

So tip#2 is give it at least a day after filing and paying before you go to the border.

J Rogers replied 10 months ago   #1

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