Fingerprinting Tsunami

J Rogersposted 1 week ago

Apparently the Canadian Government mailed out/sent out 27,000 invitations all at once. All these people must be fingerprinted.

Our previous "record" for fingerprints in a day; 21 sets.

Yesterday: 70 sets.

That is correct. We left at 8pm.

We expect this to continue for a few days.

I hope Michelle you are getting some of this as well.

Replies (recent first):

@Michelle we are ClearNeed affiliates. But we just went ahead and bought the scanner and it was so worth it. $1200-$1300 for a scanner. (that includes software, set up etc) It was worth it to US, but being in Brampton we get tons of people with relatives in South Asia, and we got one connection in South Korea. As well, immigration consultants send us people. We didn't set up a business here on purpose, we just happened to move here because of grandparents/kids etc. But it turned out to be great from the fingerprinting side.

I have been told they are doing up to 400K invitations over the next year. You have to make sure the ones in your city are not being funnelled to someone else. This madness is just for 27k. Imagine all the fingerprints. Ask your provider if other affiliates are businer because of this and make sure your easily found if people are looking for prints. It could just be that there aren't a lot of these applications in Regina, I am not sure.

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #9

@Ken, really, your guy too? Hmm, I think Safran has been keeping me in the dark.. LOL..I am going to call them today and talk to them about this...Thanks Guys..

MIchelle replied 1 week ago   #8

@ Michelle My guy can scan pad & ink to digital prints. He has been doing this for years and he is in Surrey B.C. This is the basis that we will eventually use when we get to prints maybe late 2023 for him.

K SCOTT replied 1 week ago   #7

I will have to ask my fingerprint guy if this has been the case with him. If not, then I will pass this info on to him.

K SCOTT replied 1 week ago   #6

@John, that is great, so happy you are doing well in this time where business are struggling...I am surprised that you are able to scan ink to digital. I thought Sanfran location in Ottawa was the only company able to do this. I may have to call you in the near future and get more details on this.

Michelle replied 1 week ago   #5

@Michelle I was hoping for some to trickle over to your neck of the woods!!

73 today. I do all the phones and invoices, the other 2 do the fingerprints, they are much faster than me. I also organize all the appointments, I come in at 7, calls start at 8. By 9 the entire day was booked. We only have 1 machine, but for some clients we can do ink, or depending on the situation, we can even do ink than scan them (we have a scanner) and make them digital. We actually do quite a few ink fingerprints from overseas. is the site we created for overseas clients. It was worth it to buy the scanner to digitize prints. We get a ton from SOuth Korea among other places actually. We also do a lot of pardons from people who were deported to Jamaica in the 80's and 90's, so we can digitize their prints and start the pardon with them still in Jamaica.

Maybe the letters haven't got out west yet.

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #4

Hi, wow, is this for ink or digital? Either way, that is an incredible amount of prints - even for 3 people. My max is 15 people in a day, and I am exhausted. Thanks for the info, and hopefully, some will come my way.

Michelle replied 1 week ago   #3


All the poor citizenship people, or people doing FBI prints are having to wait in line because of all the express entry. Its like a PR application.

Put a post on Google saying you have availability for Express Entry fingerprints and maybe people will come to you. I know where you are isn't as diverse as us here, but maybe they are all getting sent to the competition?

I was booked solid for the entire day by 930, and I am not even booking appointments for Thursday and Friday, I am telling them to call between 830-9 to make it fair. Also people are most likely to keep the appointments if they book the same day. I am getting probably a call every 2 minutes all day. Its nice to busy yes, but there is a limit. 70 fingerprints in one day is a bit much. 3 of us are working, and it would be impossible to manage with less than 3.

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #2

Hi John, what is this for? Immigration or Citizenship?

Michelle replied 1 week ago   #1

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