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Princesskposted 7 years ago

Anyone know how long a record suspension is taking? Anyone applied? How long was it?

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The record is GONE. Homeland Security never got it.

This is a ridiculous statement:

TECS automatically downloads the data anyway, so it is likely there.

CPIC isn't that type of database. They don't "download" it. Your fear mongering. If what you said was true, all the clients I have done pardons for SINCE 1998 and told them that they did NOT need a waiver would be exposed. Not a single one would come back to me and ask me for a waiver, or even complain????

Do you know how many clients that is? That's 20 YEARS.

John Rogers replied 5 years ago   #14

I just saw #11 and won't respond since it clearly indicates immaturity, nonsense and someone of low self esteem that has to fabricate info to make themselves feel good.

ABC may need a waiver since Conditional Discharges are not recognized by CBP. This is a plain and simple fact. Anyway, I can direct any fingerprint related questions to my fingerprint associate as the business partner there worked for Corrections Canada for 40 years as a manager and the other partner formerly worked for commissionaires.

Also, you do not know if CBP saw the discharge or not. TECS automatically downloads the data anyway, so it is likely there. You are essentially telling the guy to commit a violation of 18 USC of False Statements to an Officer.

No need to debate it since it is a fact that he may need a waiver.

KSCOTT replied 5 years ago   #13

I will put this HERE. Its not exactly a Waiver topic but we have had debates about this, so its important to share it for accuracy.

I have a client. ABC. (fake name obviously)

ABC got fingerprinted on January 30 2018. The record was processed and dated February 26 2018. The last notation on the record reads:

2015-11-13 Theft Under $5000 - Conditional Discharge.

I explained, you need to be fingerprinted again to remove the record. The police told this client different information. On November 15 this person went in to Peel Police to check on the record. It was still there.

On November 16 2018 ABC came and got fingerprinted.

Fingerprint results (just arrived)

Nothing. No record existing. Conditional Discharge gone.

Conditional Discharges are NOT removed automatically after 3 years. You have to "prompt" the RCMP with Fingerprints.

In this persons case they were stopped at the border before 2015 because they had previously overstayed. But Homeland Security did not know about the discharge, so we wanted it removed BEFORE they applied.

Feel free to debate this with me if you understand it differently.

John Rogers replied 5 years ago   #12

Quick poll:

Does everyone believe -

-lives and works in Brampton, most clients from Brampton
-does pardons (which need court documents from every conviction)
-does Waivers
-linked an article from the Globe and Mail about Brampton court
-has no incentive to lie, put the information up to inform people of the problem
-is currently living and working in Canada
-is willing to give anyone interested the phone number and email of the Supervisor in charge of the court clerks

-Does not do pardons
-has been outed for posting false things on here and his webpage
-calls John drunk from the UK and complains that John picks on him
-his office is in BC, 3 time zones and over 1000 km away from Brampton
-"Ummm we got a court file from them and it took 6 weeks...It was not that hard and the most work was printing off the letter and mailing it out" is a bit short on details
-is obsessed with rebutting John because people used to buy his "we do special September Letters" until John explained he was a scam artist
-is neither living or working in Canada right now and hasn't for months.

John Rogers replied 5 years ago   #11

Ummm we got a court file from them and it took 6 weeks...It was not that hard and the most work was printing off the letter and mailing it out.

KSCOTT replied 5 years ago   #10

Pardon related.

For those who are doing, or do pardons, as you know Brampton court is a nightmare to get documents from.

Here is an article about how difficult it has become for anything to do with Brampton court. If you are having difficulty with this court, let me know and I will tell you who we have been dealing with. Being in Brampton as you can imagine we do a lot of business with them.


John Rogers replied 5 years ago   #9

#7, Thank John, I agree it is going to be difficult to provide the "proof"...also do you know if the entire Pardon Application Form has to be filled out like a regular pardon, and what about people who have other convictions. Do we submit 2 different pardon applications? Also, it should be noted that US Customs was on CTV NEWS and Advised that a "Pardon" is not recognized by the USA, and you may be denied with a Pardon.

Michelle replied 5 years ago   #8

Details will come in the following weeks, but this is what we know so far.

-Must be a possession of marijuana (did not specify if more than one)
-Must be under 30 grams
-No waiting period (so technically no longer a 3 year wait plus the sentence in Ontario and BC 5 years in other provinces)
-no fee (save the $631)

And that is according to Minister Goodales news conference as of 9:41 this morning.

John Rogers replied 5 years ago   #7

I will place this here.

The Federal Govt is supporting the idea of giving a 'simpler' pardon to people convicted of one drug possession, as long as its marijuana, and under 30 grams.

What we are waiting to hear, is what is considered "proof"? If you must PROVE its under 30 grams, this might be difficult. Court documents rarely have this information and summary convictions are only retained for 15 years. (Indictable 40)

Police reports MAY be an alternative, but hopefully the will accept an affidavit.

I will keep everyone updated.

John Rogers replied 5 years ago   #6

i was told directly from parole board lady that it takes 1 to 2 years after submitting.. ....been waiting since last august

ffff replied 6 years ago   #5

Because not a lot of people talk about Pardons, I should give a rundown and why they take the time they do.

Fingerprints: 1 month
Court Documents: Some places can be 30 days or less (Old City Hall is very fast) Others like Brampton or Scarborough or Surrey, are brutally long and can take up to 6 months.

Local Police Check : 4-6 weeks

You write out your "measurable benefits" (one day)

Parole Board in Ottawa - short lineup 1-3 months Long line-up 9-12 months

These times are accurate and up to date as of January 2018. I will post here when they finally change the Pardon process and drop the $631 fee.

JOHN ROGERS replied 6 years ago   #4

IN Ontario and BC they are called Pardons again.

Times: If you have 1 or 2 summary convictions, where the court documents SAY its a summary conviction, you can get a Pardon in less than a year usually. (this is a very short line-up)

If you are anything OTHER than what i described, the Parole Board part alone takes at least 9-12 months, so about 18-24 months.

The fee you pay is the same, there is no "higher fee" for a faster pardon. Anyone advertising "expedited service" is just trying to get more money out of you.

If you live in any other province, its a Record Suspension still.

Eligibility, 3 or 5 years after your sentence in Ontario and BC every other province is still 5 or 10 years after your sentence.

This means WHERE YOU PRESENTLY LIVE, not where you were convicted.

JOHN ROGERS replied 6 years ago   #3

thank you

PrincessK replied 6 years ago   #2

Hi @Princessk

If you have all your paper work correct, it can be from 6 - 9 months. Mine took roughly 9 months from applying.

Hope this helps!

Sha replied 7 years ago   #1

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