Waiver Time Lines 1, 3 or 5 years

Michelleposted 6 months ago

Timelines have been consistent with E-safe:

1st time applicants are receiving 1 year waivers

Repeat applicants are receiving 5 year waivers

A question I am asked continually, "What about applying for waiver again using e-safe after the first e-safe waiver expires?"

(We call it renewal - however, USA does not refer to an repeat application as a renewal)..

Currently, I am advising that I do not have an answer regarding cost or process.

@John what do you advise your clients?

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@BackToUSA That's amazing to hear. Can you please tell me how long did it take for your waiver to arrive since the day you gave your biometrics.
Thanks so much

skumar replied 4 weeks ago   #6


When you apply, do put both, business specifically Tn visa and pleasure. Then you can use it for both.

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #5

I have a Pink Card or Permanent Waiver that I was issued in 1996.
I would like to apply for a TN1 and was told that I need a Waiver specific to work.
I was also told that I would need to surrender my Pink Card.
Will this work specific waiver allow me to travel as a visitor as well or do I need another waiver?

Davidbrian replied 5 months ago   #4

@John, Thanks for update.

Michelle replied 6 months ago   #3


I am finding a few more 1 year waivers for first time applicants, but not all.

But, I usually discount my fees for re-applications $695 reduced to $550.00 if it was a 5 year, if it was only a 1 year, I discount it to $500.00. I have not had anyone get 2 consecutive 1 year waivers in the past 3 years.

J Rogers replied 6 months ago   #2

I’m a first time waiver recipient. Received 5 years. September 2021.

BackToUSA replied 6 months ago   #1

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