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Michelleposted 1 month ago

I have a very interesting case right now, my client's waiver is "still under review" 15 months after submitting application. History..

Client is applying for 4th waiver. Received 1, 3, 5 years with me, absolutely no problems in the past..Client does not have a current criminal record nor a Pardon; however, he does have an old conditional discharge that was purged and we did a file destruction for some "stay of proceedings" charges several years ago." All minor stuff. Client has not re-offended and has no gang affiliation. Client is a very successful business man. However, client is involved with the Government, and First Nations to build and open a First Nation's owned and operate grow operation. We believe this is what the hold up is on his application and that he will be denied. The only way that we believe US Customs knows about this, is client was fingerprinted for Health Canada, which is a required process to be granted a licence. This would show in CPIC as civilian fingerprinting. I will keep everyone posted on this..but I am wondering if anyone else is in a similiar situation or has dealt with this. And if you are thinking of applying for a waiver, and are involved in the grow operation even legally, it might cause some problems for you.

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Simply put --- if you want to make money in the legal pot business, screw going to America because they have zero interest in it federally.

it's a simple choice people make.... how bad do you want to go to the US?

Whether we agree with their rules or not, that's their policy in general now.... people in the industry are already being advised to take alternate routings when attending trade shows (ie, fly to california on vacation a few days early, then take a domestic flight to whatever show) when travelling from canada.

jazzsax1 replied 1 month ago   #2

@Michelle No experience with this at all, but I am not surprised. Technology and the "intersection" of the Canadian and American governments makes it so much easier to cause problems for Canadians. It is frustrating when you do everything right, the client does everything right, and the end result is not what you wanted. We have done fingerprinting for people wishing to get licenses to produce, but never had a waiver applicant going through what your applicant is.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #1

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