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Gerryposted 3 weeks ago

For esafe do I need evidence of rehabilitation personal statement references letter please help thank you

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Every waiver case always requires evidence of rehabilitation and more. Esafe is only another method of waiver submission. Also, poorly written letters of reference will not be the sole reason that a waiver gets denied. The denial factors are composed of other elements. I have previously stated that we have a copy of the CBP adjudication sheets and criteria that they use to approve or deny a waiver. Remember, that each case is different and will require different elements that need to be covered that are case-specific. We have a person that will prepare the letters of reference for our clients.

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K SCOTT replied 3 weeks ago   #2


You still do all the elements of a waiver, the fact it is eSafe is irrelevant. I say this to EVERY DIY person, don't do a half ass job. Do it properly, or pay someone to do it properly for you. If done correctly, no hassles.

If you don't do it correctly, they are going to start requesting additional documents, or instead of a 5 year waiver, you will get stuck with a 1 year or even denied.

Do it once, do it right.

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #1

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