Ken Scott and his business.

J Rogersposted 3 years ago

Kens company is just a mailbox in a UPS store. Google the address.

Combine that with simply reading his posts to draw your own conclusions. I speculate Ken actually has moved to another job and is doing this on the side (which explains his sudden departure for a while)

As you can see by his posts...he is not in a good place right now.

Ken, we wish you a speedy recovery. If you apologize, and give us some insight as to why you have been acting the way you are, maybe you can rebuild your imagine on here. Read your posts. Its a tough read.

It doesn't promote trust, or professionalism. It makes you appear bitter, and desperate.

Maybe an explanation and a new start could help you. The forum could use some decorum, some difference in opinion is healthy, and more opinions, not less.

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