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CaramelOnTopposted 5 years ago

Hi Guys,

I want to move to US after completing my engineering degree next year. I need a waiver as I had an assault charge about 12 years ago.
What kind of waiver do i need to get a TN visa (for professionals including engineers).

I have exhausted google on the topic with nothing to show on it.

Is there a specific kind of waiver that I need??

(A TN visa is one that if i didnt have a criminal background, i could just goto border with a job letter, my degree + transcripts and would be given a three year working permit on the spot. This permit would be renewed every 3 years).

Please reply if you have any idea how to go about it.


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When you apply for your waiver you will have to submit a letter of intent with all the waiver forms . In this letter of intent you should request for tn. L1. And h1-b. I have received all 3 on my waiver if your waiver is not marked with being eligible for those visas the immigration officer will not even look at your tn package. As was the case that I had. 500usd later and about 6 months of waiting I received my new waiver properly marked.

Please also note you may want to submit a letter of intent for a b1 .. entry for business purposes. Most people don't realize when getting a waiver you actually lost the ability to cross the border for many things... you will need your waiver to say b2 for pleasure in vacations. B1 for business meetings . Trades how's etc. Tn . L1 and h1b for working purposes.

I have done this myself as I am an engineer with charges from teenage days nearly half my life ago. And my charges in canada have been expunged with a pardon... but less they forget... make sure you are honest and submit everything they already know any ways.

I also submitted transcripts. Photo copies of degrees. The letter of intent is nothing fancy just a word file labeled letter of intent and one page describing why you need such access. Best of luck to you!

Karl replied 4 years ago   #2

Get the i-194 waiver which waives your inaccessibility due to your criminal record. Then apply for your TN (you'll provide a copy of the waiver).

iHaveIt replied 5 years ago   #1

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