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Cbe21posted 2 months ago


It’s been about 5 years since I received my last waiver. I don’t live anywhere near a land border but will be travelling to the Niagara Falls area late this summer so I’m going to file a new application but have some questions.

From reading through posts I see that I now need to compete an esafe application within 45 days of presenting at the border. Everything else seems fairly straight forward but looking for some guidance :

1. Does the marital status section mean legally married or does ‘common law’ fall under that ?
2. Do I still need to provide character reference letters ?
3. Can I use the same personal statement I used for my last application or does it have to be brand new?
4. Does having a Canadian pardon affect the application process ? Do I still need to get a copy of the previous court record ?
5. Do I include a copy of my current waiver ?
6. Does the rainbow bridge office accept appointments each week day?

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@Cbe21 Use old ones.

J Rogers replied 2 months ago   #3

Thanks ! Will I still get a copy of the court records even with a pardon ?

Cbe21 replied 2 months ago   #2

1.Married means officially married.
2. Yes
3. Update it at least.
4. Yes it does. Include a copy of the pardon.
6. Yes. You call 716-843-8521 and you MUST put that border on the application. You MUST make an appointment at Niagara Falls. .

J Rogers replied 2 months ago   #1

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