Ken Scott and his business.

J Rogersposted 1 month ago

Kens company is just a mailbox in a UPS store. Google the address.

Combine that with simply reading his posts to draw your own conclusions. I speculate Ken actually has moved to another job and is doing this on the side (which explains his sudden departure for a while)

As you can see by his posts...he is not in a good place right now.

Ken, we wish you a speedy recovery. If you apologize, and give us some insight as to why you have been acting the way you are, maybe you can rebuild your imagine on here. Read your posts. Its a tough read.

It doesn't promote trust, or professionalism. It makes you appear bitter, and desperate.

Maybe an explanation and a new start could help you. The forum could use some decorum, some difference in opinion is healthy, and more opinions, not less.

Replies (recent first):

@George you saw those "fingerprint letters?"

I will reply since once again it makes Ken Scott look poorly researched as usual.

As Michelle can confirm, every location has a "main security officer". If you work alone, its obviously that person.

Under that person, (the one named on the "fingerprint letters" I guess) are other people accredited to fingerprint.

Putting my daughters name and age on a public forum is pretty scummy. (going on my facebook page to snoop around and stealing pictures is VERY creepy, especially of my family) Ken Scott, no office, no fixed location, not in Canada, no class. For mentioning my daughter, you should be banned from the forum. We will see what the moderators say.

Does anyone think that what he has done is ok?

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #6

Cmon on really man??? Youre just making yourself look stupid here. Ken and Rick got me a September letter for my charges so what you say is complete bullshit! No one here believes anything you say now John. I saw those fingerprint letters and your name is not on it to take prints. I am White too and I know why you act like this. Yeah man grow a pair and stop being a goof ball!

George replied 1 month ago   #5

Ken, this is your "bio" off your website. No offence, but its HIGHLY questionable. Remember everyone, Ken wrote this. My favorite? "he studied microbiology at Howard". Notice how specific. Yes "Bachelor of Science in Criminology for the United States". Notice as well he has never attended do I know? Criminology is a an Arts Degree, not a science one. Just google it Ken. I wonder is ANY Of it is true?

Ken Scott’s speciality area is U.S. immigration inadmissibility issues. A senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst and former Personnel Manager for the United States Government Dept of Defence Pentagon. He is also a highly decorated former member of the military, attended American military Officer Candidate School and trained with her majesty’s military forces from the United Kingdom and American special operations groups. He is also a former auxiliary police academy assistant law enforcement trainer, firearms trainer and defensive tactics and military operations instructor. He is also a former certified Law Enforcement Officer in Washington State. He had also initially been hired to be an instructor at the U.S. border and was also a Federal Protective Officer with the U.S Federal Protective Service, and a part time night court Bailiff. Ken’s ultimate goal is to become a criminal trial lawyer for trying serious offences at the US federal court cases at the Federal District Court of Seattle. Ken Scott is a Bachelor of Science in Criminology from the United States and attended numerous other schools and obtained training in many specialized and highly sought-after areas. He has also studied Microbiology at the prestigious Howard University in Washington D.C. Ken has been lucky enough to establish global locations for our website dictated services offered in Washington State, both London & Yorkshire United Kingdom, Estonia, Surrey, Burnaby, Vancouver and Winnipeg Canada. He is able to open a location and offer our services anywhere in the European Union, United States or Canada. He has family members that were heavily involved in working for government agencies and helping to keep North America and NATO safe.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #4

@KenScott. I have never worked with Jared Church. I don't know anyone by that name. I forward my phones. Try it out. Call as late as you want. I also post my actual CELLPHONE, so why your friend who pretends to be an ex con cannot reach me just shows his inability, not my inaccessibility. 416-843-1371. You have the number. You only use wattsapp.I assume again because you do not live in Canada.

3 of us are accredited here. I once worked for Pardon Services Canada (as I have stated here) I ran their Toronto office in the 90's. They are called AllClear. I know the owner, Mr Jadavji, does not like you. I know he has written about you being a scam, and they tell anyone if you call them that you are a scam. They are also in BC. I actually thought maybe he was the reason you disappeared for a while. I have no restrictions on me doing waivers. I have an actual office where anyone could walk in and see me anytime. You have a mailbox because you cannot afford an office. You have no partners, but if you did, they would be horrified about how you are making them look.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #3

Just to clarify. The claim of "getting people September Letters" is what I am disputing. I have seen 2 waivers Ken has done and both were passable for waivers. I don't understand why he says some things that are frivolous like "Occams Razor" but both packages still got the person a waiver. If Ken simply said "I do waivers", no issue. The "i'll do better than a waiver" is the false claim. We all try and get the best result possible. If the "September Letter" is possible, then you try. But the personal circumstances of each client dictate that. If you are inadmissible, you are inadmissible. As i have said to Ken many times, stop making promises, and just be honest with what you can realistically deliver. His response as always, is never about THAT, but about my BJJ gi.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #2

@KenScott. Jared Church? I don't think I have ever heard this name before. I am accredited to fingerprint. That means I have been vetted carefully by the RCMP. So has the office I work in. Michelle has also gone through this process. Ken Scott cannot fingerprint. He has no actual office. He doesn't even live in Canada for most of the year. He hides.

If you give him money and he doesn't perform, you have no way of complaining about him (where is he?) or tracking him. You can't even sue him. Look at all his "claims" on here. He has not done a single one of them. Ben Archer never called me, because you never get voicemail with me. I forward my phones. You can reach me 24/7. He is also not accredited to fingerprint. In a market where the big 4 companies are looking to have MORE places to fingerprint, they avoid you.

Ken, get some help. Your embarrassing yourself, and this is your ONLY way of communicating with people. If the moderator cuts you off here, you will be completely silenced. You pretend everything else, at least pretend to be a professional.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #1

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