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J Rogersposted 2 weeks ago

A client of mine who is a truck driver wanted to take the package, and attempt to hand it in when he crossed. He was "told" by an officer that they would accept it.

I was skeptical. When he went back to confirm it at the Peace Bridge, a supervisor became involved by telephone. He said that no, they would not take it. (at this time)

He told them his waiver was getting close to expiry. The Supervisor told the officer to tell him that he could come to the border when it was close to expiry, and they would extend it for 6 months.

Please keep the following in mind

-I don't have any confirmation that this will ACTAULLY happen, not even the supervisors name.
-I don't know, even if it IS possible, if it applies elsewhere other that the Peace Bridge
-This is a client with an existing waiver
-He is a truck driver deemed an "essential service". He crosses all the time.

I wanted everyone to "know" this information, but again, I have no idea if they told him this to get rid of him, if its accurate, or if this is a policy (informal) of some sort. Hopefully I have given enough details to explain his situation, so if any other people are crossing, maybe they can also inquire.

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I am just "bumping this" to the top so people see it, since I know there are waiver applicants wondering what options they will have when their waivers run out.

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