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Hurricane 911posted 2 weeks ago

just received my us entry waiver after a 9 year process from the time that I got into trouble. I had retained a prominent law firm to make my submission after being denied on my first application, prepared by myself.
Covid happened as the earth rotated backwards and I watched this forum over the years for information to indicate when the applications could once again be submitted.
After reading on this forum that esafe was being accepted, I called John Rogers. He was great to talk with and he gave me the direction to advise my lawyer.
I have successfully entered the USA since and couldn’t be happier.
Thanks John for your help and I’ll be in touch next summer for you to process my pardon

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Sorry if this is a bit redundant. In Ontario no one is being asked for a test. Your at the border for less than an hour.

J Rogers replied 17 hours ago   #4

Anyone recently gone to do their biometrics at the land border and returned into canada without a PCR test???

Terri replied 2 days ago   #3

@Hurricane 911. Congratulations on your waiver..Great work John..

MIchelle replied 1 week ago   #2

Thank you Dave! (Hurricane 911) And Congratulations!

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #1

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