How to check waiver application status?

pascalposted 5 years ago

Hey - anyone know where to check on my application? I submitted it over 2 months ago. Thanks in advance!

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#82 @Van

Congratulations!!! That's a huge relief for you no doubt.

May I ask how long was it that you overstayed that made them ban you for 10 years in the first place? Do you know if the length of overstay factors in whether or not they grant you a waiver? (maybe that's a question for @John Rogers)

At any rate once again Congratulations!!!

I hope when I file in the next few weeks that I'll also experience a positive outcome.

Adelaide replied 8 months ago   #84

Correction, How to file one's I192 & I 212 online.

Van replied 8 months ago   #83

#80 @ Adelaide, I just received my approved I 192 plus I 194 and a brochure (e-safe, how to file one's I-192 & I-212).

Valid for 1 year starting from the date of issuance, June 24, 2019 instead of Feb. 28, 2019, the original decision they made that did not reach me.

Van replied 8 months ago   #82

#80 @ Adelaide, yeah, sure. Thanks

Van replied 9 months ago   #81

#79 @Van

Sounding good for you! I hope it all works out well. :)

Let us know what the outcome is when you hear, if you don't mind.

Best of luck!

Adelaide replied 9 months ago   #80

#78 @ Adelaide, my application was complete. They were't asking for any RFE.

They just want my complete address and if I file a change of address with their office and if I had, I need also to provide my previous address.

Van replied 9 months ago   #79

#77 @Van

Well that's good news!!! Looking positive! :)

Was ARO asking for a RFE (request for evidence) to complete your application?

Please let us know on the forum how it all turns out for you when you receive their decision.

Adelaide replied 9 months ago   #78

#76 @ Adelaide, same as me.

BTW, last fri. ARO emailed me requesting for some info. and yesterday June 24, 2019 emailed me again informing me that they are reissuing their decision again to me and was also sent to me yesterday. What a welcome development.

Van replied 9 months ago   #77

#75 @Van

Yeah I figured 7 years would be long enough but with the Trump Administration things are probably somewhat askew... And I suppose it all depends on the individual adjudicating the waiver as well.

Who the hell knows... life certainly isn't about "guarantees".

As for your EX was she banned for 10 years as well and how long after the ban did she apply for a waiver? Ironic that you're the one who helped her and it was a positive outcome for her.

Adelaide replied 9 months ago   #76

# 73 Adelaide, yeah 10 yrs. I thought so too. bec. my EX applied 5 months before me and in 82 days she receives her approval letter ( 1 year ) plus the form I-194. The funny thing is I'm the one who composed the letter explaining her circumtances. WHEW.

# 73 John, thanks for the idea. I will do that.

Van replied 9 months ago   #75


7 years is long enough to apply for a waiver, but not what I would consider LONG. 10 years is usually what I use as a marker for "long". Remember, I usually tell people to wait at least 5 years to be safe, if they can.

John Rogers replied 9 months ago   #74

#71 @Van


7 years since you were banned???

I’m guessing that your waiver should have sailed through quite easily if it’s been that long.

I’m assuming you got banned for 10 years... is that correct? Or was it longer?

@John Rogers - don’t you think (in your expert opinion) that after 7 years getting a waiver for just an overstay should be quite successful and quickly processed?

Adelaide replied 9 months ago   #73

@VAN Yes I have had some be successful with that approach but not all. Again, its all in 1.) how you ask 2) who you get.

John Rogers replied 9 months ago   #72

# 70 @ Adelaide, 7th year

Van replied 9 months ago   #71

#69 @Van

Thanks for replying.

Yeah I'm in the same boat (overstay).

How long has it been since the overstay (how long after getting banned did you apply for the waiver?)

Adelaide replied 9 months ago   #70

# 67 @ Adelaide, I overstayed my visa.

# 68 @ John, first thank you for the advice. I already asked my neifhbors weeks ago and no one happened to receive my mail by chance.

About your second advice, going to the border ( CBP office ), do you know anyone or you yourself have done this before and sucessfully able to convince border officer to give you the information you're seeking?


Van replied 9 months ago   #69


First go to neighbors and see if they got your mail. Second, go to a border and see if they can let you know if you got a 1 year or a 5 year waiver.

If its a 1, just re-apply. If its a 5, you need to file for a replacement. Unfortunately you have to pay for that replacement.

John Rogers replied 9 months ago   #68

#66 @Van

What is it that required you to need a waiver if I may ask?

Adelaide replied 9 months ago   #67

My timeline:

Submitted my I-192 on Dec. 12, 2018, after 150 days have passed I emailed ARO on May 24, 2019 to check the status of my application. ARO replied to me on June 10, 2019 infoming me that a decision have been made and it was mailed to me on Feb. 28, 2019.

But I have not receive any mail from them.
What should I do next? Kindly help me.

Van replied 9 months ago   #66

Hi Guys,

I'm looking to move to the US with a job offer after finishing work under the J-1 category there for 3 months. The job offer I am going to receive is to require a TN visa.

Do I need to get a new waiver with the TN added to it? I have J-1/B1/B2 on it currently. Or is it something I can do at the border with the proper documents?

AD replied 9 months ago   #65

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