Who is getting the vaccination?

J Rogersposted 3 weeks ago

I get mine on Sunday. I know there is a lot of "vaccine hesitation" out there, but there is no way I can see clients and not take precautions.

Also, I see this issue this way;

Front line nurses and doctors in Ontario are fighting a battle against Covid. How can I tell them to keep fighting, if I am unwilling to do my part?

We are in lockdown here in Ontario, so open only Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We have Jennifer coming in Wednesday/Friday to do paperwork/Admin work (she also gets a lot of ink fingerprints from overseas she converts to digital) so this way, we keep the staff split in case of someone gets covid.

On top of the usual masks, barriers, sanitizing, taking temperatures at the door, we have put an air purifier in each room.

We want to keep our clients and staff safe, so we are taking a proactive approach. Staff getting a vaccine is a large part of doing our part.

I'll let everyone know what I get, and any side effects.

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@ John, Thanks! we have a very similar process: Masks are mandatory, and as soon as client enters building; temperature is done on wrist, and hand sanitizing is required. Next they have to sign a disclosure / tracking waiver. Then we bring them into office, and they must sit in a specific area, and we limit 1 person per visit, unless there is a support person for language or physical barrier... no children at this time...I wear gloves and mask the entire time. We walk escort them to door. Our doors are locked to the public, people must be escorted in and out. We then spray everything - pens, desk, chairs, and wipe down all equipment. It is time consuming, so we limit it to 6 people a day. I am getting great exercise, as I am on 2nd floor, and each person requires me to climb the stairs 4 times..LOL..

Michelle replied 3 weeks ago   #4


On top of PPE we have the following protocols/devices.

Before the clients enters, we make them do the following
-at the door we have a hanging temperature gauge. (touchless) it uses the forehead temp and talks to say "normal temperature" and displays the findings.
-hand sanitizer station
-staff puts on gloves and mask

Once they enter, we keep them to certain parts of the office. Mask are mandatory.

-Once person leaves, all debit/credit machines wiped down,. chair sprayed, gloves discarded.

For extra protection, we have Wendy and I in on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturdays seeing clients. Jennifer comes in on Wednesday and Friday to scan overseas ink fingerprints (www.inkfingerprints.com) answer emails and move paperwork through the system. She doesn't see clients. We are still getting about 12-20 sets of prints a day, as well as pardons/waivers so we are pretty lucky so far.

I get my vaccination on Sunday.

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #3

We got the AERA MAX. Seems to work ok. We got different sizes for different sized rooms.

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #2

@John..good idea regarding the air purifier..which one did u purchase? I am in 3rd day of snowstorm here..highways have been closed for 18 hours and the conditions before were terrible..maybe I will get to office tomorrow..

Michelle replied 3 weeks ago   #1

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