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We wanted to take a moment to welcome everyone to our new forum. New here? Take a moment and start with the About section at the top of this page. Already a forum member? We know that the switch over is going to be a little bumpy so please bear with it while we get through this transition. With the changes we’ve moved to a more robust server, updated the site authentication and revised the software for more modern browsers. Some other highlights are listed below.


  • Sub forums. We now have an off-topic (general unrelated discussions) and waiver services sub forum (for advertising and professional discussion)
  • Better markdown. More styles are available to enhance your post
  • Moderators. We’ve implemented new software which will allow our moderators to better ensure discussions stay civil and on topic
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  • Related news headlines on the left should be now more on-topic
  • Overall improved style formatting, discussion preview on the index pages

While the forums have gone through some testing, we still expect there to be some funky things happening. If you find a bug please reply below. Also take a look at the known issues.

Known issues

List will be updated as issues are found
  • Post page numbers are sometimes wacky and out of sync for older posts which might result in bookmarks not linking to the correct post. We’re working on a way to resolve this one. Stay tuned
  • Formatting for older appended titles can be unusually huge. We’re working on a new stylesheet to correct this

That's all for now... more soon. Your comments are appreciated.

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New issue which has been corrected: In the email subscription feed some titles were showing as THEME_RE instead of the proper title.

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@J Rogers
The waiver( I-194) i have is for 5 years and expires Feb 13, 2022. I need to be in the U.S April 8-13.
The telephone message is that the renewal progam is cancelled and has been for some trime
I do not know if the I 194 is automatically extended or if a waiver can be obtained to cover my trip.
This is what should be done first, but who do you speak to to do it?
If you can do this , let me know, please

Arnold Leonard Varah replied 2 weeks ago   #10


I have not been able to get a reply to my phone calls at the Toronto Airport U.S border agency for months. Many attempts to use services in the U.S have gone nowhere.. If you can advise me how to proceed, it would be appreciated.

Arnold Leonard Varah replied 2 weeks ago   #9

@Arnold Leah Vera

You have plenty of time to get a waiver before April, and I have been getting my clients waivers since May 2021.

Who told you you could not renew your waiver?

Call me if you want 416-843-1371

John Rogers

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #8

@Arnold Leonard Varah
The office is not closed. Reapply and you may have a new i194 before April.

BackToUSA replied 2 weeks ago   #7

I have an 1-194 5 year temporary admission to the U.s pursuant to Section 2129D)(3)(A)(ii) for business and pleasure (B1/B2) that expires on Feb 13, 2022/ I have an imporant family afffair on April 8.to Apr 13, 2022. My son and family reside in New York City.
I have tired but have ben unsuccessful to get the service required as the renewal of the i-194 service remains closed.
Would I be eligible to get an extension to attend my 12 year old granddaughters religious services and family reception to my presently issued 10-194 ir some other way to attend?

Arnold Leonard Varah replied 2 weeks ago   #6

This is indeed a new site as we have not been on the forum for a long time.

K SCOTT replied 2 years ago   #5

@Michelle Still cleaning up some of the older exchanges. It should be much easier to spot hacks and spammers although it's always going to be a fun challenge.

WaiverCan replied 2 years ago   #4

I appreciate this site is back to normal. Thanks!

Michelle replied 2 years ago   #3

@pinkman Email is being considered as optional for password recover. Thanks for your feedback.

i194waiver replied 2 years ago   #2

Love the new site. One comment - would be good to have an email address to send to when I forget my address. I like how easy it is getting on but took forever to remember my password.

pinkman replied 2 years ago   #1

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There is no need to “register”, just enter the same name + password of your choice every time.

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